Axis Submarine [1943] [No Intro-Endg Cut] "Tonight's adventure, took place very recently, so recently in fact, that I'm still both amazed and profoundly grateful that Denny & I" Plot -While investigating the murder of a night watchman (Tim Regan) on the piers, Captain Drummond is shot! This leads to the sinking of two Nazi submarines!

Blindman's Bluff [1943] [No Intro-NxtWk-Traveling Circus] "It takes me home. Do I know you? I don't think so. I live down the block from you but on account I never spoke to you..."

Claim Check Murders [aka-Atomic Murders] [47.01.17] [No Intro-Endg Cut] "When you're in my type of business, you must reconcile yourself to one thing. Unpopularity.The people on the other side of the fence avoid you like the plague. For example.."

Deadly Stand In [Nxt Wk-Album Of Death] "As I sat on the subway train.."

Death In The Deep [NxtWk-Death Has A New Look] [46.00.00] "Snarling silver cracks of lightning flash across."

Death Loops The Loop [12] [NxtWk-Murder Gets Out On Bail] "Come with me to North Beach."

Death Rides A Racehorse [11] [Nxt Wk-Death Loops The Loop] "In the gray light of early morning."

Death Uses Disappearing Ink [aka-LindaBennett] [NxtWk-Death In The Deep] "Here in my mind, I'm trying to remember. Trying to fit the pieces together. But nothing makes sense yet.."

Devil Flats [Endg Cut] "The ghost town of dead and desolate."

Escape Into Death [45.09.24] "I call this story "Escape Into Death".

Fiery Island [crackly-Endg Cut] " sit here in the boat.."

Help Wanted [45.08.13] "Friends, a billion dollars.."

Highjacker [47.09.28] Sales Promo - then "Come with me to one of the great highways...

Murder In The Death House [45-09-10] [EndgCut] "Before I begin, in spite of our final victory."

Penny Arcade Story [aka-Hubert'sMuseum] [48.12.01] [NxtWk-DeathPaintsAPortrait] {crackly} "It was a typical bright spring morning."

Porcelain Ming Cat [EndgCut] "This story begins in a surprising way.."

The Bookstore [No Intro-Endg Cut] "That's the way it began. Crack of lightning."

Missing Eps:

Album Of Death,follows - Deadly Stand In
Death Has A New Look,follows - Death In The Deep (1946)
Murder Gets Out On Bail (13),follows - Death Loops The Loop [12]
Death Paints A Portrait [48.12.08],follows - Penny Arcade (Hubert's Museum)
Case Of The Fatal Right [46.10.18]
Escape Into Death [45.09.24]
Death On The Diamond [45.09.17]

From 'Google' search at:

#11 Death At the Races
#12 Death Loops the Loop
15691 09/28/41 The Richards Gang (Audition Show),,Don't have
??/??/43 Blind Man's Bluff
15692 ??/??/43 The Axis Submarines (Poor Sound)
08/13/45 Help Wanted
15693 09/10/45 Murder In the Death House,,changed date to match
09/17/45 Death On the Diamond,,Don't have
15694 09/24/45 Escape Into Death,,changed date to match
01/17/47 The Claim Check Murders,,dates matched