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Barrie Craig
Barrie Craig
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Amazing Stories 1938 - 10
Amazing Stories 1938 - 10


Amazing Stories 1938 - 10
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Jiaxing City New-Era Steel Tube Manufactured Co., Ltd.

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Child miners face death for tech

By Roger-Claude Liwanga, Special for CNN
Editor’s note: Roger-Claude Liwanga is a human rights lawyer from the Congo and visiting scholar at Boston University. He worked for The Carter Center as a legal consultant, where he developed a training module to train Congolese judges and prosecutors on the protection of children against trafficking for economic exploitation in the mines. He is also the co-founder and executive director of Promote Congo,Beats by dre, and is currently directing and producing a short documentary, “Children of the Mines,” which will be launched shortly in Boston. He writes in his personal capacity.
While the world was celebrating the International Day Against Child Labor on June 12, children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were hard at work in the country’s artisanal mines. Out of two million people working in the DRC’s artisanal mines,Beats By Dr Dre, 40 percent of them are children.
Six months ago,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, I met a boy I will call Lukoji in the mine washing site of Dilala near the DRC’s Kolwezi city.
When I first saw him, the seven-year- old was sifting and washing heterogenite, an ore rich in cobalt and copper minerals.  He told me: “I began working in the mines when I was five”. He works along with his two brothers who are 12 and 13 years old.
Lukoji only works in the afternoon because he goes to school in the morning. Unlike him, his siblings are school dropouts and work all day in the mine from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lukoji’s brothers abandoned school because their unemployed parents were unable to pay the school fees for all of Lukoji’s siblings.
Seventy-five percent of children surveyed in the DRC’s artisanal mines are dropouts. The DRC’s Constitution guarantees a free elementary education; but this constitutional provision is ineffective and there are almost no schools in many of the remote mining areas.
Lukoji’s story is common in the mining sites in DRC. I met many children like Lukoji, children who get involved in mining mostly due to poverty and the lack of alternate opportunities in mining regions.
Lukoji works together with his brothers to increase their profits. There are also children who work for middlemen,Beats Sverige, such as mine traders or mine owners. These middlemen supply children with tools and cash advances, and in exchange, they force children to sell them their minerals at very low prices. The children’s earnings range from $0.75 to $3 a day, which they use to buy food, clothes and shoes, or towards school fees.
The work conditions in the artisanal mines are inhumane. Children use their bare hands and feet to dig, sift, wash and lift heavy loads of minerals. These tasks expose them to high probabilities of being injured or killed.
Many children get killed in soil collapses, which occur when they extract minerals from deep and narrow holes. The average number of child deaths from soil collapses in the DRC’s province of Katanga alone is about 6.6 per month. In a sample of 63 children interviewed in artisanal mining sites near the cities of Kolwezi, Likasi and Lubumbashi,Monster Beats, 20 percent said that at least one of their family members or friends had died in the mine in the last three years.
Child miners are also exposed to sicknesses because of their permanent contact with radioactive minerals,Billiga Monster, or injuries that leave them with life-time disabilities.
In an open pit mine at Kapata, I met a former child miner, named Tela, 19, who told me that he walks with a limp because a big stone fell on his right leg and broke it while he was extracting minerals five years ago.
Mining work is prohibited by the Congolese Labor Code for children under 18. Despite the legal prohibition, there are few initiatives to prevent children from working in the mines, and there are almost no prosecutions against those who employ children or buy minerals coming from child labor.
Minerals extracted by children in the DRC include coltan, cobalt, and copper, among others. Coltan, a mineral of which the DRC has 64% of the world’s reserves, is a fundamental material in the fabrication of modern electronics because of its ability to hold high electric charges. And cobalt is used to produce rechargeable batteries for hybrid electric vehicles, laptops and cell phones.
Many children that I interviewed did not know the final purpose and destination of the minerals they extract.
I asked Lukoji to tell me what was the final destination of the cobalt and copper minerals that he was sifting and cleaning? He innocently pointed his index finger towards the mining depots located around the mines and owned principally by the Chinese.
What Lukoji was unaware of was that the minerals extracted by children are later exported from the Congo to Asia for refining.[1] From Asia, they are sold on the world market and purchased by electronic and automobile manufacturers located primarily in developed countries, including the United States.
On June 12, nations commemorated the world day against child labor, but the question posed is what can Americans do for these Congolese child miners?
Three things can be done:
Have in mind that child mining labor exists and touches your daily lives through the electronic devices that you cherish.
Create or support efforts of social movements to address the root causes of this problem, including poverty and lack of free education in the mining zones.
Write to your electronic manufacturers requesting them to map their supply chains and avoid using minerals emanating from child labor.
Your actions, while they may seem small, could have a huge effect for hundreds of thousands of children in the Congo.
19-Aug-2013 21:59 Offline hnhqhzn294

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県鏡 - Wikipedia

‚ã‚‹,cheap new era caps[/ url]。レンズで拡倧しお芋るこずに぀ã
‹¡å€§ã—お芋るのに甚いたものを ずいう。を䜿ったが初めお蚘録されã
Ÿã®ã¯ã€1021幎にが出版した『Kitab al- Manazir』光孊の曞である。これが1
が1235幎より前に曞いたずされる論文 De iride ("On the Rainbow") には「遠距離から小さな文字を読むã€
1284幎ごろのむタリアで、 が䞖界初の県鏡を発明したずされおã
„る。絵に県鏡が描かれたのは の1352幎の肖像画が最初で、枢機卿 Hugh de Provence がで曞物を読んでいる姿が描かれおã
„る。たた、1403幎に䜜られた の教䌚の祭壇食りに県鏡が描かれおã
Šã„る。圌はたた、朝にのサンタ?マリア? ノノェヌラ教䌚においお行われたのèš
Ÿã®ã¯ã®ä¿®é“士フラ?ゞョルダヌノ?ダ? リノァルトで、県鏡に぀いお「この20
®ãƒ‰ãƒŸãƒ‹ã‚³äŒšä¿®é“士でピサのフラ?アレッサンドロ?ダ? スピナが発明者だずした。そしお、å®
ººç‰©ã¯ãã‚Œã‚’秘密にし、ダ? スピナが再発明したず掚枬しおいるã€
 (1401幎 - 1464幎ずされおいる。ただし、凞レã
™åž«ã§ã€ã®å®ˆè­·å€§å? に謁芋した際に献䞊したのが最初ずã
±‹ã‚šãƒ‰ãƒ¯ãƒŒãƒ‰? スカヌレットが開発した。そのデザã‚
20䞖玀に入るず、の および H. Boegehold ず A,[url=]new era caps
wholesale. Sonnefeldが Zeiss Punktal ずいう球面レンズを開発し、その埌ã
県鏡ずは、英語でa pair of glasses䞀組のガラスず呌ばれるよã
Œãƒ ã€ãƒ†ãƒ³ãƒ—ルなど以䞋の郚品から構æ
‰ãªã„ようにするためである,new era caps sale。
®æ©ŸèƒœïŒ‰ãŒåŠ éœ¢ãšãšã‚‚に匱くなり、遠
ŽãŽã‚Œã°ã€é è·é›¢ãŒæ˜ŽèŠ–できる県鏡や
Ÿã ã€çœŒé¡ã«ã‚ˆã£ãŠæ˜ŽèŠ–域が広がったã
žã¯ãƒ¬ãƒ³ã‚ºäžŠéƒšãŒäž‹éƒšã‚ˆã‚Šé ã„距離甚ã
¿ç”šç›®çš„に合わせお遠近レンズ?䞭近レンズ? 近々レンズず呌ばれる事が䞀般的でã€
«åˆã‚ã›ãŠçš®é¡ž,new era caps wholesale?床数を遞択する。
·é›¢ç”šïŒˆé€šåžž30cm50cm前埌 ?䞭間距離甚通垞50cm1m前埌 の芖野が比范的狭い代わりに、垞甚ã
‚‹ã‚ˆã†ã€ãƒ¬ãƒ³ã‚ºäžŠéƒšã®é è·é›¢ç”šåºŠæ•°ã®
 è¿‘レンズよりも広く䜜られおいる。
䞀般的な䞭近レンズは、䌚議? 打ち合わせなどに必芁な最䜎限の遠è·
歩行もある皋床は可胜である。 近幎、䞭近レンズに分類される物のäž
§ã®é è·é›¢ã‚’芋ない長時間のデスクワã
ƒŒã‚¯?読曞? 手䜜業等に適しおいる。近距離甚単ç„
‚„よろめきなどで転倒? 転萜などのおそれや、人通りの倚いç®
‡æ‰€ã§ã¯æ­©è¡Œäž­ã€ä»–の歩行者ずの接觊? 衝突なども起きやすいなど、特有のãƒ
¯ãåŠ æž›ã®å§¿å‹¢ã§è¿‘甚郚がほしい堎合ã
Šã¯é ç”šæ™‚には普通レンズの県鏡に掛
‚‹å Žåˆã‚‚ある。
ž‹? 倧型免蚱の適甚範囲である倧型の四èŒ
‹è»¢ã™ã‚‹å Žåˆã§ã¯é è¿‘䞡甚などの环進
ƒ¬ãƒ³ã‚ºã®å Žåˆã¯è€çœŒã®åˆæœŸç—‡çŠ¶ãŒå‡ºã‚‹
ない加入床数が抂ね1. 5D以䞋皋床が倚いので环進レンズの
代加入床数が抂ね2,new era caps sale. 0D以䞊になる堎合が倚い以降から掛
‹,new era caps sale[/ url]。どうしおも环進レンズの特性にæ
„元の近芖?遠芖? 乱芖などの床数が盞圓匷い堎合や、å·
Šå³ã®åºŠæ•°å·®ãŒæŠ‚ね2. 0D以䞊ある䞍同芖の堎合も同様である
²ã‚€ãšã€PCや囲碁? 将棋などの時に必芁な䞭間距離が、é
ºã«ã‚ˆã£ãŠã¯ã€é è·é›¢ç”šéƒšåˆ†ãšè¿‘距離ç
䞉重焊点レンズ トラむフォヌカルを遞択する堎å
慣れれば、垞甚しお屋倖での歩行? 運転は䞍可胜ではない。环進遠近レãƒ
‡Žã®æºã‚Œ? ゆがみも少ないなどの長所もあるがã€
é ç”šéƒšã‹ã‚‰è¿‘甚郚の境目で急に遠近æ
²ãƒ¬ãƒ³ã‚ºã®å Žåˆã»ã©ã§ã¯ãªã„が、あるç
®å Žåˆã¯çŽ¯é€²ãƒ¬ãƒ³ã‚ºã«æ¯”べお䜿いやす
‚ある,[url=]new era caps wholesale
衚面? 裏面ずも球䜓の䞀郚を切り取った曲é
¢ã«ç ”磚されたレンズを球面レンズずã
”±ã€ãªã©ãŒã‚る。 欠点ずしおは、傷が付きやすい。通åž
Œã€èª¿ç†å Žã‚„工堎?焌华斜蚭など化孊薬品や油分? 火気などの䜿甚が倚い堎面での䜿甚ã
«è‡ªåˆ†ã®ç›®ãŒæ˜ ã£ãŠèŠ‹ãˆãŸã‚Šã€èƒŒåŸŒã‹ã
©ã§ãŸã ã‚‰ã«å‰¥ãŒã‚Œã‚‹ã®ã‚’嫌っお初め
®æž ã‚’フレヌムずいう。県鏡のフレヌã
ƒ ã®æ—¥æœ¬ã§ã®äž»ãªç”Ÿç”£åœ°ã¯ã§ã‚ったが
ãƒŒãƒ•ãƒªãƒ ãšã‚‚。レンズの䞊半分のみã
—では半幎ごずの確認? 匵り盎しを勧めおいる。1990幎代埌å
‘幎の挫画? アニメでは、県鏡の装着によっおキãƒ
Ÿå Žåˆåºƒã„面積に圧力が加わるこずに
šå ±å‘Šã•ã‚ŒãŠã„る。長手玠材による分é
®ãŒæ¬ ç‚¹ã§ã‚るメタルフレヌムはヒã
ºå®šã€ãŒå¯èƒœã ãŒã€ã‚»ãƒ«ãƒ•ãƒ¬ãƒŒãƒ ã§ã¯æ
ã‚¿ãƒ³çŽ æã§äœœã‚‰ã‚ŒãŸãƒ•ãƒ¬ãƒŒãƒ ã€‚腐食ã
šãŒå€šããªã£ãŸã€‚衚蚘はTi-PたたはTi-C。なお、-Pは玔チタン、- Cはクラットチタン。埌者はチタンをè
•ãƒ¬ãƒŒãƒ ã€ãšã‚‚称される。最近はそのè
œé€ ã—おいる。銀瞁メタルフレヌムのã
²é¢šã®ã‚»ãƒ«ãƒ•ãƒ¬ãƒŒãƒ ã‚’いうこずもあるã
•ãƒ¬ãƒŒãƒ ãŒäž€å®šã®è¡æ’ƒåŒ·åºŠã§å‰²ã‚Œã‚‹ã‚ˆã
…いもの,cheap new era caps。オクタゎン八角圢,new era caps sale,[url=]cheap new era caps[/ url]。ティアドロップ茄子型ずも。䞀è
県鏡の倧きさは『50□18- 135』ずいう圢で衚蚘されるこずが倚ã
š®å€šæ§˜ãªãƒ•ãƒ¬ãƒŒãƒ ãŒé–‹ç™ºã•ã‚ŒãŠããŸã®
„るのも装身目的ずいえる,[url=]new era caps sale[/ url]。サングラスを掛けるず県球に入ã
ƒˆãƒªã‚¹ãƒˆ (Optometrist) のような資栌を蚭けお県科医 (Ophthalmologist) ず区別しおいる囜が倚い。日本ではå›
œå®¶è³‡æ Œã¯æ•Žå‚™ã•ã‚ŒãŠã„ないが厚生劎å
断?治療? 凊方箋発行は範囲倖ずなる。たた、è–
平成二十幎十月䞉日 県鏡店の怜県ã
関連項目[]りィキメディア? コモンズには、に関連するメディアã
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Astros send Blue Jays to sixth consecutive loss - MLB - Sporting News

HOUSTON—— The first time Houston Astros faced Toronto Blue Jays starter Todd Redmond this season he struck out 10 and allowed one run in six innings.

Given another chance at Redmond on Friday night, things were much different.

Rookie Robbie Grossman homered and drove in a career-high four runs and Matt Dominguez had a solo shot and the Astros used a big fourth inning and cruised to a 12-4 win over Toronto.
Houston led by one before adding five runs in the fourth inning behind a two RBI triple by Jonathan Villar and a run-scoring triple by Jason Castro to make it 8-2.
Dominguez homered in the second inning to make it 2-1 and Grossman added a two-run shot in the seventh to push the lead to 12-2.
Redmond (1-2) allowed eight hits and seven runs — both career highs — in 3 1/3 innings, which was the shortest start of his career.
"After we see a guy one time and whether they had success against us or not, (the hitting coaches) do a great job of preparing these guys the next time we're able to see that particular pitcher," Houston manager Bo Porter said.
"Today is another prime example of guys just managing the at-bats well, really being patient getting something that they can handle, something they can drive, and that's why you saw all the extra-base hits."
Toronto manager John Gibbons was disappointed by Redmond's struggles.
"He's been pitching very good," Gibbons said. "Just tonight, he didn't have it. You could see those replays on the board after he gave up those hits, and the ball is just leaking back over the zone. Like I said, he has been very good,nike free, so that is kind of unusual for him."
Jordan Lyles (6-6) allowed 10 hits and four runs in 7 1-3 innings for the win.
Houston got contributions throughout its lineup with nine players collecting hits and six driving in runs. TheAstros tied a franchise record with three triples, which were part of their seven extra-base hits.
"That was some pretty productive at-bats by pretty much all the guys," Porter said. "We made the starter really work and got his pitch count up and when he came in the zone put really good swings on him."
J.P. Arencibia, Edwin Encarnacion and Brett Lawrie all homered for the Blue Jays, who have lost six straight and eight of their past 11 games.
Grossman, who has a career-long 10-game hitting streak, hit a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning and added an RBI single in the fifth.
"I just think it's about confidence and I'm just enjoying myself and playing hard," he said.
Rajai Davis singled with one out in the first inning. He was then caught stealing, snapping a streak of 19 straight stolen base attempts without being thrown out. It proved to be a costly out when Encarnacion homered to the seats in right field to make it 1-0.
L.J,nike shox. Hoes drew a one-out walk in the first,billige nike free. The Astros tied it at 1 with Jose Altuve's RBI double off the wall in left-center field.
Dominguez started Houston's second with a home run to the Crawford Boxes in left field to make it 2-1.
Hoes singled to start Houston's third. The Astros went up 3-1 when Altuve singled before an error by Redmond when he badly overthrew first base scored Hoes.
Altuve was easily out at third on the play on a baserunning blunder when he had no chance to beat the throw.
Arencibia got the Blue Jays within 3-2 when he homered for the second straight game with one out in the fourth inning. His 20 home runs are the most for a catcher in the majors,billige nike sko.
Brandon Barnes started Houston's scoring in the fifth with an RBI single. Villar followed with his second triple of the game, which landed in the corner of right field,nike lÞbesko, to send two more home and push the lead to 6-2. TheAstros added another run on the sacrifice fly by Grossman before Hoes drew a walk to chase Redmond.
Brad Lincoln retired Altuve before Castro's RBI triple made it 8-2. That hit sailed out of reach of diving center fielder Anthony Gose and rolled up Tal's Hill in straightaway center,nike sko. Lincoln was optioned to Triple-A Buffalo after the game.
Houston second baseman Marwin Gonzalez made a nifty play for the first out in the ninth when he grabbed a grounder hit by Gose just beyond the infield grass and spun around to make the throw to Brett Wallace and just beat him to first base.
NOTES: Chien-Ming Wang will be recalled from Buffalo to start on Saturday for the Blue Jays against Brad Peacock. Gibbons said it will be a one-start stint for Wang. ... Toronto's Ryan Goins got his first major league hit with a single in the seventh inning. ... The Blue Jays placed LHP Aaron Loup on the paternity list on Friday. Loup leads Toronto's bullpen with 62 innings pitched this year and has a 2.42 ERA. ... Houston placed C Max Stassi on the seven-day concussion disabled list and selected the contract of catcher Cody Clark from Double-A Corpus Christi to take his spot on the roster. It is the 31-year-old Clark's first stint in the majors after 11 minor league seasons. He pinch-hit in the eighth inning and struck out, but remained in the game to catch in the ninth.
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Braves bullpen continues to get job done despite new faces - MLB - Sporting News

ST. LOUIS — This story will eventually be about the new-look, same-results bullpen that’s dominating again in 2013. But first, a moment to talk about the funky delivery of one of the new faces of that group.

The first time I saw ’s pitching motion, a few years ago when he was a hard-throwing youngster with the Angels, I thought my WiFi connection was wonky. Because it looked like the 6-foot-5 righthander jumped toward home plate, much like the giddy-up action of a fast-pitch softball hurler lunging at the batter. It had to be a glitch in the feed that caused the screen to freak out for a moment, right? It wasn’t a glitch.

It’s just the way Walden throws, and has since before high school. It’s a natural motion.
"A lot of people have doubted me," Walden told Sporting News this week. "Everybody wanted to try and be the guy who 'fixes' you and changes you. I just wanted to be myself."
He never played the outfield as a kid, so the giddy-up isn’t the remnant of a crow hop, no matter how much it might resemble the power-generating footwork in an outfielder’s throw home. Walden doesn’t really care what people call the hiccup, which is fascinating to watch, over and over. Here’s a GIF, gotta give credit to .

As he pushes off the mound with his right foot, he lifts up on his toe and his momentum carries him off the ground. It’s a tiny little jump.
That’s right, in the middle of his delivery, he’s completely in the air. Nothing is touching dirt. It’s slightly bizarre.
"I joke with Waldo, tell him he’s often imitated, never duplicated," says , another new face in the Atlanta bullpen. "He’s a special one."
Teammates love to try and mimic the big righthander.
"Oh, yeah. Everybody does," Walden says with a laugh. "They love joking with me. Woody () does it. Everybody thinks they can. Carp will do a good one. (Luis) Ayala always practices it,Monster Beats, but it doesn’t help him. It makes him throw it slower."
There’s nothing even remotely slow about Walden’s fastball. According to the Fangraphs PITCHf/x numbers, his fastball is averaging 95.0 mph this season and has hit a top speed of 98.9. As you can imagine,Beats by dre, that’s nasty when combined with his approach to the plate.
"Everything about hitting is timing," says teammate , who hasn't faced Walden in a game but has an up-front view from his spot at third base. "He’s got that thing, and he’s throwing people off. Not only is he throwing 98, but he’s also jumping at you, and you’re not sure where it’s coming from and when it’s coming out. That’s why he’s so tough."
In 46 appearances with Atlanta, Walden has a 2.47 ERA and is allowing 6.4 hits per nine innings while striking out 10.7 per nine. His rate of 2.7 walks per nine is a career best. He’s become one of the late-game fixtures in the almost-all-new 2013 Atlanta bullpen.
In 2011 and 2012, the trio of closer and lefties Jonny Venters and Eric O’Flaherty was dominant. Kimbrel saved 88 games in the two seasons, and those three combined for a 1.79 ERA and struck out 521 batters in 417 1/3 combined innings. Kimbrel is turning in another amazing season—a 1.05 ERA, 40 saves, and 13.7 strikeouts per nine innings—but both Venters and O’Flaherty are out after Tommy John surgery.
The rest of the bullpen is a combination of completely new faces, or holdovers with vastly different roles. Walden came to Atlanta in a trade that sent Tommy Hansen to the Angels. Carpenter, a converted catcher, was picked up on waivers from the Red Sox last November. You might remember, he was part of the trade that sent Toronto manager John Farrell to Boston. Carpenter has a 1.81 ERA and a 10.7 K/9 rate for the Braves.
"It’s a lot of fun being here," Carpenter said. "It’s unbelievable to watch what Jonny and O and Craig have done the past couple years, and it was a big blow seeing those guys go down. They’ve been the workhorses for the past two years, and to have that happen has definitely put a damper on things at first, but we’ve found ways for guys to step up and do our best to get the job done."
Veteran lefty (1.00 ERA in 12 games) was acquired in a trade deadline deal with the Angels in late July. (2.61 ERA in 22 games) came to Atlanta in an April trade. And lefty (1.19 ERA in 59 games) and righthander (3.14 ERA in 49 games) were small parts of last year’s group, but have vastly increased roles.
The Braves led the majors in bullpen ERA in 2011 (3.02) and they were second in 2012 (2.76). With this new group, they’ve been even better. Their 2.38 bullpen ERA is easily the best in the majors,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, well ahead of Kansas City’s still-very-good 2.66 ERA.
"The best bullpens I was ever part of, we really cared about each other, and when somebody wasn’t able to finish off their part of the job, somebody picked them up,Beats By Dr Dre," Atlanta pitching coach Roger McDowell told SN.
"That’s part of what makes a successful bullpen here. I don’t want to say it’s an Animal House feature in the bullpen,Beats Sverige, but this game is very stressful, and for them to have a release,Billiga Monster, with also the thought and intention of having the intensity they need when they come into the game, I think that’s very, very important."
And the results have been very, very good.
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Chris Nelson delivers two-run homer in Angels victory - MLB - Sporting News

SEATTLE — It wasn't lost on Chris Nelson that Felix Hernandez was the one he took deep to provide the Los Angeles Angels all their offense.

"It was huge because you know he is not going to give up a lot. History just tells us we're not going to score a bunch of runs," Nelson said.

Nelson hit a two-run homer off Hernandez and the Angels ruined Eric Wedge's return to the dugout with a 2-0 victory over the Mariners on Friday night,Air Max.
Wedge managed the Mariners for the first time since he had a mild stroke a month ago. He acknowledged being anxious about getting back on the bench and called his ailment "a heads up."
Then Wedge watched his offense be unable to solve Garrett Richards (4-5) and a pair of relievers who combined on a five-hitter for the Angels.
"As the game wore on I felt more and more comfortable and then by the end of the game I felt like I was right there," Wedge said. "I wasn't sure how the energy was going to be, but my energy was good and the focus was good. Just didn't have a whole hell of a lot of action tonight."
Nelson snapped an 0-for-17 slide when he connected in the second for his third homer. Josh Hamilton scored on Nelson's long ball after leading off the inning with a single, and it was the only time Hernandez (12-7) was touched all night.
The biggest problem for Hernandez was the gem Richards was tossing on the other side.
"Richards throw an unbelievable game,Billiga Nike Free, so you got to give credit to that," Hernandez said.
Richards (4-5) struck out four and walked two in 7 1-3 innings,Billiga Air Max, but was forced out of the game after taking a liner off his right forearm. The right-hander had thrown just 89 pitches and was in line for a career performance before leaving.
Dustin Ackley led off the eighth with a shot back to the mound that caught Richards and deflected to shortstop Erick Aybar, who threw to first for the out. Manager Mike Scioscia immediately went to the mound and Richards was replaced by Dane De La Rosa.
The Angels said Richards had a forearm contusion. De La Rosa finished off the eighth and Ernesto Frieri pitched the ninth for his 27th save.
Richards said the ball only grazed him,Billiga Nike Shox, avoided his elbow and he should be fine to make his next start.
"I didn't have my sharpest stuff in the beginning and as the game went on I got a feel for the breaking ball and the extension on my fastball," Richards said. "I was just filling up the zone and throwing quality strikes and going right at guys."
Wedge's month off was filled with doctor's appointments and meetings, researching and relaxing,Nike Free, with the goal of figuring out why he had suffered a stroke at 45 years old and how to prevent it from happening again.
"It's a shot across the bow, it's a mulligan, it's a heads up," Wedge said before the game. "And I'm taking it as such."
Hernandez was handed consecutive losses for the third time this season, even though he was cruising in his final innings. But a taxing fourth inning where he had to throw 29 pitches and left runners stranded on the corners ended up equaling an early exit. Hernandez struck out Grant Green to end the threat in the fourth, and then struck out four of the final six batters he faced. He recorded 10 strikeouts for the 25th time in his career and the fourth time this season.
Seattle finally got multiple runners on base in the same inning when Brad Miller led off the sixth with a single and Kyle Seager walked on a 3-2 pitch with one out. Richards quickly defused the threat, getting Kendrys Morales to ground into a double play. He also got Endy Chavez to ground into a double play to end the seventh after Justin Smoak singled.
"He was not ahead of hitters tonight — his first-ball strike ratio was not good — but his stuff played," Scioscia said. "He got back into counts, got some outs when he had to, got some double play balls. He had good stuff, I just don't know if his command was as crisp tonight."
NOTES: Minor leaguer D.J. Peterson, Seattle's first-round pick in the June draft,Nike Shox, underwent surgery in Iowa to repair a broken jaw after he was hit in the face by a pitch on Thursday night. Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik said Peterson might need a second surgery to fully repair the injury. ... The Angels recalled RHP Cory Rasmus from Triple-A Salt Lake and designated RHP Billy Buckner for assignment. Rasmus will be the 25th pitcher used by the Angels this season. ... Seattle 2B Nick Franklin missed his second straight game with a laceration on his knee.
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3.68 summoning war tortoise for beginners is a request, after skilled can not BOB
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Blizzard has made some changes to the game to make sure it is playable with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. Players will aim and move their characters with the left analogue stick. Enemies will be automatically targeted rather than players having to aim directly like on the PC version. With a small adjustment of the left stick, players can change which enemy they’re targeting. The right stick will activate a small dodge roll attack meant to help players adjust out of harm’s way. This isn’t design to supersede abilities like the wizard’s teleport but instead offer an extra bit of control. In practice this may feel a little like an arcade game,buy gold for diablo 3, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Primary and secondary abilities are activated using the left and right triggers and the remaining suite of abilities are mapped to the face buttons. These controls seem like they will work well to translate the game to consoles.
Apart from controls, there are some other major changes coming to Diablo 3 for consoles. The Auction House will be removed entirely, which may come as a shock to players who have been able to earn actual money using the Auction House on PC. However, t just doesn’t make sense for the console version since the game is being designed to be a standalone experience. Battle.Net won’t be integrated at all in the console version of the game and instead,buy diablo 3 gold, online multiplayer will be governed by players’ already existing console-specific friends lists. This will create a more contained version of the game where players won’t have to spend so much time worrying about the minutia of item stats and can instead focus on killing monsters.
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Adam Henrique re-signs with Devils on multiyear contract - NHL - Sporting News

NEWARK,billige nike shox, N.J. — The New Jersey Devils have re-signed center Adam Henrique to a multiyear contract.

Henrique,nike air max, 23,nike sko, will enter his third NHL season in September and will be counted on heavily by a team light on offense. Henrique had 11 goals and 16 points in 42 games last season with New Jersey,nike lÞbesko, after a memorable rookie season with the Devils in 2011-12.

Henrique was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team that season and finished third in voting for the Calder Trophy,billige nike free, given to the league's top rookie. He posted 51 points that season and scored the overtime winner in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs. the New York Rangers, securing New Jersey's fifth trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.
A native of Brantford, Ontario,nike free, Henrique made his NHL debut April 11, 2011 vs. Boston. He was the No. 82 selection in the 2008 NHL Draft.
New Jersey is seeking to bounce back from a disappointing shortened season in which the Devils failed to make the playoffs. In July, they lost forwards Ilya Kovalchuk to retirement, and David Clarkson to Toronto via free agency.
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Mary-Kate Olsen & Ashley Fuller Olsen (innate June 13,cheap replica oakley sunglasses, 1986) are twin American actresses who have appeared around television & films since a age of nine months. Despite their touching-identical looks, it is actually fraternal rather than identical twins. Road to fame
Innate inside Sherman Oaks, California, the Olsens started their acting careers on the television series Full House in 1987. A indicate was widely popular in a period of the late 80s and early 90s, and two sisters played 1 character, Michelle Tanner, taking turns when you took a tape to wash soh,cheap oakleys sunglasses, sequentially to comply large labor laws on infant actors. Because a producers did non desire viewers to understand that Michelle wwhen played by twins, a sisters were originally credited as "Mary Kate Ashley Olsen", however late credited when separate population.
Shortly fallowing a prevent of Good Home, it returned to a show biz, riding the macd of their role in Good Home by heavy merchandising their image. Ingesting the world of pre-teens & tykes by storm, their list own get the super profitable industry, by having their likeness seen within flick, posters, magazines, fabric, & possibly computer game such as ''Mary Kate and Ashley's Magical Mystery Mall''.
As of 2005, Mary-Kate and Ashley come popular numbers within now's pre-teen market,new era caps sale, ensuing along a lines of such Hollywood child stars as Shirley Temple, Ron Howard and Macaulay Culkin among others.
It starred in The Risky venture of Mary-Kate & Ashley & a ABC show Two of a Kind (now rerun in ABC Personal), too when ABC Personal's So Little Time. It likewise use their have book series.
Within Mary-Kate and Ashley surprised numerous whenever it announced that it would become attending college fallowing graduating high. Virtually all baby & teen actors unremarkably take to pursue acting to the full instance when graduating from either highschool, by having couple of (like Brooke Shields, Jodie Foster, Julia Stiles, and Natalie Portman) choosing to more their education. It is presently researching at New York University at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.
Selected filmography
New York Minute ()''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle () (sequel) (cameo appearance) It Takes Two'' (1995) - The merely film where it don't play sisters.The Little Rascals (1994) (cameo appearance)
Direct to video
Getting There ()When In Rome (2002)Holiday in the Sun ()Winning London (2001)Our Lips Are Sealed ()Passport To Paris ()Billboard Dad ()
Made for TV
The Challenge ()Switching Goals ()How the West Was Fun (1994)Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1993)''To Grandmother's House We Go'' (1992)
Mary-Kate inadvertently crashed into her bodyguard's car in May 21, , when her brakes failed in the jam-packed Los Angeles freeway, and she may not prevent eventually to stay away from crashing into his car. There is no a single was hurt in the accident.
In June 22, , it was revealed that Mary-Kate had entered the rehabilitation program for the feeding disorder anorexia nervosa. Gossip experienced swirled for months that her appearance was additional & other drawn, however a actress & her management refused to discuss a issue. She herself experienced blackguard at a hearsay in an episode of Saturday Night Live, which she had hosted by having her twin sister. Therein episode, Ashley, Mary-Kate, & Amy Poehler posing as photographers, yelled to "Mary-Kate", "You're too skinny! Eat a sandwich!"
Rumour began swirling that Mary-Kate got as well attempted ,cheap oakley sunglass, the newspaper headline accompanied by the pic of the scar in her carpus.
It was reported, in July 7, that the Olsens' participation in the Got Milk campaign would be cancelled, chiefly due to Mary-Kate's unwellness. A ad where it would use appeared understand,cheap oakley sunglasses sale, inside a share: "we want our fans to be healthy".
the equivalent day,new era caps sale, rumour began to spring that Mary-Kate Olsen was rehabilitating for a addiction,new era caps sale, contrary to the previous rumour of her getting anorexia nervosa.
A Unknown Truth All about Twins questions a supposed fact that it is dizygotic twin, citing that upright because it is different-handed, doesn't mean it develop different genes[].
Around February of 2005, Ashley was featured on the cover of National Enquirer, a gossip magazine that claimed that she was utilizing drugs. Ashley announced in February 14 that she was suing the company for just about $40 million for making that claim.
Them come presently (when of 2005) going across a select few turmoil, dwelling on an individual basis & hardly seeing both more. Each come doing internships for credit, Mary-Kate by having lensman Annie Leibovitz, and Ashley sustaining clothes designer,new era caps sale, Zac Posen.
the twins received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 29, 2004. It is a immature celebrities to receive this honor. It is reported to exist as worth $150 million both [].
In the episode of Family Guy "Fifteen Minutes of Shame",cheap oakley sunglasses blog, they replaced Brian and Stewie in the indicate-inside-the-show The Real Survive Griffins.
It ranked at total trio on the VH1 program 100 Greatest Kid Stars,new era caps sale.
It is mentioned & insulted along by owning more celebrities in the song Ass Rather That by rapper . A song was freed as a single in 2005. The part of the music video features the two when puppets world health organization locate within lesbian activity together. A song as well makes information just about a 2004 picture Up to date York Microscopic which it two starred inside. Mary-Kate dated Greek transport heir Stavros Niarchos III, who is nowadays dating Paris Hilton.
Their agnate heritage is Danish.
Who is who
This occurs as table comparing a important differences between them:
!Feature!Ashley!Mary-Kate-Height5 foot Ii within (Unity.57 m)5 foot I inside (Unity.55 m)-HandednessRight-handed-Eye ColorGreen-BlueGreen-Blue, moreso green-Age difference (ii transactions)OlderYounger-Facial structureOval faceRound face-MajorCuisine}
Though each develop turn into style icons, Mary-Kate dresses other boho- (likewise known as homeless-), while Ashley is extra conventionally stylish. Each come known for wearing flip-flops usually, as well as a heavy total of accessories, like big .

© 2005
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Site Map - Sporting News

Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our (updated 3/14/12) and (updated 3/14/12),billige nike shox. . ,nike lÞbesko.

© 2013 SportingNews,nike and its licensors,billige nike free. All rights reserved,nike sko.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed,billige nike sko, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of
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Former Titans LB Keith Bulluck charged with felony robbery - NFL - Sporting News

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck has been charged with felony robbery after a cab driver accused him of taking money during an argument.

The driver was waiting outside a bar for a paid fare early Sunday when Bulluck approached him asking for a ride,nike sko, police said in a statement. The driver said he declined and Bulluck grabbed him by his shirt, took a $100 bill and fled.

In a statement to The Tennessean,billige nike shox, Bulluck described the incident as a "misunderstanding between me and the cab driver about getting my money back for a service not rendered."
"At 2 a.m.,billige nike sko, things could easily get lost in translation,nike lÞbesko, but regardless of who was right or wrong, I regret putting myself in that situation,nike shox," he said.
Bulluck retired from football in 2012 after playing 11 seasons in the NFL, 10 of them with the Titans.
Bulluck worked as an analyst for WKRN-TV Saturday night on the Falcons-Titans game.
He is scheduled to work for the Titans-Vikings preseason game on Thursday in Minneapolis. Station manager Stan Knott was quoted by The Tennessean as saying that a decision hasn't been made on whether to replace Bulluck.
Coach Mike Munchak said Sunday that hadn't heard much of the incident and declined to comment. Munchak was Tennessee's offensive line coach while Bulluck was a linebacker with the team.
"When he was here playing as a football player, he made good decisions," Munchak said. "I'll wait to hear the information as to what happened, but I am sure it will all get worked out and I am sure it is something he is very innocent in, I hope."
St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher,nike free, who was the Titans' coach throughout Bulluck's career in Tennessee, recently brought in Bulluck to mentor rookie linebacker Alec Ogletree.
Bulluck was a productive player for the Titans and a team leader. He made the Pro Bowl in 2003.
SN staff contributed to this report.
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Buffalo Bills CB Stephon Gilmore out eight weeks with broken hand - NFL - Sporting News

The Buffalo Bills received more bad news when it discovered that cornerback will miss as many as five or six games with a broken hand,Billiga Air Max.

Some more news: Expect star CB Stephon Gilmore to miss about 8 weeks with a hand/wrist injury,Billiga Nike Shox. Tough blow,Air Max. Had a great camp,Billiga Nike Free.
— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)
That comes on the heels of quarterback
There were high hopes for Gilmore going into this season. He was expected to cover the opposing teams’ best receiver as the Bills’ featured cornerback. Without him,Nike Free, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine will have to adjust to a less gifted group of cornerbacks.
Leodis McKelvin and Crezdon Butler are the likely starters. The Bills play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the season-opener,Nike Shox.
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Texans Andre Johnson shines in exhibition debut vs. Saints - NFL - Sporting News

HOUSTON — Andre Johnson had 131 yards receiving before halftime in his first extended work of the Houston Texans' preseason game Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.
New Orleans' backups scored two touchdowns in the second half to help the Saints to a 31-23 victory. But the story of the exhibition was the performance by the Texans' primary wide receiver.
Johnson didn't play in the preseason opener and had less than a quarter of work last week. On Sunday, he grabbed seven of the eight passes thrown to him, highlighted by a 39-yard reception.
Matt Schaub was 15 of 26 for 213 yards for Houston (2-1), and Ben Tate ran for 74 yards and a score filling in for Arian Foster.
Drew Brees was four of six for 104 yards and a touchdown for the Saints (3-0) before sitting down after the third possession. With Marques Colston still sitting out with a left foot injury,Billiga Air Max, rookie fifth-round pick Kenny Stills continued to impress with 54 yards receiving and a touchdown.
Backup Luke McCown came in with 8 eight minutes left in the second quarter. He finished with 118 yards and two touchdowns,Billiga Nike Shox.
Andy Tanner had 33 yards receiving with two touchdown receptions in the second half for New Orleans.
Tate piled up 51 yards on Houston's second drive, with the highlight coming on a 39-yard run when he darted to the outside and cut back in for the big gain. He capped it with a 1-yard run that gave Houston a 7-0 lead.
Schaub was sacked by Cameron Jordan when he manhandled Derek Newton on third down on Houston's next possession and the Texans settled for a 48-yard field goal from Randy Bullock,Nike Free.
Johnson beat his coverage and was wide open for the 39-yard reception in the second quarter,Nike Shox. Schaub was sacked after that and Houston's offense stalled before Bullock made it 13-7 with a 55-yard field goal.
The Saints couldn't get much going on offense in their first two drives. Willie Jefferson got his hands on Brees in the end zone on the third play of their first drive. But before he could bring him down, the quarterback got off a pass that fell incomplete.
Keshawn Martin returned the punt for a touchdown, but it was called back because of an illegal block by Brandon Harris.
Brees was sacked by Jared Crick to force a punt and end the next drive. The Saints finally started clicking after that,Air Max.
Brees found Pierre Thomas on a short pass and linebacker Joe Mays was there to make the tackle, but Thomas wriggled free and dashed for a 51-yard touchdown to cut the lead to 10-7 early in the second quarter.
The Saints got that drive going on another catch and run when Brees finessed a short floater to Mark Ingram which he turned into a 29-yard gain.
McCown's first drive ended with a 51-yard field goal by Garrett Hartley that cut Houston's lead to 13-10.
Stills grabbed a 40-yard pass over Kareem Jackson on third-and-6. Stills finished the drive four plays later when he beat Johnathan Joseph to get wide open on the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown reception to put New Orleans up 17-13.
Harris was called for his second costly penalty of the game on a 40-yard pass interference call on the first play of the second half. New Orleans took advantage of the penalty when McCown found Tanner for an 8-yard touchdown strike to make it 24-16.
T.J. Yates threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Alec Lemon to get Houston to 24-23 late in the third quarter. Tanner's second touchdown grab pushed the Saints' lead to 31-23 in the fourth.
Houston played without defensive end Antonio Smith, who served the first game of a three-game suspension for hitting Miami guard Richie Incognito with the Dolphins player's helmet last week.
Smith ripped the helmet off Incognito's head,Billiga Nike Free, then hit Incognito on the shoulder with it Aug. 17. Fellow Houston defensive end and the 2012 defensive player of the year J.J. Watt also sat out for the Texans.
Tate got another start despite Foster returning to practice this week for the first time since May after dealing with calf and back injuries. Coach Gary Kubiak has said that Foster could start in Houston's opener Sept. 9 without getting a preseason snap.
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Frequency of Sets vs Legendaries, learn more about buy d3 gold

How do your sets vs. legendary drops compare in frequency? How about on item types that have a set and a leg, such as chest armor or rings/amulets?
This is about the only issue that didn’t see general agreement in the forum survey. Most (but not all) players feel that sets drop far too rarely, and players want to find set items more often. The irony is that set items actually drop at the same rate as legendary items… the reason you see so few of them is the way the item tables are set up, because most sets are stacked up with multiple pieces from different sets in the same slot at the same item level, which means they’re essentially crowding each other out.
I added the underline for emphasis, since that’s the key to understanding that sets aren’t actually less likely to drop, even though you see far fewer of them. The chest armor slot is an obvious example — if you roll a level 63 chest armor of legendary quality,buy d3 gold, there are 6 possible results: the legendary Tyrael’s Might,Diablo 3 Gold, or one of 5 set pieces: BK, IK, Zuni’s, Inna’s, or Tal Rasha’s chest. Each of these items appears to have the same 1/6th chance to drop, but since they’re all in the same item level and slot, you’ll very seldom see any of them. And will probably see more Cindercoats (level 60 legendary) than all the level 63 set chest pieces combined.
The one item type that breaks this pattern, and demonstrates that set items are actually no more uncommon that legendary items is jewelry. There are more total legendary rings and amulets that can drop in Inferno, but that’s because at level 61 there are 3 rings and 2 amulets, all legendary. Up at level 62 though there are actually more set items, with 3 set amulets vs 2 legendary amulets, and 5 set rings vs. 3 legendary rings. Thus players actually find more total green jewelry than orange jewelry at level 62, and the total number of set vs. legendary jewelry pieces is fairly close (though the level 61s drop more often than level 62s) so players find quite a bit of set jewelry.
The same thing would happen in other items slots if the set boots, belts, chest pieces, and helms were spread out over levels 61-63, instead of all stacked up at level 63, and if that simple change was made then players would instantly see far more set items dropping without the game changing anything else in the RNG that determines set item scarcity.
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Jeff Who Undrafted rookie Tuel may start Week 1 for Bills - NFL - Sporting News

The Buffalo Bills will start a rookie quarterback in Week 1 after all. He just may not be the one they wanted to start,billige nike shox.
Coach Doug Marrone announced on Monday the Bills would roll with undrafted Jeff Tuel in the Sept. 8 regular-season opener against New England if first-rounder EJ Manuel isn't healthy enough to play. While Manuel is recovering from minor knee surgery on his left knee,nike air max, veteran Kevin Kolb is battling major post-concussion effects and newcomer Matt Leinart was just signed.
That leaves Tuel,nike shox, who wasn't even a full-time starter at Washington State last season, in position to take the reins of an NFL team in his first NFL game. Playing in the Cougars' high-volume passing attack under Mike Leach, Tuel threw for just 8 touchdowns with 8 interceptions. He averaged just 6.29 yards per attempt in 2012, and was sacked once for every 10.5 dropbacks.
Now Tuel is set up for a duel with Tom Brady. While the Patriots future Hall of Fame quarterback knows a little something about being passed up in the draft, Tuel's potential to be a more immediate No. 1 is more historic.
According to the Elias Sports Bureau,nike lÞbesko, per the Bills' official website,billige nike free, an undrafted rookie quarterback hasn't started a team's opener in the modern era, and it hasn't happened since 1967.
"It's pretty cool," Tuel said about the possibility. "It would definitely be an honor if that’s the case. I’m surprised that I'm the first, but if that's the case it's a cool thing."
Tuel has been a different QB under Marrone in the preseason. He has completed 21-of-26 passes for 236 yards and two TDs,nike free, for a team-high stellar passer rating of 130.1.
Regardless of Manuel or Tuel is the Bills' quarterback in Week 1, the game plan would be the same: handing off often to dynamic running back C.J. Spiller to take pressure off one green passer.
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Scottie Pippen will not be charged in fight, DA says - NBA - Sporting News

LOS ANGELES — Scottie Pippen won't face criminal charges for a fight with a man who authorities say was drunk when he demanded an autograph and photo with the former Chicago Bulls star,Beats By Dr Dre, then faked seizures after claiming Pippen punched him in the face.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office said Tuesday there was insufficient evidence to bring assault charges against Pippen for the altercation with Camran Shafighi at Nobu, a restaurant and celebrity hangout on the beach in Malibu.

Pippen was dining with his family June 24 when he was approached by Shafighi inside the restaurant. Pippen obliged to have a photo taken but not with Shafighi, and then Shafighi followed the retired NBA forward outside into the parking lot. He again asked for a photo and an autograph from Pippen, who said no.
Pippen told investigators Shafighi became irate, "grabbing at him, cursing him and then spit in his face," according to a report by the district attorney's office.
Shafighi, 49, said Pippen punched him in the mouth and kicked him several times. The last memory Shafighi had before losing consciousness was seeing Pippen's foot coming toward his face,Beats Sverige, the report said.
Pippen admitted spitting at Shafighi and pushing him away, but prosecutors said that based on witness accounts, it was unclear whether Pippen was the aggressor or acted in self-defense.
Shafighi, who has filed a $4 million lawsuit against Pippen, was taken to a hospital with a possible concussion. All tests showed there wasn't any internal trauma,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, but Shafighi returned to the hospital later and told doctors he had been diagnosed with fractured ribs and ankle, the report said. The only visible physical injuries were a small bruise on Shafighi's chin and a cut to his lip.
Shafighi,Billiga Monster, whose blood sample turned up positive for opiates and a 0.18 percent blood-alcohol level — twice the legal limit for driving — also feigned having seizures, according to the report. The seizures ended when the doctor ordered him to stop them.
The physician who examined Shafighi told investigators he believed Shafighi was "making up stuff," the report said.
Pippen's attorney,Beats by dre, Mark Geragos, indicated his client will sue.
"This shakedown artist was drunk, screaming racial slurs,Monster Beats, and assaulted my client and his family," Geragos said. "Scottie and his family are grateful to the sheriff for their investigation and DA for their decision to reject these unfounded charges. Scottie and his family plan on holding this man accountable for his outrageous actions."
Steve Kaplan, a spokesman for Shafighi's lawyer Lee Boyd, said they were reviewing the report and couldn't immediately comment.
Pippen, 47, won six NBA titles with Michael Jordan and the Bulls. In 1996, he was named one of the NBA's 50 greatest players. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.
Pippen now serves as special adviser to the Bulls' president and chief operating officer.
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Tracy McGrady officially retires from NBA after 15 seasons - NBA - Sporting News

Tracy McGrady has decided to retire from the NBA after 15 seasons, he announced Monday on ESPN's First Take.
"It's been 16 years playing the game I love. I've had a great run but it's time for it to come to an end,Billiga Nike Free," McGrady said on First Take.

McGrady, 34, entered the NBA at the age of 18 as part of a wave of high schoolers turning pro in the late '90s. While many of those drafted didn't stick, McGrady ascended to become one of the NBA's best players, producing one of the all-time great seasons in 2002-03,Nike Shox, when he averaged 32.1 points,Air Max, 6.5 rebounds and 5.5 assists.
At his best, McGrady was one of the NBA's most exciting players to watch. There was a time when legitimate arguments were had over whether McGrady was better than Kobe Bryant. McGrady's numbers between the 2000-01 and 2007-08 season support his place as one of the great individual talents, though his career averages were watered down by injury and decline toward the end of his time in the NBA.
The knock on McGrady was his inability to push beyond the first round of the playoffs, but it wasn't for lack of effort. McGrady made the postseason nine times and averaged better than 30 points per game on four separate occasions.
McGrady finally played into the NBA finals as a member of the San Antonio Spurs this past season. His team lost in seven games to LeBron James and the Miami Heat. McGrady wasn't the featured player, though, averaging just 5.2 minutes per game in the postseason after signing with the Spurs before the start of the playoffs.
McGrady averaged 19.6 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists over 15 years, compiling 18,381 career points. He retires as a seven-time All Star and two-time scoring champion.
McGrady played for the Raptors,Billiga Air Max, Magic, Rockets, Knicks, Pistons,Billiga Nike Shox, Hawks and and Spurs during his playing career. He also spent a seasons overseas in China and left open the possibility of a return.
When asked if he'd play overseas, McGrady said,Nike Free, "Officially retired from the NBA. Door's still open."
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MLB remembers Sept. 11 with on-field tributes - MLB - Sporting News

Texas Rangers third base coach Gary Pettis still has vivid memories of that day 12 years ago, when two hijacked jets were flown into the World Trade Center towers.

Back then, Pettis was a coach for the Chicago White Sox, who had arrived in town only a few hours earlier for a scheduled game that night against the New York Yankees.

"You could smell the smoke. It wasn't a good feeling that day," Pettis said Wednesday before a home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. "It's so sad that so many people lost their lives, and it's ruined other peoples' lives. ... It's like it was a movie, it's like that wasn't something that actually happened. I still can't believe it."
What he does believe is the importance for Major League Baseball — and all Americans — to take a moment to remember Sept. 11.
Players, coaches and umpires wore American flag patches embroidered on the side of their caps in commemoration of the tragedy. Special lineup cards were used, and patriotic on-field tributes were planned for the day's 15 games, involving all 30 teams. Flags were half-staff, and there were moments of silence across baseball.
There were impromptu remembrances, too.
In New York, art students made a chalk drawing in blue and orange on the sidewalk outside Citi Field, showing the Twin Towers, the Mets logo and the words "Never Forget."
New York Mets manager Terry Collins wore an NYPD hat and his players wore caps representing other first responders during batting practice before hosting Washington.
"You'll always remember how you felt on 9/11," Collins said.
With so many tributes planned at the stadium, a memo was written on a board in the Nationals' clubhouse — "Note: Everyone on the field (at) 6:55."
Both dugouts were filled with applauding players, managers and coaches as members of rescue and security organizations marched onto the field. The Mets and Nationals then lined up along the baselines for a moment of silence and the national anthem.
At Rangers Ballpark in Texas,billige nike free, the 531st U.S. Air Force Quintet performed the national anthem instrumentally. The honorary first pitch was thrown out by former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch, who was 19 when she was captured along with five other soldiers after the U.S. Army's 507th Maintenance Company took a wrong turn and came under attack in Iraq in 2003. She was held for nine days before being rescued.
The Cleveland Police Department presented the colors at Progressive Field before the national anthem at the Indians' game against Kansas City.
Cleveland's Jason Giambi was with Oakland when the Athletics were in the 2001 playoffs against the Yankees. He recalled the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium being "unbelievable," even more electric than usual for the postseason.
"It will always be a time I'll remember, going out there playing against the Yankees during that time," Giambi said. "It kind of healed the nation, especially the city of New York, which was hit so hard. There they were, the Yankees playing in the playoffs, going all the way to the World Series."
Giambi signed with the Yankees after that,nike sko, and spent seven seasons in New York.
"Playing there all those years, the kids, the firefighters, the people who lost their lives saving the other lives, I'll always remember that, very much so," Giambi said.
At Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park, where the Reds hosted the Chicago Cubs, a steel beam from the World Trade Center was on display courtesy of the Cincinnati Fire Museum.
Before San Francisco hosted Colorado at AT&T Park, first pitches were thrown out by two San Francisco firefighters who went to New York in the days after Sept. 11 to provide help and support. Dean Crispen, captain of Station 28, and Derek O'Leary, driver of rescue squad one from Station 1, flew on the first commercial flight allowed to land in New York.
The St. Louis Cardinals distributed 7,906 complimentary tickets to first responders and military personnel.
Members of the Toronto Police Services, Toronto Fire Department and Toronto Emergency Medical Services participated in the national anthems at Rogers Center before the Blue Jays' game against the Los Angeles Angels.
Pettis and the White Sox had arrived in New York 12 years ago around 2-3 a.m., and he was awoken by a phone call from a friend checking to make sure he was OK.
"I said,billige nike shox, 'Yeah, I'm OK, I'm asleep.' He said, "you don't know, do you?'" Pettis recalled. "I turn on the TV and I see that the building — smoke's coming out of the building — and they said there had been a plane crash."
Like so many others, Pettis thought maybe it was just a tragic accident before the second plane hit the other tower.
The White Sox were staying in a hotel at Grand Central Station, a little more than three miles from the World Trade Center site. Pettis and the rest of the staff worked to locate everybody with the team, and to get out of the building,nike lÞbesko, with concerns about more potential attacks.
"We were going down the stairs and you hear this rumble, and we're going what the heck is that?" Pettis said. "We just kind of take off running out the doors, and now we see people running out of the train station, and we had no idea what they were running from."
Pettis can't believe it's been 12 years. Before going to the ballpark on Wednesday morning, he turned on his TV knowing what he was going to see.
"It took me a minute to get up and get my day going because I started watching some of the stories and listening to some of the people talk about being there, and then seeing some of the messages that were left for families," he said.
Pirates infielder Clint Barmes remembers exactly where he was and what he was doing 12 years ago. He was only 22 years old in his second season of pro ball, and on the way home after winning the championship with high-A Salem the night before.
"I didn't get a chance to see anything on TV until I got home later that evening. ... Had my car already packed ready to go," Barmes said. "I woke up, jumped in my car and started driving home before I realized exactly what happened.
"There's a lot of things that goes through your mind when something like that happens. It was a scary moment for sure."
To veteran Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon, it was a day to remember the terrible images on television, and a pal.
"One of my best friends in college has just been appointed the head of the N.Y. Port Authority. Neil Levin," he said. "So then I'm thinking, 'OK, Neil's pretty cool,nike air max, he's the boss, he's going to show up late, he's not going to be there early.'
"As it turns out he was having breakfast that morning in that restaurant on the top floor. So we lost Neil on that one," he said. "So whenever I hear 9/11, this date ... while I was riding my bike today, seeing the flag at half-mast, I thought of Neil."
Washington star Bryce Harper was just 8 and at home in Las Vegas when the attacks occurred.
"I was in my mom's bed, watching TV. I used to watch 'CHiPs' and 'Saved by the Bell' in those days. Then it came on, all over the news," he said Wednesday. "I was trying to understand it, we were trying to decide whether I should go to school."
"I remember my dad came right home from work. I remember he came in the door and I ran right to him, gave him a big hug and told him, 'I love you.'"
Harper said he and some Washington teammates hoped to visit the National Sept. 11 Memorial plaza in lower Manhattan late Wednesday night, after their game against the Mets,billige nike sko, to see the "Tribute in Light."
"We wanted to see the beams," Harper said. "I think it's important."
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Cody Hodgson, in a few ways, is not Nazem Kadri - NHL - Sporting News

Cody Hodgson announced his new contract with the Buffalo Sabres on Vine—so it worked out to one second per year.

Hodgson, a 23-year-old center who had 34 points in 48 games last season, signed a six-year deal worth a reported $25.5 million. That's a cap hit of $4.25 million per season. Hodgson, possibly in the interest of time, left that out. No word on whether Instagram and its 15-second limit were considered.
Unlike Nazem Kadri and the Maple Leafs (and like Adam Henrique and the Devils), Hodgson and the Sabres opted to skip the so-called short-term bridge deal. Those theoretically give the player time to prove himself,Beats Sverige, and potentially earn a larger salary than he would've otherwise, while also protecting the team.
It's easy to look at Kadri, who signed a two-year deal worth $2.9 million annually on Tuesday night,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, and . In a vacuum, that's understandable. Kadri (44 points in 46 games) was better than Hodgson in 2013. Their teams. though, are in different situations.
Specifically, the Leafs, whether it's wise or not,Monster Beats, are capped out and couldn't give Kadri much more than they did without creating space. They didn't seem interested in either end of that proposition, regardless. The Sabres weren't operating under the same constraints.
And really, Buffalo needs Hodgson more than Toronto needs Kadri. Good as he is, and troubled as the Leafs' roster construction may be, Kadri's on a team with two good young goalies, as well as James van Riemsdyk, Jake Gardiner, Joffrey Lupul and, at least for the time being,Billiga Monster, Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. Buffalo has Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek, both of whom could well be traded this season ahead of free agency,Beats by dre, and Mikhail Grigorenko.
So, the Sabres desperately need Hodgson to grow into a franchise cornerstone,Beats By Dr Dre, and now they're paying him accordingly. If nothing else, .
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