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CompletedFirstLines: BostonBlackie

This Information is based on data collected by the Otter Project Database, The Ultimate Boston Blackie Log (dated 11/25/2003), and Dick Judge's log (dated 10/22/2004).

Links to: The Ultimate Boston Blackie Log (or the pdf) | Dick Judge's Logs

Note: The Ultimate Boston Blackie Log doesn't mention the episodes 47-12-17 Steal or Be Killed or 46-04-02 Murder On the Trapeze or 46-04-09 Murder on Cedar Street.

Note: Dick's Log does mention 47-12-17 Steal or Be Killed, 46-04-02 Murder On the Trapeze, and 46-04-09 Murder on Cedar Street, but only mentions the first lines for 47-12-17 Steal or Be Killed. Murder On the Trapeze and Murder on Cedar Street are only described with a synopsis.

Picture Credits: TV Tome

Based on Otter Log dated Apr 26, 2005

Date Aired : 44/06/23
Episode Number : 1
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Rockwell Diamond
First Line : “Municipal Tower to Trans-Continental Flight 17”
Note : This script was repeated on 46/08/27 (Episode #85) with a different cast.

Date Aired : 44/06/30
Episode Number : 2
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Fifty Hunter Street
First Line : “Hello. Is Mr. Manleder there? Why, no, I'm sorry, he's not.”

Date Aired : 44/07/07
Episode Number : 3
Available : NO

Date Aired : 44/07/14
Episode Number : 4
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Star of the Nile
First Line : “What are you reading, Chief? Little Abner?”

Date Aired : 44/07/21
Episode Number : 5
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Black Market Meat Ring

AKA The Black Market Case

First Line : “Step on it, Steve. Got my foot on the floor now.”

Date Aired : 44/07/28
Episode Number : 6
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Caretaker Of Devon Estate

AKA Polly Morrison's Gun Collection
AKA The Haunted House
AKA Wrong Jacket

First Line : “Check here, please. Check your hats and coats.”

Date Aired : 44/08/04
Episode Number : 7
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Alice Manleder, Dead or Alive

AKA Alice Manweather, Dead or Alive

First Line : “Front, boy. Would you sign the register, please sir. Right here.”

Date Aired : 44/08/11
Episode Number : 8
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Old Lady Forced To Steal

AKA Old Lady Forced To Steal Jewelry
AKA The Missing String of Pearls
AKA Gordon’s Jewelry Store
AKA Old Lady Jewel Thief
AKA Blackmail Thefts

First Line : “A string of valuable pearls was stolen some time today...”

Date Aired : 44/08/18
Episode Number : 9
Available : NO

Date Aired : 44/08/25
Episode Number : 10
Available : NO

Date Aired : 44/09/01
Episode Number : 11
Available : NO

Date Aired : 44/09/08
Episode Number : 12
Available : NO

Date Aired : 44/09/15
Episode Number : 13
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/04/11
Episode Number : 14
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/04/18
Episode Number : 15
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/04/25
Episode Number : 16
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wentworth Diamonds
First Line : “If you have all taken seats that satisfy you, gentlemen, we shall proceed at once."

Date Aired : 45/05/02
Episode Number : 17
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder Of John Walters

AKA John Walters Murder
AKA Unused Shoes
AKA Park Pond
AKA Park Pond Murder
AKA Case of the New Shoes
AKA Dead Man’s Shoes

First Line : “Hey, boss, look over there, on that bench.”

Date Aired : 45/05/09
Episode Number : 18
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Cover up for Mary

AKA John Richards Murder

First Line : “Now, sit down, Mary. Make yourself comfortable.”

Date Aired : 45/05/16
Episode Number : 19
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Uncle Bill Blaine's Legacy

AKA William Blaine Case
AKA Bill Blaine's Legacy
AKA Uncle Blaine's Legacy

First Line : “All right, Uncle Bill. You have all three of us here.”

Date Aired : 45/05/23
Episode Number : 20
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/05/30
Episode Number : 21
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/06/06
Episode Number : 22
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mrs Boston Blackie
First Line : “Just what kind of a private detective are you, Whelan?”

Date Aired : 45/06/11
Episode Number : 23
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Oscar Wolfe, Troublemaker

AKA Troublemaker
AKA The Oscar Wolfe Case

First Line : “Sure is a nice day, isn't it, Miss Wesley?”

Date Aired : 45/06/18
Episode Number : 24
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Sam Bellows Is Dead

AKA The Sam Bellows Case

First Line : “Twenty, thirty. And a bull's-eye for a hundred.”

Date Aired : 45/06/25
Episode Number : 25
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Larry Brown Case

AKA Larry Brown Has $100 for Blackie

First Line : “Hi. What'll you have? Two eggs, scrambled, and coffee.”

Date Aired : 45/07/02
Episode Number : 26
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Jilts Mary

AKA Blackie Too Busy For Mary

First Line : “Well, it's about time you came to see me, Blackie.”

Date Aired : 45/07/09
Episode Number : 27
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Worthington Pearls
First Line : “All right, Inspector Farraday, you wanted me here at headquarters for questioning.”

Date Aired : 45/07/16
Episode Number : 28
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie's Car Kills a Woman
First Line : “Mornin'. Hi. You have a first class mechanic in this garage?”

Date Aired : 45/07/23
Episode Number : 29
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Case of the Three-Way Split

AKA Three Way Split
AKA Where's the $50,000?
AKA Missing $50,000
AKA Stolen $50,000
AKA Lavender Murder

First Line : “Well, Blackie, it's about time. Oh, I'm sorry, Mary...”

Date Aired : 45/07/30
Episode Number : 30
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mary at Sea

AKA Body On a Boat

First Line : “Twenty one, twenty two - here’s my cabin, Blackie.” “Hmmm, not very far from mine.”

Date Aired : 45/08/06
Episode Number : 31
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Hypnotic Murder

AKA Joan Thompson, Cigarette Girl
AKA Murder & Hypnosis
AKA Hypnotized for Murder

First Line : “Open up in there. Open up, this is the police.”

Date Aired : 45/08/13
Episode Number : 32
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Evelyn Jones Murder
First Line : “Coming. Well, what a beautiful surprise.”

Date Aired : 45/08/20
Episode Number : 33
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Steals Necklace for Charity

AKA The Charity Necklace Murder
AKA The Necklace for Charity

First Line : “Hello, Blackie. Well, my favorite nonentity, Inspector Farraday.”

Date Aired : 45/08/27
Episode Number : 34
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/09/03
Episode Number : 35
Available : NO

Date Aired : 45/09/13
Episode Number : 36
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bill Crane, Attorney

AKA Forgery and Murder
AKA Forgery Murder Case
AKA The Framing of Jack King
AKA Forgery To Murder

First Line : “I don't see an empty table anywhere, Blackie.”

Date Aired : 45/09/20
Episode Number : 37
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blood on Blackie's Sleeve

AKA The Fred Arlen Murder

First Line : “Can you get me my car, Jim? Oh, Blackie, back so soon?”

Date Aired : 45/10/04
Episode Number : 38
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Kingston Unlucky At Cards

AKA The Westfield Diamond

First Line : “Well, Mr. Kingston, you must be lucky at everything else.”

Date Aired : 45/10/11
Episode Number : 39
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Copy of The Diamond Bracelet

AKA Diamond Bracelet Copy
AKA Copy-Cat Diamond Bracelet

First Line : “On stage for rehearsal, everybody. On stage, everybody, please.”

Date Aired : 45/10/18
Episode Number : 40
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Boxer's Murder Case

AKA Fighter Johnson
AKA Bob Johnson's Championship Fight
AKA Boxer Murder Case

First Line : “A little more on the shoulders, Jackie.”

Date Aired : 45/10/25
Episode Number : 41
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Richard's Diamond Case

AKA Blackie in Diamond Shootout

First Line : “John, who was that man who just left?”

Date Aired : 45/11/01
Episode Number : 42
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mary Disappears

AKA Boulton Farm

First Line : “Well, Inspector Farraday, would you like a cup of tea, or...”

Date Aired : 45/11/08
Episode Number : 43
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Amnesia Victim

AKA Burke
AKA Burke's Amnesia
AKA Amnesia Case
AKA Amnesia

First Line : “Well, Arthur, there's nothing wrong with you.”

Date Aired : 45/11/15
Episode Number : 44
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder in the Music Room
First Line : “Well, Bill, what about it? Got an idea for the lyric yet?”

Date Aired : 45/11/22
Episode Number : 45
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Kidnapped
First Line : “OK, Doc, how many cards do you want?”

Date Aired : 45/11/29
Episode Number : 46
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Simmons Construction Murder

AKA Man Shot On 21st Floor
AKA Foreman Shot On 20th Floor
AKA 21st Floor Case

First Line : “Hey, Schmitz. Yes, sir.”

Date Aired : 45/12/06
Episode Number : 47
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Atkins, Jewel Theif

AKA Williams Missing Pearl Necklace
AKA Missing Pearl Necklace
AKA Williams Pearls
AKA Williams Necklace

First Line : “Ah, that's a wonderful pile of blocks, baby.”

Date Aired : 45/12/13
Episode Number : 48
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder at the Movies

AKA Murder On the Movie Set
AKA Movie Trunk Murder
AKA Movie Star Shot...Inside a Trunk

First Line : “Blackie, all I want you to do is open the safe.”

Date Aired : 45/12/20
Episode Number : 49
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: TV Poisoning

AKA Man Killed On TV, Baxter
AKA Another Man's Poison
AKA Death On TV
AKA Poison On TV
AKA Man Killed On Television
AKA Baxter Murdered On TV

First Line : “Comfortable, Mary?” “Very. Is it time yet?”

Date Aired : 45/12/27
Episode Number : 50
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Masters Diamond
First Line : “Oh, Blackie, if this is dinner party where is the dinner?”

Date Aired : 46/01/03
Episode Number : 51
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Murdered Sword Swallower

AKA The Sword Swallower
AKA Carnival Murders
AKA Carnival Killing

First Line : “And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the eighth wonder...”

Date Aired : 46/01/08
Episode Number : 52
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Harlin Escapes

AKA Mike Harlan Escapes From Prison

First Line : "Now listen you guys. In the prison library see? Right through that door is the prison arsenal. All that stands between us and that arsenal is that guard and that door."

Date Aired : 46/01/15
Episode Number : 53
Available : NO

Date Aired : 46/01/22
Episode Number : 54
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Disappearing Body

AKA Body In Blackie's Dining Room

First Line : “Sorry the movie was so bad, Mary.”

Date Aired : 46/01/29
Episode Number : 55
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Jim Williams Inheritance Case

AKA The John Williams Inheritance Case
AKA Farraday Needs Blackie's Help
AKA Jim Williams Case
AKA Mrs. Williams Killed
AKA Mrs. Williams is Killed
AKA Inheritance Case

First Line : “Order! Order in the court! If there's another such outburst, I'll clear the courtroom.”

Date Aired : 46/02/05
Episode Number : 56
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Brandon Jewel Robbery

AKA Jeweller Brandon Murdered
AKA Mr. Peterkin

First Line : “Blackie, you're a creature of habit.”

Date Aired : 46/02/12
Episode Number : 57
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Congdon Ransom

AKA Marjorie Condon Kidnapped
AKA Blackie Captures Kidnappers
AKA The Condon Ransom
AKA Ransom for Marjorie
AKA Marjorie Conden Kidnapping

First Line : “Dad? Dad, where are you?”

Date Aired : 46/02/19
Episode Number : 58
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Harry Benson Murders His Wife

AKA Benson Murder
AKA Harry Benson's Wife
AKA Mrs. Benson Killed

First Line : “Don't look so surprised, Mona.”

Date Aired : 46/02/26
Episode Number : 59
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Vase Leads to Murder

AKA Auction Man In the Green Hat
AKA The Man In the Green Hat

First Line : “What am I bid for this gorgeous piece of hand-painted pottery?”

Date Aired : 46/03/05
Episode Number : 60
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Tom Everett - Murder with an Alibi

AKA Tom Evers - Murder With an Alibi
AKA Jail Alibi
AKA Tom Evers Is Killed
AKA Thomas Evers Killed
AKA Tom Evers (Everett) Killed
AKA Tom Evers Murder With an Alibi
AKA Murder With an Alibi

First Line : “You want to answer the door, Mary?”

Date Aired : 46/03/12
Episode Number : 61
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lin Chow Murdered

AKA The Color Blind Accomplice
AKA Color Blind Accomplice - Lin Chow Murdered

First Line : “Some traffic jam, eh, driver?”

Date Aired : 46/03/19
Episode Number : 62
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Worthington Ghost
First Line : “Hello. Blackie? Shorty, how are you? When'd you get back in town?”

Date Aired : 46/03/26
Episode Number : 63
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Pierre, the Designer

AKA Olsen Safe Robbed

First Line : “Oh, Blackie, what a beautiful dress on that model!”

Date Aired : 46/04/02
Episode Number : 64
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Murder on the Trapeze
Synopsis : (From Jerry H's Log) -> A circus performer asks Mary for help. She thinks she's going to be killed.

Date Aired : 46/04/09
Episode Number : 65
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Murder on Cedar Street
Synopsis : (From Jerry H's Log) -> A girl phones Blackie and says that she is about to be killed. Blackie hurries to the rescue only to discover that it appears that the girl was right. She is dead.

Date Aired : 46/04/16
Episode Number : 66
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Baseball Player Murder

AKA Baseball Scam
AKA Baseball & Gambling
AKA Murder at the Baseball Game

First Line : “Hey, Lefty, Lefty, come here a minute.”

Date Aired : 46/04/23
Episode Number : 67
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Stolen Car Ring

AKA Mary's Stolen Car

First Line : “Your move, Harry.” “OK, Bill, let's see you get away...”

Date Aired : 46/04/30
Episode Number : 68
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Frances Fielding Murder

AKA Dr. Allen Accused of Murder
AKA Fielding Murder
AKA Fielding Diary
AKA Dr. Allen Case

First Line : “Operator. Operator, get me the police. One moment please.”

Date Aired : 46/05/07
Episode Number : 69
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Winthrop Jewel Robberies

AKA Winthrop Diamond Theft

First Line : “Hey, Blackie. Yes. Blackie. Come on, wake up.”

Date Aired : 46/05/14
Episode Number : 70
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Merry-Go-Round Murder

AKA Millionaire Murdered
AKA Death On a Wooden Horse
AKA Dead Rider on a Carousal

First Line : “Oh, Blackie, this is the life. Alone with you and a hansom cab at 2 AM.”

Date Aired : 46/05/21
Episode Number : 71
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Blaine Brothers Pawn Shop Murder

AKA Paul Blaine Murdered
AKA Pawn Shop Murder Case
AKA Meet Me in Front of the Pawn Shop
AKA Pawn Broker Killed

First Line : “I don't see what you're complaining about, John.”

Date Aired : 46/05/28
Episode Number : 72
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Escaped Prisoner
First Line : “Now listen, you guys.”

Date Aired : 46/06/04
Episode Number : 73
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Old Man Graham's Wife

AKA Old Man Graham's Will
AKA Three Witnesses to Will Killed
AKA Three Witnesses Killed
AKA Witnesses to Will Murdered

First Line : “No, Dr. Austin, I just won't believe it.”

Date Aired : 46/06/11
Episode Number : 74
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Disappearing Plane

AKA The Stolen Plane

First Line : “Yeah?” “Boston, calling Inspector Farraday.” “I'm Inspector Farraday.”

Date Aired : 46/06/18
Episode Number : 75
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Hooded Gang Protection Racket

AKA The Hooded Gang

First Line : “All right, men, I'll tell you why we're meeting here.”

Date Aired : 46/06/25
Episode Number : 76
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Gambler Joe Garland Killed

AKA Sibling Rivalry

First Line : “You're Joe Garland? Yes, I am.” “You're Boston Blackie, aren't you?”

Date Aired : 46/07/02
Episode Number : 77
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Uncle Frank Murdered by Joe Parker

AKA Missing a Day

First Line : “Come in” Hello, Uncle Frank.” “Why, it's Joe. How are you?”

Date Aired : 46/07/09
Episode Number : 78
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Skating Rink Murders

AKA Dead Girls and $50,000 Ring
AKA Ice Rink Murder
AKA Girl Killed at Skating Rink

First Line : “Mary, please, I feel gay enough on these skates...”

Date Aired : 46/07/16
Episode Number : 79
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Murdered Truck Driver

AKA The Linda Crane Case
AKA Empty Truck Hijacked
AKA Big Green Trucking Line

First Line : “Anything else, fellows? Naw, that'll be all for me...”

Date Aired : 46/07/23
Episode Number : 80
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Murdering Coo-Coo Clock

AKA The Murdering Clock
AKA Clocks That Kill
AKA The Murdering Cuckoo Clock

First Line : “Let me see, now. Why, no, young lady...”

Date Aired : 46/07/30
Episode Number : 81
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder Aboard Ship

AKA Mutiny Leads to Murder Aboard the Freighter Swan
AKA The Swan
AKA Freighter Crew Plans Mutiny
AKA Freighter Crew Plans Mutiny Swan

First Line : “Come in. Aye, Captain Harlan.”

Date Aired : 46/08/06
Episode Number : 82
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jerry Williams Fixed Court Case

AKA Fixed Court Case
AKA Fixed Court Cases
AKA The Gardenia
AKA Jerry Williams vs. Boston Blackie

First Line : “Order. Order in the court.”

Date Aired : 46/08/13
Episode Number : 83
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Diamond Smugglers

AKA Mama and Papa Case
AKA Bookstore a Front for Diamond Smugglers
AKA Smuggled Diamonds

First Line : “Papa? Yes, Lela. What did I do, fall asleep?”

Date Aired : 46/08/20
Episode Number : 84
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jealous Partners and Arson

AKA Fire Insurance

First Line : “Come in. Oh, come right in, Mr. Adams.”

Date Aired : 46/08/27
Episode Number : 85
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Rockwell Diamond
First Line : “Municipal Tower to Trans-Continental Flight 17.”
Note :This episode uses the same script as episode 01 (44/06/23), but is performed by a different cast.

Date Aired : 46/09/03
Episode Number : 86
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Stolen Rare Book

AKA A Rare Book Is Stolen
AKA Rare Book Stolen

First Line : “Miss. Oh, Miss.” “Shhhh! This is a public library, young lady.”

Date Aired : 46/09/10
Episode Number : 87
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Backstage Murder

AKA Marked Card Murder Case
AKA Marked For Murder
AKA Blackie Performs in an Amateur Charity Show

First Line : “Oh, Mary, you can't mean it!”

Date Aired : 46/09/17
Episode Number : 88
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Apartment Swindler

AKA The Rental Racket

First Line : “Out of my way. Just a minute. Let me through here.”

Date Aired : 46/09/24
Episode Number : 89
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Abbott Painting
First Line : “Well, so the great Blackie condescends to visit...”

Date Aired : 46/10/01
Episode Number : 90
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Undersea Murder

AKA Sunken Treasure Chest
AKA Sunken Treasure

First Line : “Found it, Larry. Found it.”

Date Aired : 46/10/08
Episode Number : 91
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murdered Show Dog Owner

AKA Barking Up the Wrong Tree

First Line : “Quiet, everybody, quiet. I said quiet...”

Date Aired : 46/10/15
Episode Number : 92
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder at the Rodeo
First Line : “Havin' trouble with those boots, Hazel?”

Date Aired : 46/10/22
Episode Number : 93
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Farady Shot

AKA Bill Thayer Mob
AKA Faraday Shot by Bill Thayer

First Line : “Oh, hi Inspector Farraday. Had enough of your office today?”

Date Aired : 46/10/29
Episode Number : 94
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Granny's Witchcraft

AKA Blackie and the Witch

First Line : “Hi, Blackie, are you having fun? Hi, Mary. Oh, it's a cute costume.”

Date Aired : 46/11/05
Episode Number : 95
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A New Face for Joe Harvey

AKA Cop Killer's Face

First Line : “Come on, hurry it up, will, you, Doc? Get the scissors busy.”

Date Aired : 46/11/12
Episode Number : 96
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Only One Way Out for Me

AKA Ralph Burton's Suicide

First Line : “I don't know what you can tell Mr. Kingston, sir.”

Date Aired : 46/11/19
Episode Number : 97
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: $50,000 Necklace

AKA Diamond Necklace
AKA Bill and Harry

First Line : “Oh, excuse me. I beg your pardon. Huh? What's on your mind, mister?”

Date Aired : 46/11/26
Episode Number : 98
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Lenny Powell Murder

AKA The Airline Murder
AKA Murder at the Airport

First Line : “Lincoln Airport? Harold? Yeah, Emily.”

Date Aired : 46/12/03
Episode Number : 99
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Goes to Jail for Diamond Theft

AKA Blackie In Jail
AKA Blackie Sent To Penitentiary
AKA Blackie Goes to Jail
AKA Blackie in Prison

First Line : “All right, Inspector Farraday, you got a reporter...”

Date Aired : 46/12/10
Episode Number : 100
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mary, Registered Nurse

AKA The Phony Doctor
AKA Phony Doctor Murder

First Line : “What's the matter, Ed? Can't you find her telephone number?”

Date Aired : 46/12/17
Episode Number : 101
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Police Impersonator

AKA Voice Impersonator
AKA The Mimic

First Line : “I've got a gal who's a beautiful gal...”

Date Aired : 46/12/24
Episode Number : 102
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Derailed Gold Train

AKA On the Wrong Track
AKA Detained Train

First Line : “That you, Tom?” “Yeah, Bob.” “We on time?”

Date Aired : 46/12/31
Episode Number : 103
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Carl Browning Cleaning Shop

AKA Carl Brown Murdered
AKA Death by Natural Causes

First Line : “Now look, Carl, don't feel too bad, cuz the doc says...”

Date Aired : 47/01/07
Episode Number : 104
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jack Small Alias Bill Bigelow

AKA Jack Small's Lucky Piece
AKA Jack Small
AKA Jack Small's Blast

First Line : “Well, then, Inspector Farraday, let's grab this guy...”

Date Aired : 47/01/14
Episode Number : 105
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie and the Fur Thefts

AKA Jackie's Mink Caper
AKA Janet Corning Smothered In Persian Lamb
AKA Blackie and the Fur Trade
AKA Harry Gets Janet a Mink Coat
AKA Blackie's Mink Caper

First Line : “There's the fur coat I was telling you about.”

Date Aired : 47/01/21
Episode Number : 106
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Search for Jim Gary

AKA Jim Gary Is Wanted
AKA The Firebug

First Line : “National Insurance Company.” “Good Morning. Mr. Adams, please.”

Date Aired : 47/01/28
Episode Number : 107
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jacque Pierre and the Diamonds

AKA Willebrandt Diamonds
AKA According To Plan
AKA Jacques Pierre and the Diamonds
AKA Willow Brand Diamonds

First Line : “There's the window in the joint that ought to be open.”

Date Aired : 47/02/04
Episode Number : 108
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Peters Mix-Up

AKA Walter Peters, Dead In a Lake
AKA Tugboat Bess & the Saltwater Corpse

First Line : “Hey Bill, when I get rich, you know what I'm going to do?”

Date Aired : 47/02/11
Episode Number : 109
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jailbirds Murdoch and Dawson

AKA Love Song Mystery
AKA Sing a Song of Escaped Cons

First Line : “Quiet, you guys. You want to send him a telegram?”

Date Aired : 47/02/18
Episode Number : 110
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: 7 Years Bad Luck for Florence Wells

AKA Seven Years Bad Luck for Florence Wells, Musical Comedy Star
AKA Florence Wells Murdered
AKA Gloria Wells Case
AKA Musical Comedy Star Murdered

First Line : “So you think you're going to keep Tom away from me, do you, Barbara?”

Date Aired : 47/02/25
Episode Number : 111
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Joe Delivers the Goods

AKA Meat Market Front
AKA Joe Barton Is Missing

First Line : “Wait a second, Joe, there's my phone.”

Date Aired : 47/03/04
Episode Number : 112
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Larry the Kid vs Savinni

AKA The $10,000 Dive

First Line : “Hey, Kid. There's a guy here to see you.”

Date Aired : 47/03/11
Episode Number : 113
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: 10th Street Gym and and Stolen Car Ring

AKA Stolen Cars and the Boys Club

First Line : “Here we are, Mary. All out.”

Date Aired : 47/03/18
Episode Number : 114
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Sam Fisher's Past

AKA I Am Not Sam Fisher
AKA Amnesia Murders

First Line : “Ha, ha. You didn't think I'd make that one...”

Date Aired : 47/03/25
Episode Number : 115
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Horseroom Thefts

AKA The Horse Room Thefts of Boston Blackie
AKA Bookie Robbed
AKA Illegal Gambling House

First Line : “Yes? Take ten on Calabash in the fourth.”

Date Aired : 47/04/01
Episode Number : 116
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Bus to Valley Junction

AKA Wayward Bus Driver

First Line : “Howdy, Cy.” “Morning, Harry. How's that bus of yours--still all in one piece?”

Date Aired : 47/04/08
Episode Number : 117
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Aggie Rogers Murder

AKA Spinster Sisters
AKA Rogers Sisters Case
AKA Rogers Spinster Sisters

First Line : “Aggie? Here's your food.”

Date Aired : 47/04/15
Episode Number : 118
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Phonograph Murder

AKA Murder On Record
AKA Record On Death
AKA Record Of Death

First Line : “Yes?” “Package for Mr. James Grant.”

Date Aired : 47/04/22
Episode Number : 119
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Millicent Bromley Kidnapped

AKA Shorty Is Murder Suspect
AKA Missing Millicent Bromley

First Line : “We've got to find that woman, you understand?”

Date Aired : 47/04/29
Episode Number : 120
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Baseball and Gambling

AKA Sammy Saunders, Ballplayer
AKA Gambler's Debt

First Line : “(singing) Baby, you love me, baby, you think of me...”

Date Aired : 47/05/07
Episode Number : 121
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mrs Peterson's Insurance Policy

AKA Measured For Murder
AKA The Perfect Frame

First Line : “Yes? Oh, Mrs. Peterson, come on in.”

Date Aired : 47/05/14
Episode Number : 122
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Joe Adams Drowned

AKA Drowned After Robbery

First Line : “We got enough water in that tub, don't you think?”

Date Aired : 47/05/21
Episode Number : 123
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Breaks into Prison

AKA Blackie Breaks Jail
AKA Jail Break
AKA Blackie Breaks Into Jail

First Line : “Blackie. That saw is making too much noise.”

Date Aired : 47/05/28
Episode Number : 124
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Ghost of Florence Newton

AKA Hitchhiking Ghost
AKA The Lady Hitchhiker
AKA Ghost of a Dead Girl

First Line : “Oh, oh, a hitchhiker. And is she pretty.”

Date Aired : 47/06/04
Episode Number : 125
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Eva Cronin Is Stalked

AKA Man Following Eva
AKA Stalking Killer
AKA Eva Is Stabbed
AKA Eva Is Stalked
AKA Man Follows Eva

First Line : “That's eight sixty out of ten, Miss Kernan.”
Note From Ultimate Boston Blackie Log :First line uses “Kernan”, while the rest of the story has “Cronin”!

Date Aired : 47/06/11
Episode Number : 126
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Shoots a Watchman

AKA Detective Follows Blackie
AKA Mary Has Blackie Followed
AKA Follow That Blackie
AKA The Fredricks Gang

First Line : “What was that address again, Mary?”

Date Aired : 47/06/18
Episode Number : 127
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Crooked Carter Brother

AKA Donald Carver Case
AKA Brotherly Hate
AKA Donald Carver Fights with Mother
AKA Crooked Carver Brother

First Line : “Don, what's the matter with your appetite?”

Date Aired : 47/06/25
Episode Number : 128
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Joe Nelson's Pet Shop Gambling Scheme

AKA Pet Shop For Gambling
AKA Bob Wants to Use Joe Nelson's Pet Shop for Gambling
AKA Joe Nelson's Pet Shop

First Line : “Come on in. Hi ya, Blackie. Nice to see...”

Date Aired : 47/07/02
Episode Number : 129
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Johnny Burns' Imported Wool

AKA Johnny Burns' Imported Woolens
AKA Johnny 'Cash' Burns for Murder
AKA Mary is Hypnotized

First Line : “Yes? Mr. Martin. Yes. There's a John Burns to see you, Mr. Martin.”

Date Aired : 47/07/09
Episode Number : 130
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Death Comes to the Harmonica Man

AKA Corpse Plays the Harmonica
AKA Death Comes for the Harmonica Man
AKA The Harmonica Man

First Line : “Gee, I could listen to that all night.”

Date Aired : 47/07/16
Episode Number : 131
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Randolph Construction Gang Bank Robbery

AKA Randolph Gang Construction Robbery

First Line : “All right, all right, all right.”

Date Aired : 47/07/23
Episode Number : 132
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie's Body in Wax

AKA Mosley Brothers
AKA The Wax Museum
AKA Blackie in Wax

First Line : “Hazel?” “Yeah?” “Will you answer the door?”

Date Aired : 47/07/30
Episode Number : 133
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Poetry in My Soul

AKA Poetry in My Soul - Mayor Rogers Killed
AKA The Poetic Assassin
AKA Poetry For Murder
AKA Harry Johnson Murdered
AKA Mayor Rogers Killed

First Line : “Carter?” “Yeah?” “I feel a hunk of poetry comin' on.”

Date Aired : 47/08/06
Episode Number : 134
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Butcher Boy Gang

AKA The Butcher Boys

First Line : “You can't tell when you go out who you're gonna meet.”

Date Aired : 47/08/13
Episode Number : 135
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Burning His House Behind Him

AKA Body In The Basement
AKA 200 Pound Murder Victim
AKA All in the Family

First Line : “What are we digging, Joe? A sub-basement?”

Date Aired : 47/08/20
Episode Number : 136
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder of John Austin

AKA Austin is Killed
AKA Open Field Case
AKA How Was Austin Killed
AKA Legacy of John Austin
AKA Killing of Austin
AKA Openfield Case

First Line : “Here's the body, Inspector Farraday.”

Date Aired : 47/08/27
Episode Number : 137
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Buckley Protection Agency

AKA Buckley Protection Agency and the Murder of Henry Dale
AKA Blackie and the Protection Racket
AKA Mary is Framed By the Mob
AKA Henry Dale Killed By Mary?
AKA Bump in the Road

First Line : “Hmm, looks like a blockade.”

Date Aired : 47/09/03
Episode Number : 138
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: $5000 Shoeshine

AKA $50,000 Shoe Shine
AKA $50 Shoe Shine
AKA Fifty Dollar Shoeshine

First Line : “You really put a shine on those shoes, fella.”

Date Aired : 47/09/10
Episode Number : 139
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lighthouse Ghost

AKA Ghost Lighthouse
AKA Rocky Island Lighthouse

First Line : “You see anything through this fog tonight, Mr. Jenson?”

Date Aired : 47/09/17
Episode Number : 140
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Case of the Exploding Car

AKA Exploding Car

First Line : “Well, OK, watch this one.”

Date Aired : 47/09/24
Episode Number : 141
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Old 86 Is Missing

AKA Old No. 86 is Missing

First Line : “Hey, you gonna open her up as soon as we're out of the yard?”

Date Aired : 47/10/01
Episode Number : 142
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Death Wish

AKA Joe Wells
AKA Jimmy Wells

First Line : “Yeah?” “Are you Jimmy Wells?”

Date Aired : 47/10/08
Episode Number : 143
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dead Aunt Sarah
First Line : “Sure you won't have a walnut, Mr. Williams?”

Date Aired : 47/10/15
Episode Number : 144
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Joe Crain, Hired Killer

AKA Murder Comes To Town
AKA Joe Crane, Hired Killer
AKA Hired Killer

First Line : “Who is it? Who is it?” “It's me, Mr. Peterson, Joe Crane.”

Date Aired : 47/10/22
Episode Number : 145
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mid-Air Diamond Theft

AKA Diamonds In the Air
AKA Air Diamond Theft

First Line : “Come in. Mr. Wilson? Yes, come in sir... “

Date Aired : 47/10/29
Episode Number : 146
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Framed Buy a Film

AKA Framed By a Fin

First Line : “Come in.” “Hello, “ “Ah, come in, Blackie, come in.”

Date Aired : 47/11/05
Episode Number : 147
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Old Shoe Clue

AKA The Old Show Clue most likely a spelling mistake

First Line : “Blackie -- someone at the door. Want me to see who it is?”

Date Aired : 47/11/12
Episode Number : 148
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Murder Incorporated

Date Aired : 47/11/19
Episode Number : 149
Available : NO

Date Aired : 47/11/26
Episode Number : 150
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Murdock Gang Gang Strikes

AKA The Murdock Gang Strikes
AKA Murdock Gang

First Line : “OK, Farraday, have a nice time. Have such a good time that...”

Date Aired : 47/12/03
Episode Number : 151
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Open Season on Henry Williams

AKA Murder By the Book

First Line : “You're sure I'm taking you to the right address?”

Date Aired : 47/12/10
Episode Number : 152
Available : NO

Date Aired : 47/12/17
Episode Number : 153
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Steal or Be Killed
First Line : "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..."
Note : Dick Judge's log says that this episode uses the same script as 48-12-22 Stolen Rings for Christmas, but is an entirely different episode. These two shows are not dupes. This show is not mentioned in the Ultimate Boston Blackie Log.

Date Aired : 47/12/24
Episode Number : 154
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Where Oh Where Has My Mary Gone

AKA Henry Tyler Returns

First Line : “Hello, Harry. How's Dale Avenue's best looking doorman?”

Date Aired : 47/12/31
Episode Number : 155
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Valuable Door Buzzer

The Door Buzzer

First Line : “I think you will enjoy playing this music very much, Mamselle.”

Date Aired : 48/01/07
Episode Number : 156
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Riding Stable
First Line : “What was I up to, Kay?”

Date Aired : 48/01/14
Episode Number : 157
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Invention Worth Killing For

AKA Invention Worth a Killing

First Line : “Here are the house phones, Mary.”

Date Aired : 48/01/21
Episode Number : 158
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Kid's Killing

AKA Murder In the Ring
AKA Fighter is Killed
AKA Killing of the Kid
AKA The Kid's Killer

First Line : “OK, Kid, one on your back now. Get at those shoulders...”

Date Aired : 48/01/28
Episode Number : 159
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Record Collector

AKA My Made In America Maiden
AKA The DJ Caper
AKA Jack Lescoulie, DJ
AKA Disc Jockey Murders
AKA Jack Davis
AKA Jack LaScooley, DJ
AKA D.J. Caper

First Line : “And that, lassies and lads, is the Lescoulie...”

Date Aired : 48/02/04
Episode Number : 160
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Loves Helen

AKA Blackie's Love Affair
AKA Blackie In Love
AKA Blackie's Love IQ
AKA Blackie's Love Life

First Line : “Blackie, Darling.” “Helen, you're beautiful.”

Date Aired : 48/02/11
Episode Number : 161
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Wind Blows West

AKA The Best Seller Case
AKA The Deadly Book Case
AKA Book: The Wind Blows West

First Line : “Yes, sir what can I do for you?”” I'm looking for a book...”

Date Aired : 48/02/18
Episode Number : 162
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Five Bullets in Don Anderson

AKA Blackie Accused of Killing
AKA Anderson Murdered
AKA Clue of the Homburg Hat
AKA Blackie Accused
AKA The Man With the Hamburg Hat
AKA Blackie Accused of Killing Anderson
AKA Shooting of Don Anderson
AKA Five Deadly Bullets

First Line : “There's the house, all right, Sergeant.”

Date Aired : 48/02/25
Episode Number : 163
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Twin Murders

AKA Three Times Kings
AKA Same Gun, Same Time, Different Murder
AKA Two Places Alibi
AKA Midnight Murders
AKA Same Gun, Same Time, Same Murder
AKA Three Times Dead

First Line : “Whatcha doin', Bill?” “What's it look like?”

Date Aired : 48/03/03
Episode Number : 164
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Cobb's Trucking Company

AKA John Vale Case
AKA Marked Money
AKA Trucking Problems and Murder
AKA Corpse in the Trunk

First Line : “Number 8 truck going out. Come on, number twenty-six.”

Date Aired : 48/03/10
Episode Number : 165
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: $50000 for Blackie

AKA Disappearing Hoods
AKA The Shipping Racket
AKA Getting Killer Out of the Country
AKA The Shipment Racket

First Line : “Yes, Miss Wilkins?” “Your Buffalo call is on one, Mr. Harvey.”

Date Aired : 48/03/17
Episode Number : 166
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The William Larson Extortion Murder Case

AKA Pay or Die, William Larson
AKA William Larson Blackmailed
AKA Bill Larson Blackmailed
AKA Pay or Die
AKA William Larson

First Line : “Well, my dear niece and nephew, we make a very happy family, don't we?”

Date Aired : 48/03/24
Episode Number : 167
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Wrestling Ring Murder

AKA Big Tiny Mountain
AKA Tiny, the Mountainous Wrestler
AKA Tiny Mountain
AKA Wrestling Case Murder

First Line : “All right, all right. Mike. Yeah. Looks like you're hurt.”

Date Aired : 48/03/31
Episode Number : 168
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Tom Walton Escapes

AKA Murderer After Blackie
AKA Gangster Protects Blackie
AKA Tom Walton, Escaped Killer

First Line : “Nice country this train goes through, eh Walton?”

Date Aired : 48/04/07
Episode Number : 169
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Clyde Winston Photographer

AKA Who Killed Clyde Winston
AKA Model Photgrapher Murder
AKA Invisible Shotgun
AKA Clyde Winston, Photographer Murdered

First Line : “Oh, good evening, Miss Anderson.” “Good evening, table for two?”

Date Aired : 48/04/14
Episode Number : 170
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Murder at the Circus

AKA Murder at the Circus - Rondo the Magician
AKA Circus Murder
AKA Rondo the Magician

First Line : “Please, Blackie.” “Threats will get you nowhere with me, Mary.”

Date Aired : 48/04/21
Episode Number : 171
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Insurance and Wrecked Cars

AKA Accidental Case
AKA Car Insurance Racket
AKA Auto Insurance Scam

First Line : “Lovely day for a drive, ain't it, Edward?” “Yup, sure is relaxin'.”

Date Aired : 48/04/28
Episode Number : 172
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Bombing of Joe Ingalls

AKA Blackie Gets the Picture
AKA Bomb Kills Joe Ingalls
AKA Bomb Kills Joe Engles

First Line : “Hey, Chaser, there's his house across the street.”

Date Aired : 48/05/05
Episode Number : 173
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jackie Meers Prison Break

AKA Prison Escape
AKA Fly Fly Fly

First Line : “(singing) Let me fly, fly, fly, or I die, die, die.”

Date Aired : 48/05/12
Episode Number : 174
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/05/19
Episode Number : 175
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/05/26
Episode Number : 176
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/06/02
Episode Number : 177
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Murder at the Race Track

Date Aired : 48/06/09
Episode Number : 178
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/06/16
Episode Number : 179
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/06/23
Episode Number : 180
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Henry Walker Murdered

AKA Mechanic a Killer
AKA Murderer With a Crooked Nose
AKA Broken Nose Murder Case
AKA Harry Walker Case
AKA Harry Walker Murder Case
AKA Harry's Hiding Out

First Line : “Wilma, will you cut out that humming!”

Date Aired : 48/06/30
Episode Number : 181
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Professor Beasley Is Murdered

AKA Alma Mater Murder Case
AKA Prof. Beasley Murdered
AKA Prof. Beasley Case

First Line : “Hey, hey, kids. Put a lid on that chatter.”

Date Aired : 48/07/07
Episode Number : 182
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Diamonds Stolen from Kingston

AKA Kingston Diamonds Are Stolen
AKA Kingston Diamond Robbery
AKA Diamond Thieves
AKA Diamond Robbery at Kingstons
AKA Ball Game Alibi

First Line : “It was nice of you to come down to my office, Blackie.”

Date Aired : 48/07/14
Episode Number : 183
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie Framed for Killing John Cummings

AKA Blackie is Framed
AKA Cummings Found Dead
AKA John Cummings Case

First Line : “Inspector Farraday, you're making a mistake. A terrible mistake...”

Date Aired : 48/07/21
Episode Number : 184
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Counterfeit Sweepstakes Racket

AKA The Eel Murdered By Counterfeit Sweepstakes Racket
AKA The Eel Is Killed
AKA Fake Sweepstakes Tickets
AKA Counterfeit Sweepstakes
AKA Heel Murdered by Sweepstakes Racket
AKA Sweepstakes Case

First Line : “Get in there, get in, I said. Let me alone...”

Date Aired : 48/07/28
Episode Number : 185
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Richard Allistar Disappears in Vacant Lot

AKA Man Vanishes
AKA Allistar Disappears

First Line : “He held my cab in front of the Red Law Arms, see...”

Date Aired : 48/08/04
Episode Number : 186
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Alibi Time

AKA Jack Davis Shoots Two Guys and Uses Blackie As an Alibi

First Line : “You sound very happy, Mary.” “Um, I am. Blackie...”
Note : The episode "Who Killed John Davis" (date unknown) is often mislabled with the title for this episode. This episode is confirmed to exist on cassette.

Date Aired : 48/08/11
Episode Number : 187
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bobby Rogers to Be Executed

AKA Bobby Rogers To Be Executed at 11:00PM
AKA Three Hours To Execution
AKA Blackie Races a Clock To Save a Man
AKA Doomed To Execution
AKA Bobby Rogers is to Die

First Line : “Well, Mervy. Yeah. No, no, don't stand up. Just thought I'd drop in and sit with you.”

Date Aired : 48/08/18
Episode Number : 188
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mrs George Trilling's Maid Is Murdered

AKA Housemaid Murders
AKA Door To Door Salesmen
AKA Who Is Murdering Maids?
AKA Trilling Maid Murdered
AKA Strange Package

First Line : “I should think you'd have done that cleaning while I was away, Sarah.”

Date Aired : 48/08/25
Episode Number : 189
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Robertson Poisons Wife Beverly over the Telephone

AKA Long Distance Poison
AKA Telephone Suicide
AKA Phone Call Brings Death
AKA Robertson Poisons Wife Over the Phone
AKA Wife Poisoned Over Phone

First Line : “Hello? Hello, Beverly?” “Oh, darling, Hello. Where are you?”

Date Aired : 48/09/01
Episode Number : 190
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Reynolds and the Stolen Goods

AKA Ten Cent Diamond Necklace
AKA Reynolds and the Ten Cent Mistake
AKA Reynolds and the Stolen Diamond Necklace

First Line : “Now here's a nice bracelet, sir.” “How nice is the price?”

Date Aired : 48/09/08
Episode Number : 191
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Kingston and the 15-Story Disappearing Office Building

AKA Kinston and the Office Building
AKA Kingston and the Disappearing Building
AKA Kingston and the Disappearing 15 Story Office Building

First Line : “Hello. Hello, Blackie?” “Yes.” “This is Charlie Kingston.”

Date Aired : 48/09/15
Episode Number : 192
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/09/22
Episode Number : 193
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/09/29
Episode Number : 194
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Carl Grady, Golf Instructor

AKA Golf Instructor, Carl Grady

First Line : “Try it once more. All right. Now remember what I told you.”

Date Aired : 48/10/06
Episode Number : 195
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Marked Money

AKA Joe Gatling's Father

First Line : “Yeah? Bill Weaver there? Yeah. Weaver speaking.”

Date Aired : 48/10/13
Episode Number : 196
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/10/20
Episode Number : 197
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/10/27
Episode Number : 198
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/11/03
Episode Number : 199
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/11/10
Episode Number : 200
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/11/17
Episode Number : 201
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/11/24
Episode Number : 202
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/12/01
Episode Number : 203
Available : NO

Date Aired : 48/12/08
Episode Number : 204
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Killer Lightning

AKA Murder By Lightning

First Line : “The weatherman was right, Martin. Right. Rain, thunder and lightning.”

Date Aired : 48/12/15
Episode Number : 205
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Too Late Jailbreak
Synopsis : Man breaks out of jail to kill, but he is a little too late.

Date Aired : 48/12/22
Episode Number : 206
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Stolen Rings At Christmas

AKA Rings for Santa
AKA Stolen Rings
AKA Santa and the Four Diamonds

First Line : “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...”
Note :This episode is NOT a duplicate of Episode #153 (47/12/17). Check episode #153 for more details.

Date Aired : 48/12/29
Episode Number : 207
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/01/05
Episode Number : 208
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Disappearing Fourth Floor

AKA Disappearing Gambling Den
AKA Disapparing 4th Floor
AKA $20,000 Check
AKA Mystery of Four Floors

First Line : “Here's the place, Blackie, I'm sure of it.”

Date Aired : 49/01/12
Episode Number : 209
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Broken Clock Murder

AKA Harry Baker is Killed
AKA Harry Baker Story

First Line : “Well, then, how about lunch tomorrow, Farraday?”

Date Aired : 49/01/19
Episode Number : 210
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Boat Is on Montegomery Street with a Body in It

AKA Boat In the Street
AKA High and Dry
AKA A Body is Found
AKA Body on Boat on Land
AKA A Boat, the Viking is On
AKA A Boat, the Viking is On Montgomery Street With a Body in It

First Line : “If any more calls come in, hand 'em to Sgt. Matthews. I'm busy.”

Date Aired : 49/01/26
Episode Number : 211
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: John Frawley, While in Africa, Reads That He Is Dead

AKA Unknown Man
AKA Dread About My Death

First Line : “I wonder what the natives are up to now, John.”

Date Aired : 49/02/02
Episode Number : 212
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mary Asks Blackie to Get Her Cousin's Song Published

AKA Tin Pan Alley Murder
AKA Murder In the Music Room
AKA Melody of Death

First Line : “Well, Bill, what about it? Got an idea for the lyric yet?”

Date Aired : 49/02/09
Episode Number : 213
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: $50,000 in Bonds to Be Divided

AKA Paul Martin Disappears From Roof
AKA Paul Disappears
AKA 50 G in Bonds to Be Divided

First Line : “(laughing) Whitey?” “Yeah, Gabbo.” “Where's Paul?”

Date Aired : 49/02/16
Episode Number : 214
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Fred Palmer's Dock Racket

AKA The Waterfront Racket
AKA Death on Pier 37
AKA Big Boss

First Line : Dock workers doing some yelling while working and then..."Yeah, yeah what do you want?" "A job loading cargo." "Experience?" "Plenty."

Date Aired : 49/02/23
Episode Number : 215
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Archie Grant's Club 77

AKA Jackpot at Club 77
AKA Jackpot Payoff

First Line : “Come on, come on, come on, Charlie. Enough already with that crazy slot machine.”

Date Aired : 49/03/02
Episode Number : 216
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Fake Accident Racket

AKA Phony Accident Racket
AKA Polk Street Mission
AKA Take a Wrong Newspaper
AKA Polk Street Racket

First Line : “Blackie?” “What, uh? What's the matter, Mary?” “Oh oh oh, you were a million miles away.”

Date Aired : 49/03/09
Episode Number : 217
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dolly Preston Calls for Help

AKA Dead Woman's $600,000, Missing Caller
AKA Dolly Preston Calls for Help, Says She's Going To Be Killed
AKA Wrong House
AKA Dolly Preston Calls for Help
AKA Dead Woman's $600,000
AKA Missing Caller

First Line : “Now, Blackie, this is the house.” “I hope we're in time, Mary.”

Date Aired : 49/03/16
Episode Number : 218
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Kidnapped Murderer
First Line : “Come on, Martin, talk.” “Inspector, take that light out...”

Date Aired : 49/03/23
Episode Number : 219
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Charity Gambling Ring

AKA Charity Gambling Racket
AKA Gambling Bazaar

First Line : “Ah, Smitty, do come in.” “Hi, Boss. I must show you what I bought today.”

Date Aired : 49/03/30
Episode Number : 220
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Amadon Pearls

AKA Amidon Pearls

First Line : “Say, Gimpy. Yeah, yeah, Doc, yeah. How much do you think those Amadon pearls are worth?”

Date Aired : 49/04/06
Episode Number : 221
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Duke Murders Jo Jo

AKA Duke Branson Kills Jojo Thomas
AKA Duke Murders Jojo
AKA Duke Brandon Kills Jojo Thomas

First Line : “There. That opened it.”

Date Aired : 49/04/13
Episode Number : 222
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jewelry Store Owner Is Killed for a Watch

AKA Second Hand Watch
AKA Blackie Framed By Tiny Phillip
AKA Stone, Jewelry Store Owner Is Killed for a Watch

First Line : “Cora, my pet.” “Yes, Philip.” “Are you sure that this is...”

Date Aired : 49/04/20
Episode Number : 223
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Madame Sina, Fortune Teller

AKA Fortune Teller Sees Death
AKA Fortune Teller Forsees Death
AKA Madame Zina, Fortune Teller

First Line : “Gee, Blackie, every time the carnival comes to town...”

Date Aired : 49/04/27
Episode Number : 224
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dynamite Thompson and Jack Morgan, Contractors

AKA Death and Dynamite Thompson
AKA Dynamite Thompson
AKA Dynamite Thompson Murdered
AKA The Death of Dynamite Thompson

First Line : “Hey, Morgan.” “Yeah?” “Jack Morgan.” “Wait a minute.”

Date Aired : 49/05/04
Episode Number : 225
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Joe Gates Murdered on Sightseeing Tour

AKA Joe Gates Murdered on a Chinatown Sightseeing Tour
AKA Tour Bus Corpse
AKA Chinatown Murders
AKA Joe Gates Murdered

First Line : “All right, folks, here we are. The high spot of our sightseeing tour... Chinatown”

Date Aired : 49/05/11
Episode Number : 226
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: No-Body At The Door

AKA Charlie Has Johnny Give Information On the Senator To Blackie
AKA Sinister Senator
AKA The Senator
AKA Nothing Up My Sleeve
AKA Information On Senator

First Line : “Oh, Mary.” “Blackie, what are you doing home on such a gorgeous day?”

Date Aired : 49/05/18
Episode Number : 227
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Imperial Oil Company Racket

AKA Imperial Oil Company Racket - Promoters Hire Olivia To Get Rid Of Blackie
AKA Phony Stock Scheme
AKA Female Torpedo
AKA Imperial Oil Company Racket
AKA Promoters Hire Olivia to Get Rid of Blackie

First Line : “Hold still!” “Let go of me, let go!” “Hold still.”

Date Aired : 49/05/25
Episode Number : 228
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blackie and Mary Go to Canyon Dude Ranch

AKA Blackie and Mary Go to Canyon Dude Ranch to Investigate Tom's Disappearance
AKA Bluebeard Racket
AKA Canyon Dude Ranch
AKA Canyon's Dude Ranch
AKA Canyon City Dude Ranch

First Line : “Go ahead, Henry.” “Yes, Agatha.” “What's the total?”

Date Aired : 49/06/01
Episode Number : 229
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Pudgy and the Stolen Tire Racket

AKA Blackie Steals Motorcycle
AKA Stolen Tire Racket
AKA Dutchess & the Cyclone
AKA Stolen Tires and Cars

First Line : “Blackie, we're losing him.” “No, Mary, I was just easing up a bit for the next curve in the road.”

Date Aired : 49/06/08
Episode Number : 230
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Ma Vie Perfume

AKA Buy a Cat, Save a Life
AKA Phony Perfume
AKA The Case of the Cat Killer

First Line : “Well, well, how do you do, Miss? Now what can I do for you?”

Date Aired : 49/06/15
Episode Number : 231
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Professor and Rufus Rob the Bank Safe

AKA I Planned It That Way
AKA The Professor

First Lines : <Proffessor and Rufus have a conversation that can't be easily understood> <then Rufus says> "Ah, you hit it right on the nose Professor."

Date Aired : 49/06/22
Episode Number : 232
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/06/29
Episode Number : 233
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/07/06
Episode Number : 234
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/07/13
Episode Number : 235
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/07/20
Episode Number : 236
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/07/27
Episode Number : 237
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/08/03
Episode Number : 238
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/08/10
Episode Number : 238
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/08/17
Episode Number : 240
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/08/24
Episode Number : 241
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/08/31
Episode Number : 242
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/09/07
Episode Number : 243
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/09/14
Episode Number : 244
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/09/21
Episode Number : 245
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/09/28
Episode Number : 246
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/10/05
Episode Number : 247
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/10/12
Episode Number : 248
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/10/19
Episode Number : 249
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/10/26
Episode Number : 250
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/11/02
Episode Number : 251
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/11/09
Episode Number : 252
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/11/16
Episode Number : 253
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/11/23
Episode Number : 254
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/11/30
Episode Number : 255
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/12/07
Episode Number : 256
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/12/14
Episode Number : 257
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/12/21
Episode Number : 258
Available : NO

Date Aired : 49/12/28
Episode Number : 259
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/01/04
Episode Number : 260
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/01/11
Episode Number : 261
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/01/18
Episode Number : 262
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/01/25
Episode Number : 263
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/02/01
Episode Number : 264
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/02/08
Episode Number : 265
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/02/15
Episode Number : 266
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/02/22
Episode Number : 267
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/03/01
Episode Number : 268
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/03/08
Episode Number : 269
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/03/15
Episode Number : 270
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/03/22
Episode Number : 271
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/03/29
Episode Number : 272
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/04/05
Episode Number : 273
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/04/12
Episode Number : 274
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/04/19
Episode Number : 275
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/04/26
Episode Number : 276
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/05/03
Episode Number : 277
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/05/10
Episode Number : 278
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/05/17
Episode Number : 279
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/05/24
Episode Number : 280
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/05/31
Episode Number : 281
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/06/07
Episode Number : 282
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/06/14
Episode Number : 283
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/06/21
Episode Number : 284
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/06/28
Episode Number : 285
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/07/05
Episode Number : 286
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/07/12
Episode Number : 287
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/07/19
Episode Number : 288
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/07/26
Episode Number : 289
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/08/02
Episode Number : 290
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/08/09
Episode Number : 291
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/08/16
Episode Number : 292
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/08/23
Episode Number : 293
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/08/30
Episode Number : 294
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/09/06
Episode Number : 295
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/09/13
Episode Number : 296
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/09/20
Episode Number : 297
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/09/27
Episode Number : 298
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/10/04
Episode Number : 299
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/10/11
Episode Number : 300
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/10/18
Episode Number : 301
Available : NO

Date Aired : 50/10/25
Episode Number : 302
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Last Broadcast

Date Aired : xx/xx/xx
Episode Number : Unknown
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Who Killed John Davis?

AKA Who Killed Davis?

First Line : “Better not make so much noise fiddling with that lock, Sergeant.”

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