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CompletedFirstLines: HaveGunWillTravel

Based on Otter Logs Dated Nov 6, 2004

Date Aired : 58/11/23
Episode Number : 1
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Strange Vendetta
First Line : Sit down gentlemen, and sit still. I've come to order a coffin for the first one of you who makes a move.

Date Aired : 58/11/30
Episode Number : 2
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Food to Wickenberg
First Line : There are four of you gentlemen and I've only one bullet left in my derringer. So my choice is very simple. I'll kill the first man who speaks.

Date Aired : 58/12/07
Episode Number : 3
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Ella West
First Line : I promised I'd avoid a gunfight if possible. But it looks as though it isn't possible. I have one bullet left. You may draw when you're ready.

Date Aired : 58/12/14
Episode Number : 4
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Outlaw
First Line : Mister, you killed nine men. I never heard anyone say you made allowances for your opponent's ability with a gun.

Date Aired : 58/12/21
Episode Number : 5
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Hanging Cross
First Line : In all my life I've only seen a dozen real killers. But I've seen 10,000 people who'll sit back and let murder happen. Which is the greater evil?

Date Aired : 58/12/28
Episode Number : 6
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: No Visitors
First Line : You came to me with a torch and a gun. You call it righteousness. Call it by its right name--murder.

Date Aired : 59/01/04
Episode Number : 7
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Helen of Abajinian
First Line : I’ve been employed to bring you back, and that’s just what I’m going to do Mr. O’Riley. Like it or not.

Date Aired : 59/01/11
Episode Number : 8
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: British Courage
First Line : Your guide would cut your throat for ten dollars. And even if he didn't you'd be shot by bandits or scalped by indians. My gun is your safe passage. You're gonna need it.

Date Aired : 59/01/18
Episode Number : 9
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Three Bells to Perdido
NOTE: The first line of this show is the same as Episode Numbers 11 and 42. But they are different shows.
First Line : My gun was handcrafted to my specifications. I rarely draw it unless I mean to use it.

Date Aired : 59/01/25
Episode Number : 10
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Teacher
First Line : Any one of you who tries to put a torch to that building will die in his tracks. Now, who wants to be first?

Date Aired : 59/02/01
Episode Number : 11
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Matter of Ethics
NOTE: The first line of this show is the same as Episode Numbers 9 and 42. But they are different shows.
First Line : My gun was handcrafted to my specifications. I rarely draw it unless I mean to use it.

Date Aired : 59/02/08
Episode Number : 12
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Killer's Widow
First Line : I came here to tell you I'm not an executioner. It doesn't feel good to kill a man. Not a bit good. But your husband didn't leave me any choice.

Date Aired : 59/02/15
Episode Number : 13
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Return of Dr Thackery
First Line : If the girl that's being held prisoner has been harmed in any way, you two men can toss coins to see which one I gun down first.

Date Aired : 59/02/22
Episode Number : 14
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Winchester Quarantine
First Line : You men want me to leave. You'll have to make me. Now who's going to be the first to try.

Date Aired : 59/03/01
Episode Number : 15
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Heyboy's Revenge
First Line : An immigrant worker is crushed beneath thousands of pounds of railroad ties. You call it an accident. I say it was murder.

Date Aired : 59/03/08
Episode Number : 16
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Monster on Moonridge
First Line : There's something loose on that mountain top that's bigger than any man I've ever seen, and stronger. Before I leave I intend to find out what it is.

Date Aired : 59/03/15
Episode Number : 17
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Death of a Young Gunfighter
First Line :You don't have much choice left mister. You can throw your gun away and they'll hang you. Or you can keep it and try to use it on me. Either way…you're going to die.

Date Aired : 59/03/22
Episode Number : 18
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Five Books of Owen Deaver
First Line :In a few minutes mister, this town will be owned by a band of renegades, and you'll be dead.

Date Aired : 59/03/29
Episode Number : 19
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Sense of Justice
First Line : You hired me to keep a mob from lynching a man. Now you want me to hand him over. Just which side of that badge are you going to stand behind, sheriff?

Date Aired : 59/04/05
Episode Number : 20
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Maggie O'Banion
First Line : I'm offering you a choice…to fight with knives or guns. But just remember this, whichever way you choose, the loser will be a long time dead.

Date Aired : 59/04/12
Episode Number : 21
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Colonel and the Lady
First Line : I'll make it real plain for you mister. I came here to find a girl, and you're not leaving this room until you tell me where she is.

Date Aired : 59/04/19
Episode Number : 22
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Birds of a Feather
First Line : This used to be the prettiest town in Colorado. Now the gunfighters have taken over, and if you don't stop them, there won't be a stick left standing.

Date Aired : 59/04/26
Episode Number : 23
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Gunsmith
First Line : If killers laugh at the law in a town, it isn't long before they take over. That's happening in your town, mister. What are you going to do about it?

Date Aired : 59/05/03
Episode Number : 24
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Gunshy
First Line : This gun is pointed right at the center of your belt. The border is behind me, mister, and you're not going to make it.

Date Aired : 59/05/10
Episode Number : 25
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Statue of San Sebastion
First Line : You own one of the largest ranches in California. The most cattle, the best land, and the toughest riders. But I'll tell you something Mr. Crown, the little mission of San Sebastion is going to defeat you.

Date Aired : 59/05/17
Episode Number : 26
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Silver Queen
First Line : Alright, mister, there it is. You can't get into this mine, we can't get out. It's just a question of the lack of water and who is forced to give up first.

Date Aired : 59/05/24
Episode Number : 27
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: In an Evil Time
First Line : As birds are caught in a snare, so are the sons of man snared in an evil time.

Date Aired : 59/05/31
Episode Number : 28
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blind Courage
First Line : You can fight the duel, or chance having your throat cut some dark night. Either way, you'll die before the week is out.

Date Aired : 59/06/07
Episode Number : 29
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Roped
First Line : You can stay in this cabin and fight it out, or face the men who are waiting to lynch you. Either way it's a poor choice.

Date Aired : 59/06/14
Episode Number : 30
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bitter Wine
First Line :If you pull that trigger this torch will start a fire you'll never be able to stop--an oil fire. It'll wipe out everything you've worked for.

Date Aired : 59/06/21
Episode Number : 31
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Trouble in North Fork
First Line : I'm gonna break you. There are a lot of people here who are ripe to tear you down. And all they need is a good enough reason. I'm gonna give them that reason.

Date Aired : 59/06/28
Episode Number : 32
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Homecoming
First Line : I don't need a gun for you, mister. You're all eaten up with fear and hate. The most you can hope for now is a fast death.

Date Aired : 59/07/05
Episode Number : 33
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Comanche
First Line : There's something you should remember, mister. A man going into indian country should never be paid in advance.

Date Aired : 59/07/12
Episode Number : 34
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Young Gun
First Line : You must be proud of yourself, mister. You've turned your son into a killer, and he's going to enjoy the same kind of life you have. If he lives long enough.

Date Aired : 59/07/19
Episode Number : 35
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Deliver the Body
First Line : If this man you're shielding is a murderer, then every man he kills from here on in will sit on your shoulder and scream in your ear.

Date Aired : 59/07/26
Episode Number : 36
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wager
First Line : You forced me to wager my life against a thousand dollars. Now you can wager yours against thirty miles of desert…with a companion who hates you, and half a canteen of water.

Date Aired : 59/08/02
Episode Number : 37
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: High Wire
First Line : You're asking a man to risk his life for a hundred dollar bet. I'll stake it…if you make it a thousand dollars even money.

Date Aired : 59/08/09
Episode Number : 38
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Finn Alley
First Line : Someday the city will blow up this devil's inferno we call a waterfront. I hope you live long enough to swallow the flames.

Date Aired : 59/08/16
Episode Number : 39
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Lady
First Line : If you insist on doing this your way, I can't stop you. But if you pull that trigger, neither one of us will get out alive.

Date Aired : 59/08/23
Episode Number : 40
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bonanza
First Line : You say there are demons and spirits in your mine, twelve hundred feet below the surface of the earth. With this much money, I'd like to see them.

Date Aired : 59/08/30
Episode Number : 41
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Love Birds
First Line : There's a thin line between love and hate. You've crossed that line. And neither my gun, nor your money, will ever bring you back.

Date Aired : 59/09/06
Episode Number : 42
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: All That Glitters
NOTE: The first line of this show is the same as Episode Numbers 9 and 11. But they are different shows.
First Line : My gun was handcrafted to my specifications. I rarely draw it unless I mean to use it.

Date Aired : 59/09/13
Episode Number : 43
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Treasure Hunt
First Line : The stakes are high. And I'm here to see that the boy wins. You'll be the loser, if you try to use that knife or your gun.

Date Aired : 59/09/20
Episode Number : 44
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Stardust
First Line : The choice is yours. Either try to out-draw me, or turn around and ride out of here while you're still alive.

Date Aired : 59/09/27
Episode Number : 45
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Like Father
First Line : If you didn't commit this murder, you'll go free. If you did, I'll see that you hang.

Date Aired : 59/10/04
Episode Number : 46
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Contessa
First Line : There's still one bullet left in this derringer. And I'll take you back whether you're alive, or dead.

Date Aired : 59/10/11
Episode Number : 47
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Stopover in Tombstone
First Line : If you give yourself up, I'll see that you get a fair trial. If you don't, I'll be forced to use this gun. And you'll be a long time dead.

Date Aired : 59/10/18
Episode Number : 48
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Brother Lost
First Line : Three armed men against my gun are not very good odds. But you won't stop me from finding this girl's brother.

Date Aired : 59/10/25
Episode Number : 49
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: When in Rome
First Line : If you kill me because of the mistake I made, it won't save your husband's life.

Date Aired : 59/11/01
Episode Number : 50
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Wedding Day
First Line : When I came to this wedding, I didn't think I'd be using my gun. But if you still want to draw, I have no other choice.

Date Aired : 59/11/08
Episode Number : 51
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Hired Gun
First Line : You men are mistaken, I'm not an executioner. But, you're still going to pay me that money because I came a long way to face this ridiculous situation.

Date Aired : 59/11/15
Episode Number : 52
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Landfall
First Line : You won't stop me from getting these logs through. My gun is pointed at your man's head. Now, put your rifle down or he'll be a long time dead.

Date Aired : 59/11/22
Episode Number : 53
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Fair Fugitive
First Line : The border is behind us, but if you should try to make a run for it I'd have to kill.

Date Aired : 59/11/29
Episode Number : 54
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bitter Vengeance
First Line : I don't need my gun to protect myself from you. Because the hatred that has diseased your heart will cause your own death.

Date Aired : 59/12/06
Episode Number : 55
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mistaken Identity
First Line : Without a gun there's only one way I can meet your challenge. I'm waiting. Whenever you're ready.

Date Aired : 59/12/13
Episode Number : 56
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Out of Evil
First Line : If you give me that money now, you won't be held responsible. If you don't, you may not get out of this cabin alive.

Date Aired : 59/12/20
Episode Number : 57
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Rance Carnival
First Line : You may think your husband has never killed a man, but you're wrong. And before I take him in to face the charges, he'll try to kill me.

Date Aired : 59/12/27
Episode Number : 58
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Marriage aka About Face
First Line : This situation is so mixed up with Chinese custom, family, and honor, I don't know where to turn. I'm afraid that any move I make might endanger Hey Boy's life.

Date Aired : 60/01/03
Episode Number : 59
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Return Engagement
First Line : You caused an innocent boy to spend six years in prison. Other people have turned their backs on the wrong that has been committed simply because you're a woman. But I'm here to see that you stand trial.

Date Aired : 60/01/10
Episode Number : 60
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Lonely One
First Line : I want you to tell that girl exactly how you feel. If you don't, we'll meet with guns and only one of us will walk away.

Date Aired : 60/01/17
Episode Number : 61
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: French Leave
First Line : I am not usually hired as a guide, Monsieur Poulard (sp?), but as you are unfamiliar with our western frontier, this is one trip I wouldn’t want to miss.

Date Aired : 60/01/24
Episode Number : 62
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Nataemhon
First Line : Your husband made his choice ten years ago. If I interfere now, in this life he made for himself, you are the one who’ll be hurt.

Date Aired : 60/01/31
Episode Number : 63
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bad Bart
First Line : I’ve met a lot of rash, bold men in my travels, who’ve paid a high price for their notorious reputations. But I’ve never met a man who has paid as much as you have. Was it worth it?

Date Aired : 60/02/07
Episode Number : 64
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Boss
First Line : There are a lot of people who are ripe to tear you down. All they need is a good enough reason. I’m going to give them that reason.

Date Aired : 60/02/14
Episode Number : 65
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bring Him Back Alive
First Line : You've asked me to kill you. I'm not an executioner, Lormer. I've been hired to take you back alive.

Date Aired : 60/02/21
Episode Number : 66
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: That Was No Lady
First Line : You made a contract with me under false pretenses. Usually, when I get forced into a corner, I can shoot my way out. But this time you've made that impossible.

Date Aired : 60/02/28
Episode Number : 67
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Doll House in Diamond Springs
First Line : It's always good to meet up with an old friend. But I didn't know when we renewed *this* friendship that it would lead to your destruction.

Date Aired : 60/03/06
Episode Number : 68
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Somebody out There Hates Me
First Line : You say that's my grave you dug. And I say to you, make certain you shoot straight, because you'll never have another chance.

Date Aired : 60/03/13
Episode Number : 69
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Montana Vendetta
First Line : There's an old Norman law which says "the private avenger has been succeeded by the judge." You'd do well to remember that before you take the law into your own hands.

Date Aired : 60/03/20
Episode Number : 70
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Caesar's Wife
First Line : Keeping your wife in an ivory tower won't ensure you her devotion. Once she gets tired of it, neither your money, nor your guns, will hold her.

Date Aired : 60/03/27
Episode Number : 71
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: They Told Me You Were Dead
First Line : I can't believe I'm seeing you again. I buried our love twelve years ago…when they told me you were dead.

Date Aired : 60/04/03
Episode Number : 72
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Shanghai Is a Verb
First Line : You just don't go to the Barbury Coast. You make arrangements. I've made mine…and I hope it'll save Hey Boy's life.

Date Aired : 60/04/10
Episode Number : 73
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: So True, Mr Barnum
First Line : All right, Hey Boy, I'll take you out there. You can dig for your treasure. You can dig up the whole desert, but let me tell you something. You won't find a thing.

Date Aired : 60/04/17
Episode Number : 74
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Prunella's Fella
First Line : I don't care how much silver you may find in this valley. I'm not staying one minute longer. And if you value your life, you'll leave with me.

Date Aired : 60/04/24
Episode Number : 75
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Irish Luck
First Line : You have me confused, O'Bannon. But don't bother to explain now. Ride out of here before that mob decides to hang you.

Date Aired : 60/05/01
Episode Number : 76
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dressed to Kill
First Line : Two armed men against my derringer are not very good odds. But it's a chance I'll have to take if you expect me to bring your sister back alive.

Date Aired : 60/05/08
Episode Number : 77
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Pat Murphy
First Line : This man has owed a debt to society for 15 years. If we take him now a child may die. Surely a few days more won't make any difference.

Date Aired : 60/05/15
Episode Number : 78
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lina Countryman
First Line : You're not being fair to your father if you don't give me an explanation to take back to him. He went to some expense to have me make this trip.

Date Aired : 60/05/22
Episode Number : 79
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lucky Penny
First Line : The old man doesn't have long to live. If he learns the truth about his gold mine, it might be the end of him.

Date Aired : 60/05/29
Episode Number : 80
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dusty
First Line : I don't want to put a hole in you, but if you harm that boy, I'll have to. Just stand where you are.

Date Aired : 60/06/05
Episode Number : 81
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Apache Concerto
First Line : You're wrong, Miss Iles, I am a music lover. But we're not on a Sunday picnic…there are killers loose in this area. And we have to take every precaution.

Date Aired : 60/06/12
Episode Number : 82
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Search for Wylie Dawson
First Line : No one can change what's happened in the past. But maybe I can do something to make up for it. To help you get a new start.

Date Aired : 60/06/19
Episode Number : 83
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Too Too Solid Town
First Line : Why not reopen the case? It won't give you back the five years you lost, but it might give you back the most important thing in your life.

Date Aired : 60/06/26
Episode Number : 84
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Doctor from Vienna
First Line : I've met a lot of strange people in my travels away from San Francisco. Little did I realize, that right here in my own hotel, I would meet the most unusual of them all.

Date Aired : 60/07/03
Episode Number : 85
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dad-Blamed Luck
First Line : If I had used good judgement, I wouldn't have taken this job in the first place. But now that I've come this far, I'm willing to go on just to see what else will happen.

Date Aired : 60/07/10
Episode Number : 86
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Five Days to Yuma
First Line : I agreed to deliver this man to your prison. But under the circumstances, I would prefer not to take pay for this particular job.

Date Aired : 60/07/17
Episode Number : 87
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Little Guns
First Line : Gentlemen, I thought I could talk to you in a quiet, civilized way. But it looks like that is out of the question.

Date Aired : 60/07/24
Episode Number : 88
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Delta Queen
First Line : You may have the fastest boat on the river, but someone tried to stop you from winning this race before you ever left the wharf in New Orleans.

Date Aired : 60/07/31
Episode Number : 89
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: My Son Must Die
First Line : I'm sorry our fishing trip turned out this way, Hey Boy. But we can't go back to San Francisco until we know this girl is safe.

Date Aired : 60/08/07
Episode Number : 90
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Father O'Tool's Organ Part 1 (Viva)
First Line : I know how important it is to have the organ delivered to your mission, Father. And even though there is a revolution, I'll get it through to you...somehow.

Date Aired : 60/08/14
Episode Number : 91
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Father O'Tool's Organ Part 2 (Extended Viva)
First Line : The revolution is over, but it's still a long way from here to the mission. If we're going to get the organ back in time, we'd better get started.

Date Aired : 60/08/21
Episode Number : 92
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Warrant
First Line : Use your head, Bounty Hunter. The Sheriff wants me alive. If you kill me you'll never collect that money.

Date Aired : 60/08/28
Episode Number : 93
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: For the Birds
First Line : Look, I know more about this desert than you do. Does the money you might get from our client mean more to you than your life?

Date Aired : 60/09/04
Episode Number : 94
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Eat Crow
First Line : No one can change what's happened in the past. But maybe I can do something to make up for it, to help you get a new start.

Date Aired : 60/09/11
Episode Number : 95
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dead Line
First Line : I know you men have accepted money to make trouble in this camp. Now listen...There's a broken jaw waiting for everyone of you if you're not out of here by sundown.

Date Aired : 60/09/18
Episode Number : 96
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Nellie Watson's Boy
First Line : I didn't say you were lying, Johnny. Only the truth often looks different depending on our point of view.

Date Aired : 60/09/25
Episode Number : 97
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bringing up Ollie
First Line : It's always good to visit old friends. But I didn't know this meeting would lead to such a calamity.

Date Aired : 60/10/02
Episode Number : 98
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Talika
First Line : I was beginning to think that you were no longer a boy, that you were now a man. I was wrong. You're acting like a stupid child.

Date Aired : 60/10/09
Episode Number : 99
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Sam Crow
First Line : The people of a town don't form committees and go around shooting men for the reasons you've given me. It doesn't make sense.

Date Aired : 60/10/16
Episode Number : 100
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Stardust
First Line : The choice is yours. Either try ta outdraw me or turn around and ride out of here while you're still alive.

Date Aired : 60/10/23
Episode Number : 101
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Hell Knows No Fury
First Line : This woman may spend a lot of money and time in your store, Billy. But is a good customer worth more than your life?

Date Aired : 60/10/30
Episode Number : 102
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Oil
First Line : The boy is offering ten thousand dollars for your property. Whether you sell it or not, I'm here to see that he doesn't get robbed

Date Aired : 60/11/06
Episode Number : 103
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Odds
First Line : Remember this Jim. Nobody has a right to a gun unless he knows how to think when he handles it.

Date Aired : 60/11/13
Episode Number : 104
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Map
First Line : I memorized the map and destroyed it. If you kill me, you'll never find the money.

Date Aired : 60/11/20
Episode Number : 105
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Martha Neil
First Line : You came to me with a gun. You call it righteousness. Call it by it's right name, Murder.

Date Aired : 60/11/27
Episode Number : 106
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: From Here to Boston
First Line :Whenever I'm hired for a job I can always expect the worst. Little did I know that this time it would mean leaving my dearest friend.

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