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FirstLines: Jonathon Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon

Based on Otter Log dated Jan 13, 2005

Date Aired : 38/11/29
Episode Number : 1
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Santa Claus Is Kidnapped By The Squeebublians
First Line : This is the story of a wee little boy who has just turned six and his name is Jonathan Thomas. And what happened to him is just not fiddle sticks for right here is where we make the promise.

Date Aired : 38/11/30
Episode Number : 2
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jonathan Promises To Find Santa Claus
First Line : Jonathan Thomas, who has just turned six, got himself in a terrible fix. He went to bed at half past eight; which isn't early nor is it late.

Date Aired : 38/12/01
Episode Number : 3
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jonathan Meets Gorgonzola The Horse
First Line : Well, I guess you heard what has occurred to Jonathan Thomas and Gus but just in case we'll find the place where it all began. You see Jonathan Thomas was a wee little tad who was never too good or never too bad.

Date Aired : 38/12/02
Episode Number : 4
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: In The Valley Of The Three Dwarfs
First Line : If there should be some folks about who scoff and laugh and seem to doubt this story of Jonathan Thomas. Of how he went upstairs one night and went to sleep with his eyes closed tight until a light from the moon came in to his room.

Date Aired : 38/12/03
Episode Number : 5
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Merry-Go-Round River
First Line : There once was a lad, a wee little tad, whose name was Jonathan Thomas who got in to a fix when he was six because he kept a promise.

Date Aired : 38/12/04
Episode Number : 6
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Fairy Queen
First Line : If now you're gathered close about and still as mouse, which you are now doubt, I'll do my best to keep my promise and tell you some more about Jonathan Thomas.

Date Aired : 38/12/05
Episode Number : 7
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dragon With The Thirteen Tails
First Line : Jonathan Thomas, The Man in the Moon and Gorgonzola the horse started out to search about for the correct and proper course for the road was long and they followed it wrong til they came to a deep, wide river.

Date Aired : 38/12/06
Episode Number : 8
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Whiskery Bill The Squirrel
First Line : In the heart of the forest deep with gloom where the wind harps toll and knell of doom ride Jonathan Thomas and Gorgonzola and the kind old Man in the Moon.

Date Aired : 38/12/07
Episode Number : 9
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jonathan Has Fallen Under The Witch's Spell
First Line : If is all about Jonathan Thomas you'd know then gather up close to your radio for right now for don't you worry is the rest of the story of what happened in the last episode.

Date Aired : 38/12/08
Episode Number : 10
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jonathan In The Witch's Dream Cave
First Line : Are all you kiddies as quite as mice? You are? Well now that's wonderfully nice. And those who are not they'd better be soon for here is some more news from the man in the moon.

Date Aired : 38/12/09
Episode Number : 11
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Whiskery Bill Meets The Walrus
First Line : Ding, dong, ding the bells do ring. We're bringing you news of the latest thing that has happened up on the moon.

Date Aired : 38/12/10
Episode Number : 12
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Getting Rubies At The Rainbow Bridge
First Line : Now I hope every little girl and boy will be very quit so they may enjoy this wonderful story of Jonathan Thomas who made such a very important promise.

Date Aired : 38/12/11
Episode Number : 13
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Crossing The Frozen River
First Line : Hark, hark the dogs do bark and really I feel so silly. For I have just come from down from the moon with my hair all wily, nilly.

Date Aired : 38/12/12
Episode Number : 14
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jonathan Wakes Up From The Witch's Spell
First Line : Now of course you remember about Jonathan Thomas; of how he went to the moon and made a promise. But in case you don't know what it's quite all about so you won't have even the tiniest doubt Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon are searching for old Santa.

Date Aired : 38/12/13
Episode Number : 15
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: O'Gigraf The Lion
First Line : Well, I'll bet all you children are anxious to hear if we're going to have any Christmas this year. But of course that depends upon Jonathan Thomas.

Date Aired : 38/12/14
Episode Number : 16
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Saving The Elf King
First Line : Have you been listening to Jonathan Thomas and heard how well he's been keeping his promise? You know he's been looking for poor Santa Claus.

Date Aired : 38/12/15
Episode Number : 17
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wall Of Doors
First Line : Oh, my goodness as the time draws near I worry and worry too much I fear. Whether Jonathan Thomas will find Santa Claus which he promised to do.

Date Aired : 38/12/16
Episode Number : 18
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: In The Kingdom Of Alice
First Line : Are you gathered up close to your radio? If you're not then hurry because you know this is the time for Jonathan Thomas.

Date Aired : 38/12/17
Episode Number : 19
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Queen Alice's Ball
First Line : There are travels three who are strong and brave. Who have given their promise that they will save poor Santa Claus and bring him back and help him on with his toy sack.

Date Aired : 38/12/18
Episode Number : 20
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: King Squeebubbly And Santa Claus
First Line : Poor old Santa Claus made a mistake. He's feeling so sad for the children's sake. He let some Squeebubblians in one night and they captured him after a terrible fight.

Date Aired : 38/12/19
Episode Number : 21
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jonathan Grows Large And Small
First Line : Well, Christmas night will soon be here and I know you children will want to hear if Jonathan Thomas and the Man in the Moon and the talking horse will find Santa soon.

Date Aired : 38/12/20
Episode Number : 22
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Kirmit The Hermit
First Line : It was a cold winter's night I shall never forget Santa Claus came in and his feet were quite wet. He sat down by the fire and said "I'll get warm. Never before have I seen such a storm".

Date Aired : 38/12/21
Episode Number : 23
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Dragon With The Thirteen Tails Again
First Line : On Christmas day when you find your toys. I wonder if any of you girls and boys will stop to think about Jonathan Thomas the brave little boy who kept his promise.

Date Aired : 38/12/22
Episode Number : 24
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Captured By The Squeebubblians
First Line : Poor old Santa is in such a flurry for right in the midst of the Christmas hurry the bad Squeebubblians, who hate Christmas joy, decided he couldn't distribute his toys. So they stole him away on a dark, stormy night tho goodness knows he put up a good fight.

Date Aired : 38/12/23
Episode Number : 25
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Rescuing Santa Claus
First Line : Oh, my goodness. I very much fear it's time for old Santa Claus soon to be here. But how in the world will we have time to pack when they haven't yet found him and brought him back?

Date Aired : 38/12/24
Episode Number : 26
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Going Home
First Line : It was a cold winter's night and time to retire and Santa Claus sat before his warm fire. He said to himself "Well, I made that nice sled that I promised Johnny and I painted it red."

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