+ Sade: "I know, but that's the way it is. And we have to make out to Fred like we're delighted 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Sade: "Propped the blackboard up against his movin' picture machine, whipped some chalk out of his pocket and drew diagrams 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK. "
+ Rush: "It was a magnificent thing to witness - the crowd opened up an alley for Rotten to run back and forth in and he ran back and forth in it 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Rush: "A hammock, mom, is a wonderful thing... an individual can sprawl out, relax 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK".
+ Rush: "Smelly's gonna make me look like a plug nickel; he's gonna get Christmas presents 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Sade: "He [the mailman] certainly left a batch of stuff at the Scotts! Must have been a dozen pieces of mail he left. They correspond around 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Sade: "[There's enough] Lodge junk around here now 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Sade: "Come dashin' in here yellin', "Where's my bank book? Where's my bank book?" and full of axle grease and peach butter 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK!"
+ Sade: "And the sign is scrubbed and polished 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Vic: "Climb on up on the railing Uncle Fletcher... and we'll admire your equilibrium 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Sade: "Your friend, Homer McDancey, writes a lovely, nice hand; flourishes and goo-gaws 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."
+ Sade: "Uncle Fletcher said Mis' Keller blushed and whinnied and tittered and guffawed 'til WHO LAID THE CHUNK."