Name: Golden Radio Buffs Of Maryland
Web Address :
President: Gene Lietner, Owen Pomeroy

The Golden Radio Buffs of Maryland is a nonprofit association of volunteers dedicated to the celebration of old-time radio. Specifically, we seek to recognize the many contributions of the radio stations, the broadcasts, and the on-air and behind-the-scenes personalities who brought us the news, drama, comedy, music, and other aspcts of radio from the 1920's through 1950's, which the members consider to be The Golden Age of Radio.

The GRB of Maryland had its beginning in the minds of two radio fans, Gene Leitner and Owens Pomeroy, who, in the early Seventies, had a shared idea and nurtured it into existence.

Why, they wondered, couldn't we form a club that would be dedicated to preserving the memory of those great broadcasts? We could rally around us, they figured, those other Maryland fans out there who would be similarly dedicated to celebrating old-time radio as we remember it or have learned about it. We could do it by preserving, on disk and tape and publication, those broadcasts of yesteryear and by recognizing the contributions of people and organizations who made it all possible. We could do it through group meetings, awards, and a newsletter aimed at that purpose.

And so our two co-founders organized, in February 1972, the Golden Radio Buffs of Maryland Inc., which is registered as a nonprofit organization with the state of Maryland and the federal Internal Revenue Service. From a nucleus of six original "founding fathers," the club has grown to hundreds of members in Maryland and other states, and it includes celebrity lifetime members who have been inducted at banquets and other GRB of Maryland activities.

In addition to many local lifetime members -- former Governor William Donald Schaefer, DJ Joe Knight, and sportscaster Vince Bagli, for instance -- our nationally known members have included Bob Hope, Eddie Bracken, Dana Andrews, and Ezra Stone (Henry Aldrich).