Vic's Hats

+ In episode 39-11-30 Vic's New Hat, Sade and Vic make arrangements to go hat shopping.

+ In episode xx-xx-xx Wide-brimmed Hat "Mistake" Plot, Vic comes home with a wide-brimmed hat and he gives the excuse that he accidentally picked it up by mistake at a restaurant.
+ In episode xx-xx-xx Wide-Brimmed Hat Sent Out on Approval, Vic has a wide-brimmed out sent out to the house "on approval."
+ In episode 40-06-19 Vic's Wide Brimmed Hat, Vic gets a wide-brimmed hat and makes like he got it free from Kleeburger's because he paid his bill.

+ In episode 41-03-04 Vic Wins Broad Brimmed Hat, Vic has a new broad-brimmed hat he says he won in a bet with Mr. Ruebush, his boss. The supposed bet was 'who could tie their shoelace the fastest.'

+ In episode 41-04-01 The Growing Hat, Vic wears a different hat for six days, increasing the size of the brime each day in order to try and fool Sade.
+ In episode 42-02-17 The Plot That Failed, Uncle Fletcher comes home with a cowboy hat in a sack that he's gotten from Vic and asked to take home. The hat was given away as a gift and Vic bought it back.
+ In episode 43-11-24 Vic Brings Home A High-Crown Cowboy Hat, Vic fails again in a very feeble attempt to bring home a cowboy hat. This one is far bigger than any previous hat we know about.
+ In episode 42-12-17 Vic and the Cowboy Lodge Hat, Vic buys a cowboy hat he claims is for lodge use only. But when he tries to explain the hat to Sade, he is physically unable to talk.