45-06-23 Nazi POW In Riverdale
Father to Mother: 'Where's the toast, Mary?'
Synopsis: A Nazi prisoner is loose in Riverdale and Archie thinks he's captured him.

Bubble Bath Soap For Veronica
aka Drugstore Mix Up
Archie to Jughead: 'I tell you Jug I got to figure out a way to get that bottle of bubble bath soap.'
Synopsis: Archie is trying to get a bottle of bubble bath for Veronica's birthday. When Mrs. Andrews places an order for tonic, things get all mixed up!

46-10-19 (Same script as September 4, 1948)
Double Date
aka Plumbing Problems
aka Father's Bath
aka Plumbing Woes
aka Taking A Bath
Archie singing: 'I'll be down to get you in a taxi, honey…'
Synopsis: Archie is going to a dance and Dad is trying to take a bath, not at all as easy as it sounds.

Jokes At Mrs. Lodge's Red Cross Party
aka The Red Cross Benefit
Father reading newspaper: 'Haha haha haha [mumbling] she came… [mumbling]…'
Synopsis: Archie serenades Veronica with his Al Jolson imitations. Then he becomes the hit of the party, with the help of a bowl of onions.

47-12-13 (Same script as December 17, 1949)
Christmas Shopping
Father reading newspaper: '[mumbling]…more mannerly if he asked to … [mumbling] replied just manners gets… [mumbling] …it costs him his seat.'
Synopsis: Mass confusion results when Archie and his parents and all his friends go Christmas shopping at the same time in the same department store.

48-xx-xx Dinner At A Restaurant
Archie reading the funny pages: 'He, He, He, Ha Ha Ha, and the ....says to the .'
Synopsis:  The Andrews try to eat dinner out.

The Hiccups
aka Good Night's Sleep
Mother hears Archie screaming: 'What was that?'
Synopsis: Archie's hiccups and other problems make it impossible for Mr. Andrews to fall asleep.

Archie Has A Cold
aka Archie Fights a Cold
Mother to Father: 'Well, good morning dear.'
Synopsis: Archie isn't feeling too well, and before you know it, the house is filled with doctors and well-wishers.

Archie Gets Dress For a Date
Father: 'Hello!'
Synopsis: Archie needs a pair of garters and socks and suspenders and just about everything else for his date tonight.

Mr. Andrews Wallpapers The Living Room
aka Archie Helps Mr. Andrews Wallpaper The Living Room
aka Mr Andrews Wallpapers a Room
Father reading newspaper: '[mumbling]… so my little girl she goes to me and says [mumbling]… haha haha'
Synopsis: Mr. Andrews decides to repaper the living room himself to "save money," things don't quite work out that way.

Suffering From The Heat
Mother singing: '…in the good old summertime, in the good old summertime'
Synopsis: Mr. Andrews tries to keep cool on a hot summer day, with disastrous results.

Going On A Picnic
Mother singing: '…there was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy; they say he wandered very far…'
Synopsis: The family decides to go on a picnic, but so do the skunks, turtles, ants, cows, Jughead, Betty and Veronica.

48-09-04 (Same script as October 19, 1946)
The Big Dance
Archie singing: 'I'll be down to get you in a taxi, honey…'
Synopsis: Archie and Jughead are late for a dance. The more Archie rushes, the more circumstances seem to slow him down.

Archie Borrows A Tire Jack
aka Borrowing a Tire Jack
Father reading newspaper: '[mumbling]… Oh for goodness sakes, take your time… [mumbling]'
Synopsis: Archie tries to borrow a jack to help his father change a flat, without much luck. Jughead gets himself locked in the car's trunk.

Archie's In Love
Mother: 'More coffee, Fred?'
Synopsis: Archie's mother thinks he's sick, but actually "The Pride Of Riverdale" is just in love with his history teacher, Miss Biddle.

Free Movie Tickets
Father reading newspaper: '[mumbling] …so the president said there would be no further comment …[mumbling]
Synopsis: Archie gets free tickets to the movies. He ends up inviting Jughead, Veronica, offers the tickets to Betty until finally the person who gave Archie the tickets want them back!

Halloween Party
Mother singing: 'When Day is done…[humming]'
Synopsis: Archie throws a Halloween party and finds it's not as much fun to be the host as it is to be the guest.

Locked Out Of The House
Father: 'Well Mary that was quite an evening.'
Synopsis: The whole Andrews family is locked out of the house, while Jughead is locked in. A ringing telephone, a ladder, and a cop all add to the confusion.

Guests Are Coming For Dinner
Father: 'Mary are you ready?'
Synopsis: The Andrews' are getting unexpected company, whereupon, all kinds of disasters, such as exploding soup, befall them.

New Television Set
aka New TV Set
aka Surprise
Mother singing: '…Lavender Blue, dilly dilly… '
Synopsis: Mr. Andrews surprises the family with a new television set. Things get really hectic when anyone and everyone finds out and wants to watch too!

Sun Burned
Mother singing: "Summertime and the living easy…".
Synopsis: Mr. Andrews has a bad sunburn, which sends Archie off to the drugstore...several times!

Trying To Go Fishing
'ha,ha,ha, fishing.    What do you know about that, Mary?'
Synopsis: Mr Andrews trys to go fishing.

49-12-17 (Same script as December 13, 1947)
Christmas Shopping At Stacy's Department Store
Christmas Shopping
Father reading newspaper: 'and so the little girl said to her mommy, mommy why does [mumbling] ha ha ha'
Synopsis: Mass confusion results when Archie and his parents and all his friends go Christmas shopping at the same time in the same department store.

Fred Tries To Enjoy A Ballgame
aka Big Ballgame
aka Trying To Listen To A Baseball Game
Father reading newspaper: '[mumbling] …little girl said to her mommy… ha ha ha… she says mommy [mumbling]'
Synopsis: Mr. Andrews is trying to listen to the ballgame on the radio. He keeps getting interrupted until he misses the whole game.

Babysitting To Earn Money
aka Riverdale Formal Dance
Mother to Father: 'More coffee, Fred?'
Synopsis: Veronica invites Archie to a formal dance. Desperately needing a tuxedo Archie takes a babysitting job and somehow loses the baby!

The Economy Program
aka Saving Money
Father muttering to self: '9 and 5 are 14 and 7 is 21 and 11 is 32.'
Synopsis: Father tries to put his foot down by trying to make the family be more frugal. The show features perhaps the first and only song performed by Bob Hastings!

Bankrupt Rumor
'Hello, I'm home.'
Synopsis: Archie has started a rumor that his Father is bankrupt.

Football Tickets
'Yep, I am hereby founding the TGIFC.'
Synopsis:  Archie wants to go to the football game.

Helping Dad At The Office
'C'mon, get out of bed, c'mon sleepy head.'
Synopsis:  Archie helps his father at the office.

Horseback Riding Lessons
'Whenever we get, I...and wonder(phone rings).'
Synopsis:  Archie and Jughead take riding lessons.

Late For School
'zzzzzzz,  Archie, are you up?'
Synopsis:  Archie is late for school