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     MP3 Book Helper 
      This program will compare NON-tag parts of the MP3s to find 
      duplicates.   You can load a whole directory or multiple directories. 
         What exactly can mp3Trim do for you?
mp3Trim can trim MP3s - obviously! - removing the silence or unwanted
mp3Trim can adjust the volume of MP3s. Volume change can be manual
      or automatic (volume normalization).
mp3Trim can fade-in/out MP3s (to fix abrupt beginning/ending).   
      mp3Trim can clean-up MP3s and recover wasted disk space.
mp3Trim keeps the music quality intact, no matter how many times you 
      process an MP3, because it works directly in the MP3 format without
      having to decode/re-encode. That also makes it very fast. M
p3Trim is
      free  - no evaluation period or time limit. 

      CDCheck  is a utility for the prevention, detection and recovery of
      damaged files on CD-ROMs with an emphasis on error detection. With
      CDCheck you can check your CDs and discover which files are corrupted.
      By using the program proactively, you can insure that your data on CD-
      ROMs are safe -- before it's too late! CDCheck provides the following
      features: readability verification, binary compare, CRC file creation (and
      verification) and file recovery. 


  • You can open as many files in EditPad at a time as you want.
  • You change between the open files by clicking on their tabs. No hassle with heaps of overlapping windows.
  • EditPad does not impose a limit on the size of files you can open and edit with it. Also, the maximum length of a single line is not limited. (Most other editors cannot handle lines longer than, say, a thousand characters, even if they do claim to support files of unlimited size.)
  • You will enjoy EditPad's unlimited undo and redo. You can even undo changes after saving them, as long as you did not close the file.
  • If you run EditPad again when there is already an instance running, the file(s) you wish to edit will be opened by the existing EditPad window. This means there will be at most one EditPad window open, which will save you from a lot of task switching.
    Of course, if you do need more instances, simply pick View|New editor from the menu.
  • Block functions: save parts of your text to disk and insert a file in the current text.
  • You can specify many print settings: font, margins, headers/footers, etc. and immediately see the effects in the print preview.

GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE - While not strictly an OTR 'help', this beats the Microsoft 'Search' function on your computer hands down!  Very highly recommended!

MP3 File Merger 
This program will combine several mp3 files into one.

"What can GSplit do? In addition to the features of other standard file splitters, GSplit can:
Create two types of pieces: disk spanned and blocked (specific size).
Generate small full-featured Self-Uniting programs to restore your split files professionally. They provide your users with an intuitive Windows interface that you can also change the full appearance.
Store file properties and restore them: file's date, attributes are not lost contrary to batch files.
Perform checks to detect file corruption (size, CRC32...) and to give you the assurance that your files are successfully restored by your users.
Split large files (normally bigger than 2 GB).
Customize piece files according to your needs (size, filenames, pieces set title...) and leave additional space on disks.
Support splitting multiple files in one time, allow batch and command line options.
Integrate Windows Explorer to let you split your files directly from the context menu.
GSplit finally features an intuitive graphical user interface that makes operations easy and fast. It also provides you with advanced options for pieces and Self-Uniting executable files...
GSplit lets you split any file in a snap!"



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