Fixing Up the House

+ In episode 39-03-08 Mr Erickson's House Repairs, Mr. Erickson leaves an axe and a knife for the Gooks to "take swipes at the banister" and remove the kitchen wallpaper, so that his deconstruction time will be less when he comes to make repairs.

+ In episode 41-01-22 A Very Pleasant Noon Hour, Mr. Erickson snuck by the house to look around when only Rush was there.

+ In episode 41-01-15 Beautiful, Beautiful Wallpaper, Mr. Erickson drops off a bunch of wallpaper samples that his daughter Beulah had picked out and written notes about. Some of the wallpaper had psychedelia and pictures of apes.

+ In episode Vic and Sade 41-02-03 (x) New Wallpaper There's a Catch, Mr. Erickson comes to the house with very nice wallpaper and promises to have it installed right away. The only problem is, it will be done in the middle of the night.