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Ruth Perrot - Played Dottie Brainfeeble (original series) [Bio] [Photo]

Carl Kroenke - Played Chuck Brainfeeble (original series) [photo]

Leonard Smith - Blue Tooth Johnson (original series) (proof)

Butler Mandeville - Played Pelter Unbleet (Series 3) and Pelter's Imaginary Brother (Series 3)

Forest Lewis - Played Roy Delfino (Series 2 or 3), Roy Dejectedly (Series 3) Mr. Z (Series 3)

Viola Werwick - Played Mis' Keller (Series 3)

Dolly Day - Played Mis' Harris (Series 3), played Mrs. Belker (Series 2 or 3)

Johnny Coons - Played Mr. Sprawl (Series 2, 3) Harry Dean (Series 3), Orville Wheeney (Series 3) Mr. L. J. Gertner (Series 3) Cracky Otto (original series), Smelly Clark (Series 3 and perhaps in the original series as well) and Russell Miller (late 1944), plus there is compelling evidence that he may have played the part of Rush Gook in 1945 and/or 1946 - perhaps the entirerty of both the 1945 and 1946 seasons.

Hugh Studebaker - Played Rishigan Fishigan (Series 3), Mayor Greecham (Series 3) (Bio)

Cliff Soubier - Played Mr. Gumpox (original series), Dwight Twentysixler (Series 3) and Mr. Z (Series 3) [photo]

Leonard Smith - Played Blue Tooth Johnson (probably in all 3 series) and also played Russell Miller (late 1944)

Norman Gottschalk - Played Vernon Korkle (Series 2), also played Roy Delfino (Series 2 or 3)

Eleanor Engle - Played Edith Corkle (Series 2)

Jess Pugh - Played Police Chief Cullerson (Series 3)

Harry Elders - Played Albert Gibbers (Series 3)

Beverly Youngers - Played Hazel Gibbers (Series 3)

Art McConnell - Played Jack Culbertson (Series 3) and played Sweet Corn McBlock (Series 2)

Merrill Mael - Played Uncle Fletcher in December 1941 and January 1942 - or thereabouts - when show had a 2 month run in Hollywood [bio] [photos].