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I discovered old time radio programs when was just a lad of fifteen years-old growing up in rural Ohio. That was nearly a quarter of a century ago. I met Jimbo in 2011 when he wanted to interview me about my work reviewing The Adventures of Superman radio serials. When I visited the OTR Buffet at the time, I saw something rare. There was a wealth of information and passion put into every word written on every page. I quite literally learned something new everyday. The same is true for The Crazy World of Vic and Sade.

As much as I hate to admit it, I knew next to nothing about Vic and Sade. Sure, I knew of the show's existence, but I honestly don't recall hearing it before entering the Crazy World. It was Jimbo's aforementioned passion for the subject that made me curious. I, quite frankly, am glad I discovered a new show. It's pure entertainment. Thank you very much, Jimbo. No, I can't wait to take another trip to the small house halfway up in the next block.

- James Heath Lantz

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Adventures of Superman: Television Episode Reviews
Adventures of Superman: Unaired Television Pilots
James Lantz Interviews Fred Shay

In my opinion, James Lantz is THE NUMBER ONE authority on Superman on the radio.  His attention to detail gave me a vision to do something comparable (The Crazy World of Vic and Sade) to what he had done web-wise for the Adventures of Superman radio series. His super-detailed exploration of the Superman radio series was a huge inspiration to me. - Jimbo


Last year [I] stumbled onto a treasure trove nearly identical to my intentions. Jimbo's "Blog That Choked Billy Patterson" became more remarkable with each visit. He had brought to fruition the type of work started by Vic and Sade stalwarts like Richard "Doctor Sleetch" Hunton had done for FOVS many years ago. I had hoped to make available the same sort of information in different form - a Vic and Sade phone book, cross-indexed maps, a searchable database, etc. - with interesting graphics. Jimbo has done that and much, much more. It had not occured to me to seek out interesting photographs of people who might look like unseen characters, and he has an amazing ability to match old photos with those characters. And then I discovered something even more remarkable - he has done all this work in only about 18 months! I realized that if anyone were likely to lovingly and obsessively put a high polish on the work of Paul Rhymer and the wonderful actors which brought his imagination to our imaginations, it will be James "Jimbo" Mason. It has been my privilege to make some small contributions to his magnum opus, and I wish him Godspeed in continuing the project!"


February 05, 2012

Blogger is capable of more than I remembered

It's almost a year to the day since I've posted anything here. I'm paying a visit today in "how the heck did he DO that?" mode, after spending some time browsing around the "not-just-a-'blog'" sites done with this same Web system -- Blogger.com (a.k.a. yoursite.blogspot.com) -- by an old-time-radio fan and prolific blogger who goes by the handle "Jimbo."

For a couple of years I've been pointing out to students that WordPress can be used for sites that don't really look "bloggish."

But I'd never tried using Blogger that way -- or noticed anyone doing the kinds of things Jimbo is doing....

[...] On second thought, "prolific" is a pretty weak word for all of that! I sent him a note via Twitter to find out if he had any magic tricks up his sleeve. Yup, there IS a secret: "Hundreds of hours of work."

- Bob Stepno (boblog - by bob stepno)


Ever since the day I finally "got" the humor of Vic and Sade, I've loved it! When I first ran across The Crazy World of Vic and Sade, I was a little stunned at all the Gookish trivia and treasure that had been compiled in one place. What a fine votary the program had - to have built such a splendid e-shrine!

- SARAH COLE (Old Zorah's Pew)


July 17, 2011

Radio's Home Folks

My wife recently came across an wonderfully obsessive blog by James Mason covering Vic and Sade. To really appreciate the depth here, you have to be a V&S afficiando - though the magnitude is clear to anyone who browses the site. I would almost believe that James has listened to these episodes as much as we have... OK, perhaps he has. The difference is, he takes notes, and publishes them. Check it out. It's a marvelous bit of obscure creation. - Yaakov (MISCELLANY)


Friday, July 29, 2011

I Bow Out of the Vic & Sade Bid-ness!

Y'all know I loves me some OTR and in particular Paul Rhymer's classic "Vic & Sade". I dig posting them here, too and hopefully hipping some folks to a show they may have never heard before, and have been doing so almost every Friday for a few months now.

However, there's not much I can add to what's already out there on the web and sometimes I feel I'm just recycling what a lot of hard-working folks have already done.


There is a blog of force out there with a blogger with even more passion than I have, doing a better job than I of analyzing these shows and even doing some audio editing to highlight the brilliance of Paul Rhymer's glorious work...one of the funniest shows ever done for any medium.

So I'm bowing out of the regular "Vic & Sade" business and gladly as I redirect you Rhymer fans to "The Crazy World of Vic & Sade", just half way up on the next block. Give it a glance and let ol' Jimbo know what you think. I think it's pretty awesome.

- Jeff Overturf (Inside Jeff Overturf's Head)

Reverend Robert Neily

I first discovered the OTR BUFFET nearly two years ago. Since that time the "buffet" has become a veritable "smorgasbord!!!" Jimbo continues to produce one of the most creative and interesting sites/blogs on the Internet.

As a product of radio's heyday (I was born in the late 1930's), I am continually delighted by his creative coverage of my favorite entertainment medium. He provides a gourmet menu of interesting items for OTR fans both new and old.

I regret that so few (myself included) have availed ourselves of your many other blogs and files which contain some VERY creative stuff - e.g. Comic Weekly Man, Searchable OTR Books Online, and his current "jewel" (to which you've been dedicating a major portion of you waking hours!), The Crazy World of Vic and Sade. Strangely, I can't recall Vic and Sade ever being heard in my boyhood home - thus it never became one of my favorites. However, no REAL fan of OTR can fail to appreciate [his] enthusiastic devotion in promoting what has long been considered "one of radio's real classics." Jimbo is doing for Vic and Sade fans what Laura Leff has done so wonderfully for fans of Jack Benny. I'm incredibly impressed with The Crazy World of Vic and Sade, a work that's still in progress (and I believe Vic and Sade creator Paul Rhymer would be extremely delighted as well!!!)

It's people like Jimbo who are keeping alive the love for OTR that many in my age bracket (75+); I certainly thought would die with us. Happy to say I'm alive and well enough to see what Jimbo and many of your tweeting and blogging buddies are doing to make OTR a delight and joy for present and future generations. - Reverend Robert Neily

Chris Canter

First and foremost, THANK YOU for ALL of the work you've done on your Vic and Sade pages. The amount of material you've compiled is astounding, and a little overwhelming. I found the sites a year or so back as I was combing the web for anything I could find pertaining to V&S. The content you've dug up has given me hours upon hours of entertainment value (not to mention an education) and I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation. - Chris Canter