We are extremely pleased to present these fine articles on Old Time
Radio by one of the most respected pillars of our hobby.  Jack has been collecting, researching and editing OTR-related material for the past 20 years. He edited NARA NEWS for five years and his well-researched articles have appeared in half a dozen OTR pubs in the U.S. In 1993 he won the Allen Rockford Award at Newark for his contributions to OTR research, and The Ray Sandish Award in 2004 for significant contributions to vintage radio literature. He is a past president of the Metro Washington Old Time Radio Club and currently edits its publication, "Radio Recall." Jack has conducted extensive research on radio's female crime-fighters, Bobby Benson, RCMP heroes on radio, Ft. Laramie, aviator shows and is currently working on the topic of Oriental roles in OTR. A former Navy officer and retired FBI agent, Jack is now a professional actor and author. He is a special friend of all OTR collectors and has been very active in a number of clubs.  His latest book is "Private Eyelashes: Radio's Lady Detectives", published in April 2004, by Bear Manor Media.  We are happy to recommend it, and it may be purchased  from Bear Manor.

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