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CompletedFirstLines: CaseDismissed

Based on Otter Log dated Feb 15, 2005

Date Aired : 54/01/30
Episode Number : 1
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Criminal Liability
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. What a nighmare I've got myself into. Can this really happen. I'm losing my job, my home and $25,000.00 to people I've never seen. How stupid can a man get?'

Date Aired : 54/02/06
Episode Number : 2
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Legal Wills
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. This can be happening to Bill And Marge Gray, the people who slaved to build a future for their family. Now our children - stangers all around them. Partents, money, education, all gone too. What have I done?'

Date Aired : 54/02/13
Episode Number : 3
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Pitfalls of Buying a Home
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. You meant to say that just because my wife and I signed a simple little memo, we've lost $2000.00 andthat we're stuck with a $16,500 home that we don't even want?'

Date Aired : 54/02/20
Episode Number : 4
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Child Support
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. I'll rot in the clink hey, and most likely the whole week-end too. A real great deal, and you know why? Because all the laws are made for women. Tell me, mr smart lawyer, when are they going to start making laws for men.'

Date Aired : 54/02/27
Episode Number : 5
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Installment Buying
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. I purchased this automobile after careful demonstration and I understand that there is no warrenty implyed or expressed upon same. No warrenty, o brother, what did I sign?

Date Aired : 54/03/06
Episode Number : 6
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Adoption
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. When could Billy appear in public again. Could we ever? Without fear? What kind of a life are we trying to buy for him? For us?'

Date Aired : 54/03/13
Episode Number : 7
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Landlord and Tenant
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. You'll pay up or I'll sue.'
'Aw you, shut up, not another nickle, not another nickle.'
' I'll throw you two out of here. I'll throw you out of this house.'

Date Aired : 54/03/20
Episode Number : 8
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Rights When Arrested
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. 'I've been here nearly five hours now. When do I get a chance to see somebody other than you? When do I get a fair trial? When do I talk to a judge?'

Date Aired : 54/03/27
Episode Number : 9
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Liability for Minors
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. It's no joke, Betty. All I can hope for is that it's some some sort of mistake. Sure there was some silly little paper just before I went into the service, but I didn't pay much attention to it. According to this paper, I owe nearly $8,000 to a woman I haven't actually seen for 13 years.'

Date Aired : 54/04/03
Episode Number : 10
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Responsibilities of Eye Witnesses
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. What a horrible mess, Katie, seeing this poor guy lying there cold and the officer saying he's dead. And them trying to pin it on me, and know that nobody, absolute nobody will stand up and say I had nothing to do with it.'

Date Aired : 54/04/10
Episode Number : 11
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Operating A Small Business
First Line :

Date Aired : 54/04/17
Episode Number : 12
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Libel and Slander
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. Monday morning was quite different. At first I suspected nothing. But then rumors began floating around. Little clusters of students began to form between classes, and then reform elsewhere. Or was I imaging it?'

Date Aired : 54/04/24
Episode Number : 13
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Juvenile Delinquency
First Line : 'Case Dismissed. We weren't going to steal the old car. We were just going for a joy ride.
'I'll joyride you, you numbskull. Now get inside.
Ow Dad! Ow.'

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