Contributed by Andrew Steinberg

380728 Crowded Bathroom
Henry! Henry Aldrich! Yes, Father' (possibly a skit on the Kate Smith Hour)

391017 - Henry's Engagement aka Girl Trouble aka Barbara Or Constance
'Grandma, Grandmother!'

400220 - Pigeons And Rabbits
'Mother, If you could choose anything...' (Jello)

400227 - Carrier Pigeons aka The New Maid
'You want this broken fountain pen?' (Jello)

400905 - Generous Gentleman (Possibly 440127 broadcast date)
'Mother, Will you have some more peas.'

400912 - Henry Loses Gift Watch
'Mary! Mary!, What is it, Henry?' (Jello)

401031 - Halloween
'Gee Whiz, am I bored.' (Jello)

410126 - Pen Pal
'But why do you say that dear?" (Postum)

411023 - Letter
'Gee Homer, if that isn't a nice thing.' (Postum)

420122 - Girfriend aka Dance, aka Bridge Game, aka Blizzard, aka Date With Loretta
' Father, Could I bother you for just a second?' (Postum)

420129 - Henry's Secret Admirer aka Letter From Myrtle Drinkwater, aka Henry Gets A Date
'Here's a letter for you Sam.' (Postum)

430211 - Valentine's Day Party aka Mary and Henry Have Conflicting Parties
'But Mary, what have I done'

430219 - Victory Book Drive aka Father's Suit, aka Escape From Wilbur
'C'mon Homer, cant' you run?' (AFRS)

430225 - Homer's Love Note aka In Love With The Teacher aka Love Note
'Mary! Mary! Are you in the living room?' (AFRS)

430311 - Legal Trouble aka Secrets And Arrests
'Henry if I were you I wouldn't eat so fast.'

430401 - War Bonds In Snowstorm
'Will you have another piece of cherry pie?' (Postum)

430415 - Henry Collects Props For Play aka Pirates Of Pinzance, School Play
'Father, could I have the cream, please?' (AFRS)

440302 - Homer's Piano Recital
'Look out Henry! Look out!' (AFRS)

440309 - Warmest Day In March aka Income Tax and Peanut Butter, aka ming in Snowstorm
'Is it Father, is it?'

4404013 - Close That Door
'Henry, may I ask are you the one who left...' (AFRS)

440420 - Sam And Henry Await Calls
'Have some more bacon, Alice.' (AFRS)

440427 - Replace Box Of Chocolates aka Henry Buys A Bracelet aka Bracelet For Kathleen
'But Henry, don't you see my point of view.' (AFRS)

440511 - Babysitting Or Movies aka Taking Care Of Willie
'But Mary, haven't I made it clear?' (AFRS)

440629 - Bracelet For Kathleen
'But Mother, don't you see my point of view...' (AFRS)

450112 - Henry Sends Candy To Two Girls aka Flowers For Mother
'Hey Henry, I'm here! Homer, is that you?' (AFRS)

451116 - Costume Party
'Gee Whiz Homer, haven't you any ideas at all?' (Grapenuts)

460308 - Dinner Jacket Mixup
'Mary! Mary! Now Henry!, Alice.' (AFRS)

470000 - Cancer Special aka Hatpin Antenna
'Mary! Mary! Did you find your shoes?'

470313 - Birthday Pipe
'Sam, could I get you another piece of pie?' (Grapnuts)

471211 - School Ring
'Father, may I just point out one thing..?' (Jello)

480205 - Leap Year Invitation
'I'm sorry Henry, but I have to ask you to move into...'

480401 - April Fools Day Jokes
'Oh boy, Mother, oh boy, wouldn't you say I'm lucky..'

480513 - Wedding Day Date
'Sam, will you have some more potatoes? (Jello)

480624 - Painting The Garage aka The Fishing Trip
'Is everything all set, Homer?' (Jello)

480831 - Where To Eat On Mother's Day
'Have another lamb chop, Alice?'

481007 - Mary's First Job aka Is Mary Getting Married?\
Now Alice! Now Mother!'

481021 - Babysitting
'But Kathleen...Henry, you don't have to explain.' (Jello)

481028 - Lead Role In Operetta
'Gee Homer, Do I feel great.' (Jello)

481104 - Henry Buys A Hat
'Well, I guess I'm just about all set, Homer.' (Jello)

481111 - Broken Toy aka Trouble With Kathleen's Father
'Ring the doorbell, Homer.' (Jello)

481118 - Hardware Store Grabbag
'Now listen Henry, that's no way to hold it.' (Jello)

481125 - Thanksgiving Dance
'Madame Chairman! Order! Madame Chairman'

481202 - Remodeling Homer
'More coffee, Sam, Yes, please.'

481209 - Sam Cooks Grouse (May be 491209) aka Homer Is Not Invited To Dinner
'Alice, oh Alice! She's phoning Aunt Harriet.'

481216 - Homer's Party (Sometimes dated 491216 which is wrong) aka Rotating Parties aka Quiet Evening At Home
'Sam, would you like me to put another log on the fire?'

481223 - Christmas
'Sam, I'm just as pleased as I can be.' (Jello)

481230 - New Year's Eve Party
'You are father? You really are?'

490113 - French Notes Mixup
'You did Homer? You really got them? (Jello)

490120 - Henry and Kathleen Both Come To Dinner aka Advice To The Lovelorn
'Henry Aldrich! I know mother, and I agree.' (Jello)

490203 - Boys Don't Want To Shovel Snow
'I'm coming! Well, Willie Marshall.' (Jello)

490217 - Antique Chairs
'Yoo Hoo! Anybody here?'

490303 - Planning A Trip To Washington
'Alice! What now, Sam?' (Jello)

490414 - Henry The Shortstop
'More Coffee Sam? Thank you Alice.' (Jello)

490421 - Taking Alice To A Play
'Alice! In here, Sam.' (Jello)

490428 - Date With A Tall Girl aka Henry Tries To Look Taller
'But Homer, how was I to know?' (Jello)

490505 - Homer Accidentally Engaged aka Anniversary of The First Date
' No Homer, I think you don't have to..." (Jello)

49xxxx - Homer Expects A Horse
'But Agnes, aren't you even interested?'

500126 - Kendall Sled Race

500914 - Contest To Win Money (possibly 510419) aka Motor Scooter
' Boy! Wait til you see it!.' (Jello)

510419 - Henry Alters Gossip Column (possibly 500914)
'Boy, that's rich.'

510628 - Henry Expects A Party
'Now don't worry, I've taken care of everything.' (Last show for Jello)

520105 - Henry And Homer Cook Dinner
'Sam! Yes Alice? Have you got your coat on yet?'

520112 - Henry and Homer Buy Suits
'Mother, I won't go and that's all.'

520921 - Paid In Corn (Bobby Ellis plays Henry for the rest of the series) (possibly 520911)
aka Barter System
'Gee Homer, you're just worrying over nothing.'

520928 - He-Man Or Mouse aka Physical Development aka Muscular Developement
'Nancy, Tell me honestly.'

521005 - Class Debt Chairman aka Haircut and News Picture
'On boy, Mary, do I feel swell.'

521012 - The Big Deal
'Henry, get washed, dinner's almost ready.'

521019 - The Camping Trip
'Now listen, Mary, for the last time.'

521026 - Parent's Day
'Hey Henry, what are you doing?'

521102 - Overdue Library Books
'Hello Toby? Toby, are you listening?'

521109 - The New Suit
'Mother, could you look at this please?'

521115 - The Debating Team
'Could you please pass the toast, Mary.' (Plymouth)

521123 - The Thanksgiving Turkey
'Hello? Hello Mother, this is Henry.'

521130 - Henry's Father Is Sick
'Well Sam, it's good to have you back downstairs again.'

521207- The Lost Watch
'Mary? Oh Mary. What is it Henry?'

521214 - The Roadside Stand aka Washing Dogs
'Now listen, Homer, let me squeeze the next lemon.'

521221 - Christmas Eve With The Family
'10, 11, 12, Henry, will you pass the cream, please.'

530111 - The English Project
'But Father, I wouldn't have to use all the tools.'

530201 - Switchboard

530209 - Syzygy

530301 - Selling Candlesticks

530308 - Henry's New Rubbers

5303015 - Latin Homework
'Hello? Hello? Is this Lucy Smith?'

530426- The Delivery Bicycle aka You're Only Young Once, aka Job At Pharmacy
'Sam, I don't think you're looking at this.

Anniversary Of First Date - 'No Homer, I think you don't have to.....' (Jello)
Boat And Theater Seats -
'Henry, That's the poop deck.'
Boys Throw a Farewell Party -
'Homer, What Henry? Has Agnes said anything....'
Bringing Home Cheese - 'But Henry, Mother is waiting for it. (Postum)Cleaning The Furnace -
'Sam, Yes, Alice? Doesn't the house seem chilly.'
Coupon Craze - 'But Mother why won't you...?'
Cross Country Race - 'Mrs Stevens, could I trouble you for the bread?'
Everyone Sleeps over aka Moving Day
'Now wait a second Homer, Kathleen asked me...'
Geometry Homework aka Procrastination
Do we have to?'
Girlfriends Mixup
aka The Ring -
'Well Sam, Remember how worried we were a week ago?'
Going To Church - 'Mary! Mary! I want you to run right upstairs....'
Great Wiener Roast - '
And now then Henry, I guess you're next.'
Henry And Homer Cut Grass - 'But Sam, I thought you said you could go.'
Henry Goes Ice Skating - 'Goodbye Mother, so long...'
Henry Spills Glue - 'Henry, let's go, I'm hungry.'
Hiding Tie For Christmas -
'Now listen Henry, this watch isn't yours.'
Homer expects A Surprise Party -
'Elizabeth, is the coast clear?'
Homer Is Popular - 'Listen, Henry, I'm not arguing with you.'
Ice Fishing In January -
' Homer, look at it this way. It's January.'
First Date With Gladys -
'Hello. Oh, how are you, Gladys?'
Job Hunting aka Pilot Boots aka Trolley Company
'Homer, are you sure? Sure, I'm sure.'
Looking for Tuxedos - '
But Father, Do you think that's fair?'
The Mikado -
'Homer, honestly...'
Model Airplane Race - 'Yes, but Mr Collins, my plane was filying..'
Naval Battle Game -
'Tonight Alice, Bridge, tonight?'
Not Wanted On Sleigh Ride -

'But Mary, who won't you listen to reason?'
Player Piano - 'Look out Henry! Look out. You don't know....'
Plumbers Daughter -
'But Mary, if you just sit down and listen.'
School Picnic aka Henry Has A Date With Two Girls
'Now Dizzy, What I want to know is where it could.....'
School Pranks -
'Have some more toast, Sam?'
Search for Left Rubber -
'Well Henry, have you any idea where it is?'
Searching for Ancestors -
'Why don't you like Charlie Clark, Henry?'
Selling Christmas Cards -'
Hello operator, I want Elm 629.'
idewalk Graffiti -
'Mother, is breakfast almost ready?'
Speaker For Woman's Club -
'Gee Homer, if that isn't a nice thing to do to my best coat.'
Stolen Bicycles - 'Homer, did you look around in back for them?'
Teacher Trouble(1st half) - 'Alice, the whole thing was a waste of time.'
Twin Trouble - 'But, Bubbles, the thing we ought to consider.'
Waste Paper Drive - 'Henry, won't you please listen to me?'