+ In episode xx-xx-xx Rush Talks Candidly about Mildred, Rush says: "Fragile as a horse, my UNDERSHIRT."
+ In episode 39-01-16 Flower Garden Arranger, Sade says: "Mis' Harris swallowed her SHOES she thought it was so cute!"
+ In episode 39-04-03 Rush Draws List of Acquaintances, Sade says: "You want your SHOES to hop off and hit the ceiling? You want your UNDERSHIRT to hop off and explode into a million pieces?"
+ In episode 39-04-25 Rotten Davis Phones, Rush says: "I'll bet my UNDERSHIRT it's Blue Tooth Johnson [on the phone.]"
+ In episode 39-09-xx Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade A Stall, Sade says: "Clear out 9 or 10 bushels of rubbish and we'll have space to tie our SHOE in."
+ In episode 39-06-13 Porch Collapses Rotten Takes Blame, Rush says: "If it's not the truth, you can send my UNDERSHIRT to St. Paul, Minnesota cash on delivery!"
+ In episode 39-07-05 Two Tons of Coal #1, Sade says: "[A] Person makes an innocent remark and fellows jump out of their UNDERSHIRTS screaming like panthers!"
+ In episode 39-05-11 Overnight Guests, Rush says: "Listen Gov, I appreciate you're gonna swallow your SHOES and scream like a panther - I don't blame you."
+ In episode 39-11-14 Rush House Destroyer, Rush says: "Walked up the alley with Mr. Gifford just now... We doctored a scheme that's so important, your SHOES will sink right through the sidewalk."
+ In episode 39-12-xx Sade Volunteers Rush for Pageant, Rush says: "Rush, Mis' Gissing would like to see you eat your SHOES, hurry up and swallow them down!"
+ In episode 40-08-12 Sade's House is Not the Way She Left It, Sade says: "That's all right. It was about ready to break before I went to Carberry. Loose as my SHOE."
+ In episode 41-02-16 Manual for Wives of Sky Brothers, Sade says, "Well if they're in their right minds I'll send my UNDERSHIRT to Detroit, Michigan parcel post!"
+ In episode 41-03-27 Hank's Weather Service, Vic says: "[It's] one of those things which would commonly prompt you to send your UNDERSHIRT to Detroit, Michigan parcel post."
+ In episode 41-05-30 Five Men from Maine, Sade says: "You wanna hear some wild, crazy gossip? I've been over at Mis' Donahues just now. The story she had to tell on Mis' Elder! You'll throw your SHOES over the People's Bank Building!"
+ In episode 41-10-10 Fred And The Fifth Tire, Sade says: "[It would] Make you send your UNDESHIRT to Detroit, Michigan parcel post!"
+ In episode 41-10-31 Broken Alarm Clocks, Rush says: "Upset? She'll pull her SHOES up by the roots!"
+ In episode 42-09-14 Sade and Ruthie Come Out Even, Vic says, "Will I send my UNDERSHIRT to Detroit, Michigan, parcel post?"
+ In episode + In episode 44-01-27 Ruthie's Feet are Growing!, Sade says, "Dull as my UNDERSHIRT!"
+ In episode 44-04-07 Solo March, Sade says: "I rattle on like my UNDERSHIRT."
+ In episode 44-06-09 The Lunges Are Coming, Vic says: "If you've ever mentioned any Herb and Kissy Lunge, I'll tear my UNDERSHIRT in little strips..."
+ In episode 44-07-12 Phone Call from Yellow Jump, Sade says: "Melancholy my SHOE!"
+ In episode 44-07-18 A Sale at Yamiltons, Sade says: "I would have bet my UNDERSHIRT that every single living soul was that sale!"
+ In episode 44-09-01 Arranging the Honeymoon, Sade says: "[Uncle Fletcher's been] Brisk and businesslike and busy as your SHOE."
+ In episode 41-07-10 Bring Your Figures, Sade says: "Why, we'd all feel foolish as my SHOE."