Name: Western New York Old Time Radio Club
Web Address :
President: Jerome Collins

The Old Time Radio Club is an organization dedicated to the regeneration of interest in an enjoyment of  that part of vanishing Americana that has become known as the “Golden Age of Radio”.

Many of our members still fondly remember  “Old Time Radio”.  Others are too young to have known it first hand and became interested through revivals and the like. It must something when the old and the young share a common interest in Old Time Radio.  It means Old Time Radio has not dimmed very much with age;  it still has the power to hold its listeners.

What is the source of this power?  In a word, involvement.  With very few exceptions, today’s listener does  not become involved in modern radio programming for the simple reason that  there is next to nothing with which to become involved.  In the heyday of Old Time Radio, a listener could spend an evening lost in the mind’s eye, writhing in delightful terror as Raymond welcomed them through his creaking door on  INNER SANCTUM,  or battling side-by-side with Jack, Doc, and Reggie on I LOVE A MYSTERY.

The Old Time Radio collector remembers and relishes this involvement. He or she collects as many shows as he can so that he might re-live the good old days to some small degree. The collector may have begun by buying some shows from a dealer, and then trading copies with other collectors. In a short time, a respectable and interesting collection was built up.

The Old Time Radio Club does not sell OTR shows, and the club's name cannot be used by any member for reasons of monetary advancement. An extensive lending library is available to members and includes records, cassettes and reels of OTR shows, videocassettes of related subjects, and printed materials.