All the commerical-free, sound-improved Vic and Sade episodes (to date.)

37-05-28 Decoration Day Parade
37-06-04 Sade's Trip to Dwight
37-11-28 Congress and the Supreme Court
38-03-03 Official Host
38-11-30 Vic's New Hat
39-01-02 Lodge Regalia Out On Loan
39-01-16 Flower Garden Arranger
39-03-08 Mr. Erickson's House Repairs
39-04-03 Rush Draws List of Acquaintances
39-04-25 Rotten Davis Phones
39-04-26 Sade's New Luggage
39-05-11 Overnight Guests
39-06-01 Grandpa Snyder Christmas Cards
39-06-05 YY Flirch Tries to Phone Vic
39-06-13 Porch Collapses Rotten Takes Blame
39-07-05 Two Tons of Coal #1
39-08-30 Rush Mad Preselected School Clothes
39-08-xx Vic's Geographical Trip
39-09-06 Office Invoices - Magnifying Glass
39-09-22 Sade Provides Names of Wildflowers
39-09-xx Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade A Stall
39-10-06 Double Feature in Hopewood
39-10-30 Five Christmas Card Salesmen
39-10-31 Blue-Tooth Under Gook Davenport
39-10-xx Rush I Hereby Resign From...
39-11-06 Charlie Razorscum's Fish Picture
39-11-07 Smelly Makes a Speech
39-11-14 Rush House Destroyer
39-11-21 Smelly Clark Solicits Gifts
39-12 01 Vic's Christmas Card List
39-12-xx Rush Is Getting On In Years
39-12-xx Sade Volunteers Rush for Pageant
39-xx-xx Letter To Walter
40-01-02 No Painted Portrait of Big Dipper
40-01-09 Boys Copy Numbers, Sade Tells Gossip
40-01-12 Vegetable Garden
40-01-19 Gumpox vs. Donahue
40-01-22 R. J. Konk's Improved Portrait
40-01-24 Y.Y. Flirch Best Looking Man
40-01-xx Mr. Donahue Gets Promotion
40-02-20 Rush's Good Looks
40-02-27 High School Gossip
40-03-19 Bess Letter; Grocery List on Top
40-03-25 Smelly Clark's Big Date
40-03-27 Vic Fakes the Cornet
40-03-29 No, Vic, No Trip to Chicago
40-04-04 Rush Must Make a Call on a Girl
40-04-05 Can Blue-Tooth Sue the Bijou?
40-04-10 Nicer to Sleep Over for Two Weeks
40-04-15 Milton's Dirt in Fruit Jars
40-04-17 Vic's Heart-shaped Face
40-05-03 Engine Cab Ride to Chicago
40-05-06 Working Out Hank's Indebtedness
40-05-15 Vic's Picture Totally Mislabeled
40-05-27 Miz' Scott Getting Too Chummy
40-05-29 Nicer the Goader
40-06-02 Teaching Cigar Smoking to Chinbunny
40-06-14 Freedom Last Day of School
40-06-17 Mr. Sludge to Sleep Overnight at Gooks
40-06-18 June Christmas Card Pressure
40-06-19 Vic's Wide Brimmed Hat
40-06-21 Hank's Job Royal Throne Barbershop
40-06-24 Mr. Gumpox Blows Kisses
40-07-01 Ruthie Has Secrets
40-07-04 Mr. Sludge Calls His Mother
40-07-13 Short Bio of Little Dipper
40-07-22 Mr. Donahue Asks for Demotion
40-07-23 Sade Shows Razorscum Album
40-08-14 Bacon Sandwiches
40-09-xx Mr. Sludge Grows A Moustache
40-10-27 Hot Soup
40-10-xx Shake Hands With R.J. Konk
40-11-19 Brick Mush Man Caught in Revolving Door
40-12-17 A Bijou Lifetime Pass
40-12-23 Bess' Letter from 1937
40-12-31 Howard has a New Harness
40-12-xx H. K. Fleeber's 48 Teeth
40-xx-xx Appelrot Shoves Sade Around
40-xx-xx Too Many Faces in the Windows
40-xx-xx Hank's $200 Wardrobe
41-01-15 Beautiful, Beautiful Wallpaper
41-01-21 Demise of Bernice
41-01-22 A Very Pleasant Noon Hour
41-01-23 Vic Now on Marching Team
41-01-24 Mr Ruebush Has to Wait
41-02-03 New Wallpaper There's a Catch
41-02-07 Landlady's Photos Again
41-02-11 Fred Considering Joining Lodge
41-02-16 Manual for Wives of Sky Brothers
41-02-24 Uncle Fletcher To Meet 1 AM Train
41-02-25 No Marching for Me
41-03-04 Vic Wins Broad Brimmed Hat
41-03-14 Marching Team Pictures
41-03-18 After Dinner Talk
41-03-25 Muddled Shopping Money
41-03-27 Hank's Weather Service
41-03-31 Rush Wants His Interest
41-04-04 Dinner Invitation Withdrawn
41-04-23 Sleep Tight, Mr Donahue
41-04-xx 40 Pounds of Golf Clubs
41-04-xx Company Coming, 13 People
41-04-xx Shopping Trip Five Dollar Bank
41-05-02 Vic's Picture on Quarterly Cover
41-05-08 Mr. Erickson Gives the House as a Gift
41-05-12 Exalted Big Dipper Day
41-05-13 Uncle Fletcher Wants Mementos Stored
41-05-16 Uncle Fletcher's Door Stop Plan
41-05-21 Uncle Fletcher's Keys
41-05-30 Five Men from Maine
41-05-xx 14 Days in Grovelman, SC
41-05-xx Rush, Bulletin Board Monitor
41-06-03 Hammock
41-06-04 Grand Old Lodge Lady
41-06-09 Letter Writing Plot
41-06-30 Who's Who in Kitchenware
41-07-01 Easy Chair
41-08-26 Uncle Fletcher the Protector
41-09-09 Christmas Presents For the Boss
41-09-17 Don't Help Dust Uncle Fletcher
41-09-25 Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker
41-10-08 Sade's Surprise Christmas Gift
41-10-09 It's Algebra, Uncle Fletcher
41-10-10 Fred And The Fifth Tire
41-10-14 Vic Declines Cornet Lessons
41-10-31 Broken Alarm Clocks
41-11-04 Send the Slippers Back
41-11-05 Vic's Christmas Gift List Too Long
41-11-20 Rush Humiliated on Thanksgiving
41-11-xx Crowded Car Ride
41-11-xx No Hookey For Vic & Rush
41-11-xx Strictly Business Xmas Loan
41-12-01 Vic's Trip to Plant Number 17
41-12-08 - The Bottom Buffet Drawer
41-12-12 34 Christmas Gifts for Twenty Dollars
41-12-25 North Dakota River Bottom Revel
41-12-xx Left and Right-handed Stacey Yopp
41-12-xx Mr Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream
41-12-xx Uncle Fletcher's Train Trip to Dixon
42-08-xx Washrag Collection
41-xx-xx Icebergs in Illinois
42-02-01 Donahue's Doorbell
42-02-11 Fred Will Budget for Vic
42-02-13 Prize Clock
42-02-17 Hank Gutstop, Hostess
42-02-18 Edith Suggin's Visit
42-02-19 Uncle Fletcher Comes to Visit
42-02-24 Rawhide Shoestrings
42-02-26 Putting Up the Porch Swing
42-03-03 Accoutning for Spondulicks
42-03-04 Room Warming
42-03-06 Tornado Gook
42-03-09 Uncle Fletcher's Unopened Letter
42-03-12 Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea Shoppy
42-05-08 Dr. Keevy's Flower Garden
42-30-xx Mis' Appelrot's Petition
42-04-06 Scrap Drive
42-05-15 Mentioned in Dispatches
42-05-xx Trip to Carberry
42-06-08 Fourth Letter from Bess (Sleepy Head)
42-07-16 Gross of Gravels
42-07-xx Thunderstorm
42-08-06 Christmas Cards C.O.D
42-08-09 Thimble Club Visits
42-08-18 Attic Cleaning
42-08-20 Telephone Call From The Hinks
42-08-24 Rush's New School Clothes
42-09-14 Sade and Ruthie Come Out Even
42-09-15 The Silent March
42-10-01 Cherry Phosphates
42-10-20 Fred's Concrete Floor
42-10-27 Christmas Suggestions for the Boss
42-11-20 Smelly Cuts Rush's Hair
42-12-07 Mis' Nagle Tears Up Lee Street
42-xx-xx Lodge Speech Rehearsal
43-01-04 Honorary Titles for Sale
43-01-07 Fred Might Join Lodge
43-02-15 Dottie's Letter From Chuck
43-02-16 Leland Richards is Coming
43-02-17 Leland Richards Is Homesick
43-03-05 Vic Entertains Dottie
43-03-10 Chuck and Dottie Wash the Dishes
43-03-18 Mis' Appelrot Picks on Dottie
43-03-31 Brainfeeble's Housewarming
43-04-12 Dottie's New Dress
43-06-08 Front Porch Swing
43-07-12 Gumpox's Lodge Regalia
43-07-23 Changes to the Regalia
43-08-20 Picking Up Vic in Fred's Car
43-09-20 Fifty Photos of Vic
43-09-xx Russell Tenders His Resignations
43-10-01 Sewing Buttons
43-10-11 The Victor R. Gook Fontonelle
43-10-26 Honorary Lodge Member
43-10-27 Thimble Club Meeting
43-11-03 Watch Fob Collection
43-11-08 Essay on Birds
43-11-10 Eight Million Jobs
43-11-11 Stingyberry Jam
43-11-12 Uncle Fletcher's Packing Problem
32-11-15 Ike Kneesuffer's Snapshots
43-11-26 Christmas Suggestions for the Boss
43-11-29 Garbage Wagon Pass
43-11-20 Sweet Esther, Wisconsin
43-12-02 Cleaning the Bookcase
42-12-15 Color of Gumpox's Eyes
43-12-27 Invoice Preparations
44-01-24 Vic Sleeping on Couch
44-01-25 Missouri State Home for the Tall
44-02-03 Sixty Pairs of Pants
44-02-04 Sleepers Beware - Russell
44-02-25 History of Plant Number Fourteen
44-03-07 Hank Gutstop's Proposition
44-03-17 Vic's Cancelled Trip
44-03-20 Mysterious Skulkers
44-04-03 Ted Stembottom
44-04-07 Solo March
44-04-19 B.B. Baugh and the New Dentist
44-05-01 Lodge Holiday Visits
44-05-30 Lolita Di Rienzi's Suggestion
44-06-02 Teaching Cigar Smoking - Russell
44-06-07 Elkshin Shoe Laces
44-06-09 The Lunges are Coming
44-06-12 Professor Russell - Tutor
44-06-13 Prettiest Eye Contest
44-06-14 Deadman's Trick
44-06-15 A Letter From Bess - Listen Please
44-06-16 Piercing Blue Eyes
44-06-19 500 Bijou Tickets
44-06-20 No More Pretty Boy
44-06-21 Rishigan Fishigan's Secret
44-06-22 Sade Beats the Christmas Card Rap
44-06-23 Lodge Telescope
44-06-26 Thimble Club Bazaar
44-06-07 Uncle Fletcher Gets a Job Offer
44-06-28 A Letter from Mr. Buller
44-06-29 War Bond Visitor
44-06-30 Russell Stays with Milon Welch
44-07-04 Sade Plays Rummy
44-07-05 Visiting Dignitaries
44-07-06 Where to Hide the Ritual
44-07-07 Letter from Yellow Jump
44-07-10 A Collection of Personal Treasures
44-07-11 Don't Scrape off the Watts
44-07-12 Phone Call from Yellow Jump
44-07-24 Uncle Fletcher Miffed with Sade
44-07-14 Sade Short-changed
44-07-17 Summer Manuevers
44-07-18 A Sale at Yamiltons
44-07-19 Uncle Fletcher's New Lodging
44-07-20 Uncle Fletcher Talks Business
44-07-24 Robert and Slobert are Scoundrels!
44-07-25 Mr. Donahue Hates Vacations
44-07-26 Sade Pleads to See a Movie
44-07-27 Vic's Foreign Accent
44-07-28 Garbage Box Mystery
44-07-31 Hank Cuts His Debts to Vic
44-08-01 Rotten Old Overshoes
44-08-02 Sade Asks Vic to Evict Mr. Overholt
44-08-03 Russell Reminisces about the Old Days
44-08-04 Vic is Boss for a Day
44-08-07 Vic and Russell Fix Their Own Dinner
44-08-08 Russell in Charge of Howard.mp3
44-08-09 Mr. Gumpox Has Lost His Dentures
44-08-10 Sade Struggle with a Letter
44-08-11 Uncle Fletcher Rests Body and Brain
44-08-14 Uncle Fletcher Prolongs His Stay
44-08-15 Vacation from a Vacation
44-08-16 A Dandy Picture of Vic
44-09-01 Arranging the Honeymoon
44-09-04 Out of Town Wedding Guests
44-09-05 Money Owed Sade
44-09-06 Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes
44-09-07 The Wedding Present
44-09-08 Vic's Business Trip
44-09-11 Honeymoon Guide
44-09-12 Fred's Car Repairs
44-09-13 A Letter from Bess - Ham Ham
44-09-14 Working Out Gutstop's Debts - Russell
44-09-15 The Wedding Ring
44-09-18 Vic's Greeting Cards
44-09-19 Vic to be Best Man
44-09-20 Reverencd V. Cook
44-09-21 Groom Arriving
49-09-22 Vic's Unheard News
44-09-25 Saving Blue-Tooth from Tragedy
44-09-26 A Box of Letters
44-09-27 Groom Disappears
44-09-28 A Dun from Kleeburgers
44-09-29 Bright-eyed and Eager (with special ending)
45-03-18 The Stillness of an Afternoon (Philco Radio Hall of Hame)
Series 2: 45-11-19 Unwanted Samaritan
Series 2: 45-11-20 Korkells Borrow a Cup of Sugar (The return of Rush Gook)
Series 2: 45-11-21 Jimmy Custard
Series 2: 45-11-23 Sleeping on the Courthouse Yard
Series 2: 45-11-26 Sweet Corn McBlock
Series 2: 45-11-27 Parade of Interruptions
Series 2: 45-11-29 Uncle Fletcher Arranges Phone Calls
Series 2: 45-11-30 Dwight Twentysixler's Scrapbook
Series 2: 45-12-03 A Slow, Dull, Tiresome Evening
Series 2: 45-12-04 Orville Wheeney Gets Fired
Series 2: 45-12-05 Mis' Harris and Dwight are Engaged
Series 2: 45-12-06 Rainy Day Fun
Series 2: 45-12-07 Sacred Stars Convention
Series 3: 46-06-27 The Piano Lesson
Series 3: 46-07-04 Women's Auxiliary
Series 3: 46-07-11 Vic the Irish Policeman
Series 3: 46-07-18 Midsummer Madness
Series 3: 46-07-25 Moving to Peoria
Series 3: 46-08-01 L. Vogel Drum
Series 3: 46-08-08 The Honeymoon Couple
Series 3: Thimble Club Emergency (AFRS)
Series 3: 46-08-22 Sade and Mis' Kessler Fight
Series 3: 46-08-29 Pre-arranged Meals
Series 3: 46-09-19 Uncle Fletcher's Landlady Farming Him Out
Series 3: 46-09-26 August Invoices
Series 3: 46-10-10 Mr. Z Moves in