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Theater Five

Based on Otter Logs As of Feb 09, 2005

don't forget to color the episodes, red if you aren't sure, blue if you are. Information on how to color the episodes can be found here.

An uppercase %BLUE% will turn the whole paragraph blue. I will do it to the first one, so you can see what I mean.

~ menachem

Date Aired : 64/08/03
Episode Number : 1
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Hit and Run
First Line : (Man speaks) "Look baby, this is where we stay til tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, see?" (Woman replies) "What are you going to do with me?"

Date Aired : 64/08/04
Episode Number : 2
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A House of Cards
First Line : (Ticking clock. Generator motor kicks on.)(Man Speaks) "Ann? You awake?" (Ann replies) "Yes. I've been lying here with my eyes open. Something's wrong isn't it?" (Man answers) "Shhh, don't wake the children."

Date Aired : 64/08/05
Episode Number : 3
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Terror from Beyond
First Line : (Robotic voice over loudspeaker) "You will stay where you are. You will not move. We have some preparations to make and then..." (Man's voice cuts in) "... and then something very odd happened. Half of Dr. Marlowe came alive. His right side first. His right eye lighting up while his left eye stayed dead...."

Date Aired : 64/08/06
Episode Number : 4
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Homecoming
First Line : (Automotive motor shutting off. Car door slams shut.) (Woman speaks) "Karl? Is that you? Karl, you've come back. Karl, you've come back to me. No, that can't be. Karl's dead.... " (Note: Karl could be Carl)

Date Aired : 64/08/07
Episode Number : 5
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The 245,000 Dollar Smile
First Line : (Man Speaking) "If you play your cards right you're going to live for another hour. If you don't keep quiet, I can arrange to cut that down to about 30 seconds. Take your choice."

Date Aired : 64/08/10
Episode Number : 6
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Rebellion Next Week
First Line : (1st Man)"Please!,Please postpone this thing." (2nd Man)"Why?" (1st Man) "Give us a chance." (2nd Man)"No." (1st Man)"I've got to warn the other adults." (2nd Man)"Your day is past." (1st Man)"Give us a year! Give us 6 months!" (2nd Man)"We take over the world within a week. If you don't like it, you can get off. Good-bye." (Click of phone disconnecting) (1st Man) "Hello?! Hello?! Listen everybody! Listen to me!"

Date Aired : 64/08/11
Episode Number : 7
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Big Dog
First Line :(Man)"It's not a bad place really, once you've conquered the humiliation. Well, but of course I wouldn't be here at all if it hadn't been for that ghastly dog. That Cerberus at the gates of.... yes, at the gates of Hell."

Date Aired : 64/08/12
Episode Number : 8
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jump, Jump
First Line :(Ambulance siren in distance getting closer) (1st Man)"Heh Heh, Stay where you are." (2nd Man) "Hi Fella, Can I help ya?" (1st Man) "Don't Move! Don't come any nearer!" (2nd Man) Ok, ok, Whatever you say." (1st Man) "If you take one step across that roof, I'll jump" (2nd Man) "Yeah, That's what a few of those jerks down there in the street want you to do. Jump."

Date Aired : 64/08/13
Episode Number : 9
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Melodrama
First Line :(Man) Lou, I said to myself,... (Imagined Voices throughout his opening lines)"He's a genius!" ... What the theater needs is a good old fashioned melodrama. The public is tired of symbolic plays where people sit in a sewer for three acts contemplating their navels. Lou, I said to myself, get yourself a real melodrama with a pretty, innocent young girl and a deep dark villan."

Date Aired : 64/08/14
Episode Number : 10
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Stranger
First Line : (Woman) "Fran? Hey who's that Man?" (Man) "What?!" (Woman) "That man in the Guest room." (Man) "Mary, What are you talking about?" (Woman) "There's a strange man asleep in our guest room."

Date Aired : 64/08/17
Episode Number : 11
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Fun Party
First Line : (Breathy Woman)"Hello there, you. (slight laugh) Would you like to come to a party? With me? (laughs again) I know you don't know who I am but wouldn't you like to? You know out of all the hundreds, maybe thousands of people in this big huge old apartment building, I tore you. C'mon, take a chance. (chuckles) It's a fun party."

Date Aired : 64/08/18
Episode Number : 12
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The New Order
First Line : (Man1) "Why wasn't this news released?" (Man2) "Because it would create public hysteria." (Man3) "There would be an absolute panic." (Man1) "Yes, I ...I suppose you're right." (Man2) "There'd be riots in the streets." (Man4) "It would make a invasion from Mars seem like a Sunday school picnic."

Date Aired : 64/08/19
Episode Number : 13
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Ring of Evil
First Line : (2 Phone Rings and then continues through dialog) (Woman) "Oh, the Phone, in the middle of the night.....No, not that, not that again....Not Him, Not that vioce, Not those words"

Date Aired : 64/08/20
Episode Number : 14
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Your Time Is Up
First Line : (Crow Caws) (Woman) " Bobby? Bobby where are you? Bobby? Bobby doll. Bobby? Bobby come to Mommy it's time for lunch honey. Bobby come into the house. Bobby? Bobby? Oh brother, this country bit isn't for me, I wish I were back on McDougal Street. Bobby? Oh I wonder.. the shed... just like in my dreams. Bobby!..Bobby!...Bobby! Ohhh, Oh No! Bobby my baby. Oh my darling no! NO!!" (Woman cries) (Crow caws)

Date Aired : 64/08/21
Episode Number : 15
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Molecule Masquerade
First Line : (Man1) "My name is Scott Douglas" (Man2) "My name is Scott Douglas. You sound just like me.." (Man1) "You sound just like me.. You look just like me.." (Man2) "You look just like me. One of us has got to die." (Man1) "One of us has got to die... Yes, but which one? .... Which One?"

Date Aired : 64/08/24
Episode Number : 16
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Caller at Midnight
First Line : (Man) "Sit down my dear. That's better. My you're lovely in the Mediterranean moonlight. Mediterranean moonlight. Every girl should wear it instead of makeup and perfume. Champagne? (cork pops)

Date Aired : 64/08/25
Episode Number : 17
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dream of Death
First Line : (Man) "Do you like word games? Alright. What's a 12 letter word starting with H that means a substance that induces hallucinations when taken orally?" (Woman) "I give up." (Man) "It's hallucinogen, H-A-L-L-U-C-I-N-O-G-E-N."

Date Aired : 64/08/26
Episode Number : 18
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Late Matthew Dillard
First Line :(1st Man) "... Oh THAT man" (Woman) "Oh he's just pathetic, poor fellow" (2nd Man) "He was a kook. Plain kooky." (3rd Man) "That's right." (4th Man) "Oh I wouldn't give another thought to that man officer." (woman) "He was just a pathetic man." (2nd Man) "Just a kook." (4th Man) "Forget him."

Date Aired : 64/08/27
Episode Number : 19
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: My Other Self
First Line : "You know I'm just crazy about you Alvin. Mmmm. When you kiss me that way, I could just die Alvin ... oo-o Alvin ooo Al-vin... Wait a minute, you are Alvin, aren't you Alvin?"

Date Aired : 64/08/28
Episode Number : 20
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Incident at Apogee
First Line : (Woman)"Even you space geniuses don't know everything." (Man's voice) "Just a pinprick that's all. Just a pinhole in your shiny spacesuit and you'd explode like a kid's balloon." (Woman) "Even you space geniuses don't have a test for everything." (Man's voice) "You're gonna be a satellite boy. A little star out there in infinity. All alone."

Date Aired : 64/08/31
Episode Number : 21
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Scream
First Line : (Man Speaking Irish Accent) "And then I looked up at the old mansion all made with inlaid marble and stately pillars. The last lovely thing left on the street to tell ya what we once were....and....while we were about tearin' it down, I thought I heard somebody scream, a woman who's a lady and wouldn't make a sound over an ordinary agony. Yes I, I thought I heard somebody scream."

Date Aired : 64/09/01
Episode Number : 22
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Outside Time
First Line :(Man)"If I live one more day, or if I live to be a hundred, to me the night sky will never be the same again. Somewhere out there where no other man has ever been is the only man who ever chose the world he wanted to live in. I saw his eyes. They were blinded with starlight but they were brighter than any eyes I ever saw. I hear his voice, it was a whisper but clearer than any voice I ever heard: 'I have a message. I have a message for all mankind.'...and then it broke."

Date Aired : 64/09/02
Episode Number : 23
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Fix
First Line : (Music crescendo,Man Speaks) "Come on, Doc, Come on. I can't hold on much longer. Look at my hands. Shakin' so I gotta keep 'em in my pockets. And I'm starting on the itchy bit, like there's ants under my skin crawling all over me. I'm telling you doc, another couple of minutes I not going to care if you have a patient in there or not, I'm not going to care about anything, even killing. I'm coming in!"

Date Aired : 64/09/03
Episode Number : 24
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Trouble with Alphie
First Line : (Bell Tolls, Footsteps, Man speaks with English accent) "Say ah, you, you got a minute Jack? Hey, you're American ain't ya? Yeah I could tell by your sunglasses and camera. Ooo, I'll bet that cost a packet. Now now listen don't run off , huh? I want to warn you about a bloody epidemic that's about to break out over there in America. Yeah, it goes by the name of F.C. Collins. Uncle FC I calls him because it gives him a bloomin' nasty look and because he's got a nasty habit of packing peoples heads in his hat boxes. Now now don't run off. Now I swear on me dear old mum's stone every word I say is true. Now nobody will believe me over here but I swear it's true alright and the worst part is the next part of the epidemic...could be you!"

Date Aired : 64/09/04
Episode Number : 25
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Cry in the Night
First Line : (Bell tolls, Footsteps, Evil grunt) (Woman screams)"AHHHHHH! NO! NO! Leave me alone! Not the knife, please! Someone, please! Help me someone!No! He's killing me! Please, please call the police! Someone! Someone! Anyone!

Date Aired : 64/09/07
Episode Number : 26
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Sorry to Let You Go
First Line :(Screeching automobile brakes)(Man speaks) "Is this my final resting place? Pinned beneath the wheel of a car? Walter Hayes born August 20th 1919, died September 14th 1964. Whew, and it isn't even the ghost that terrified me."

Date Aired : 64/09/08
Episode Number : 27
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Incident at Shadow Valley
First Line :(Man) "Listen you! You whoever you are. I ain't never held a gun to no man in my life. I never had that kind of nerve. Never shot even a jackrabbit. But I can feel my nerve now and I'll pull this trigger if you don't do exactly like I says."

Date Aired : 64/09/09
Episode Number : 28
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Decoration
First Line :(old Woman) "Tell the child! Tell her now!" (Young Woman) "You are a hysterical old woman. Shut-up!" (old Woman) "Tell her! Tell her! So she will know you for what you are. You betrayer! You Judas!"

Date Aired : 64/09/10
Episode Number : 29
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: First Encounter
First Line :(Woman) "I can see them. I can see them now. Faces like gargoyles and hands and feet." (1st Man) "Claws. The have claws. They're ugly and hideous." (2nd Man) "They can see us too." (Alien) "We find you Earth people equally repulsive but we are more tolerant."

Date Aired : 64/09/11
Episode Number : 30
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: To Whom It May Concern
First Line :(Man) "Are you asleep baby?" (Woman)"Ohhh uhhumm Not quite I'm not but I'm in bed." (Man)(laughs)"Comfy?" (Woman)"Mmmmm, I'm snug as a bug." (Man)"Mmmmm Look, I'm sorry I called you so late but I was thinking about ya." (Woman) Heh, Aw you really shouldn't but I won't bug ya about it. Not, not this time." (Man) "Hey honey, you wanna know what I was thinking?" (Woman) "Hehe, I know but you better not tell me about it." (Man) "Hmm? Why not? (Woman) "Mmm oh because this telephone might be bugged."

Date Aired : 64/09/14
Episode Number : 31
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Noon Stars
First Line :(Howling Wind)(Woman) "Why does the wind keep blowing? Why does the wind keep blowing??! the wind stings my eyes. I stood at the gate all day and as people from the other towns passed by I asked them if their skies at home were dark. No they said. The weather has been fine. The sky's been full of stars. Why do you ask? How could I tell them why I asked. Could I say there's nothing but this lonely wind? Could I say we have no stars?"

Date Aired : 64/09/15
Episode Number : 32
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: My Brother's Keeper
First Line :(Man) "Listen to me Mike. I gotta do it. I'll give you till I count three Mike. One. Two. Three."

Date Aired : 64/09/16
Episode Number : 33
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Big Freeze
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/09/17
Episode Number : 34
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Understudy
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/09/18
Episode Number : 35
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Group
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/09/21
Episode Number : 36
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Kiss Off
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/09/22
Episode Number : 37
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Odyssey of Number Fourteen
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/09/23
Episode Number : 38
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: We Are All Alone
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/09/24
Episode Number : 39
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Evil That Men Do
First Line :(1st Man)"Ladies and gentleman, I, I have an important announcement to make about a wonderful new discovery." (2nd Man) "You'll never get away with it, see? Unless you stop your work you're marked for murder." (1st Man)"They're all against me but you've got to listen. You've gotta listen to me."

Date Aired : 64/09/25
Episode Number : 40
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Genuine Grenotte
First Line:(Footsteps)(Boy teen) "Here's the painting grandfather. I'll put your hand on it." (Older Man)
"Ahh yes. It's beautiful my boy. There's the blue sky and those lovely clouds. And here are the
rolling hills, right?" (Boy teen) "Yes, Grandfather." (Old Man) "And here are the peasants
having a picnic under the trees. Beautiful. Yeah, beautiful."

Date Aired : 64/09/28
Episode Number : 41
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Look Who's Talking
First Line :(Man)"Can't you hear?" (Woman) "You mean, the dolphins? Of course I can hear them." (Man)
"Listen. Listen closely. Please." (Woman) "I can hear the dolphins just as well as you do." (Man)
"But don't you understand what they're saying!?"

Date Aired : 64/09/29
Episode Number : 42
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wrong Arm of Justice
First Line :(1st Man) "William Reed is going to be tried again." (2nd Man) "It won't do any good Major." (1st
Man) "He's going to be tried, convicted and executed and it will be done legally. As legally as possible."

Date Aired : 64/09/30
Episode Number : 43
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Very Private Phone Call
First Line :(Man) "Come Closer and listen carefully. You don't suppose I'm dying because I want to do ya? My
family the men all die suddenly. Always have, always will. Doctors can't explain it. Heh. Lot's
of things doctors can't explain. Now when it comes to dying it's like everything else. If you
want a thing done right, do it yourself I always say. You can't trust anyone with the details.
Especially these days with the kind of help you get. (phone rings)(man answers phone) Howard
Williams speaking. Use your own judgement for once and don't call me back. I'm busy dying. Yes, I
said dying. Goodbye.(hangs phone up) Now you listen and listen carefully."

Date Aired : 64/10/01
Episode Number : 44
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: John Hansen, Hermit
First Line :(Crowd noise) (Man) "Hey ya hear about that crazy kook in the park? All he wants is to be left
alone." (Woman) "Yeah, that's what he says, 'I just wanta be left alone'. Must be nuts." (Man)
"He says he's happy. Just wants to be left alone."

Date Aired : 64/10/02
Episode Number : 45
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Subject Number 428A
First Line :(Man)"My name is Adam. Adam Gates. Remember that. I'm warning you. Nobody is going to call me subject number 428a."

Date Aired : 64/10/05
Episode Number : 46
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Arithmetic of Honor
First Line :(Woman) "She tried to explain but no one would listen to her. It was like talking to a wall. Yes, that wall. The most terrifying wall in the world. You'll hear the whole story as Theater Five presents, The Arithmetic of Honor."

Date Aired : 64/10/06
Episode Number : 47
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Last Land Rush
First Line :(Narrator) "Millions of visitors to the World's Fair have watched a giant computer register the
increase in the Earth's population minute by minute. Somehow it scares you a little doesn't it.
Why? Listen to The Last Land Rush on Theater Five."

Date Aired : 64/10/07
Episode Number : 48
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: E_cho of Madness
First Line :(Woman) "I never should have come here. I never should have come to this strange place. Now I've
got to hurry and get this bag packed. I've got to get away as soon as I can. I've got to.. (Loud
knocks on door)(door opens) What do you want?" (Man) "We thought we'd bring you another bottle of
champagne." (Woman) "If I'd wanted room service I'd have called." (Man) "It's with the
compliments of the house." (Woman) "You get out of here. All three of you. Now leave me alone."
(2nd woman) "Now that's gratitude. It's going to be a cold night miss and I've brought a blanket
to keep you warm." (Woman) "Get out here all of you! Get out! (2nd man) "Now miss, is that a nice
way to act?" (Woman) "You. You're the one who said you'd help me. Where's, where's my cab?" (2nd
man) "I'm sorry but I couldn't find a cab." (Woman) "You never went after one! You're lying!
You're all lying!! Now get out of here!!

please don't fix the word "E_cho". For some reason, the wiki engine chokes on the word, so I had to change it. ~ menachem

Date Aired : 64/10/08
Episode Number : 49
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Justice Is an Uncertain Thing
First Line :(Wind Blowing)(1st Man) "This wind is drivin' me crazy. And that heat inside this crummy hotel is suffocating." (2nd Man) "This is only the beginning Joe. When we take you back to the States,it'll be hotter." (1st Man) "C'mon you're wastin' you're time Dixon. You can't extradite me from here." (2nd Man) "No Joe, but there may be other ways to bring a man to justice."

Date Aired : 64/10/09
Episode Number : 50
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: I'm Sorry, Mom
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/12
Episode Number : 51
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: All the Bright Young Ones
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/13
Episode Number : 52
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Autocrat
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/14
Episode Number : 53
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Dog Killer
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/15
Episode Number : 54
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Good Samaritians
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/16
Episode Number : 55
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Captive Heart
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/19
Episode Number : 56
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: An Honorable Way
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/20
Episode Number : 57
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Man Who Loved Jellyroll
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/21
Episode Number : 58
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Captain Gamble's Uniform
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/22
Episode Number : 59
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Including Murder
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/23
Episode Number : 60
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Sacrifice
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/26
Episode Number : 61
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Sirens in the Night
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/27
Episode Number : 62
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Prodigal Son
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/28
Episode Number : 63
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Odds on the Tower
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/29
Episode Number : 64
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Nightmare
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/10/30
Episode Number : 65
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Second Chance
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/02
Episode Number : 66
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: June 17Th, Where Are You
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/03
Episode Number : 67
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Why Can't Life Be More Like in the Movies
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/04
Episode Number : 68
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Body Without the Crime
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/05
Episode Number : 69
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Twenty Minutes in the Life of Melinda Madison
First Line :(Man) "Let's see now, mix two parts of sex appeal, one part of sleeping pills and two jiggers of bonded whiskey. Add a dash of nightmare extract, stir and chill. What've you got? Twenty minutes in the life of Melinda Madison."

Date Aired : 64/11/06
Episode Number : 70
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Living Credit
First Line :(Woman) "If you don't believe the story we're going to tell you, don't come crying around and say we didn't warn you. Better listen to Living Credit on Theater Five."

Date Aired : 64/11/09
Episode Number : 71
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Nameless Day
First Line :(Man) "The house was something out of a nightmare, The girl, something out of a dream. The house was old and strangely ugly. The girl was young and strangely, beautiful."

Date Aired : 64/11/10
Episode Number : 72
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: World Enough and Time
First Line :(Man) "I suppose all of us have heard or even used the expression, I'd give a year of my life if I could have such and such a thing or if such and such a thing would happen. But what if you suddenly felt the years of your life being taken away from you. It happened to one man. Me. The man you'll hear about in the story, World Enough and Time, on, Theater Five."

Date Aired : 64/11/11
Episode Number : 73
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Gift
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/12
Episode Number : 74
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Brand New Life
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/13
Episode Number : 75
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Deedle Deedle Dumpling My Son X-1
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/16
Episode Number : 76
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The City Manager
First Line :(Cheering crowd)(1st Man) "Hello citizens, a vote for me is a vote against pills and buttons and conveyorbelt transportation!" (2nd Man) "A vote for him is a vote against progress!" (Crowd cheers)(1st Man) " The crowd is cheering me." (2nd Man) "Oh no, the crowd is cheering me. Hello crowd!!" (1st Man) "Hello Crowd!! Me." (2nd Man) "Me." (Narrator) "Let's listen and see which one they're really cheering for, as Theater Five brings us a story called, The City Manager."

Date Aired : 64/11/17
Episode Number : 77
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Contract Maker
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/18
Episode Number : 78
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Little Piece of Candle
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/19
Episode Number : 79
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: To Be or Not to Be Maybe!
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/20
Episode Number : 80
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Nothin' Place
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/23
Episode Number : 81
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dark Appointment
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/24
Episode Number : 82
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Talkers
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/25
Episode Number : 83
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Little Knowledge
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/26
Episode Number : 84
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Neighbor
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/27
Episode Number : 85
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Lesson
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/11/30
Episode Number : 86
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: To Helen with Love
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/01
Episode Number : 87
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Finders Can Be Losers
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/02
Episode Number : 88
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Found Money
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/03
Episode Number : 89
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Fog
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/04
Episode Number : 90
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Sound Track of a Happy Family
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/07
Episode Number : 91
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bug Off
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/08
Episode Number : 92
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Congratulations, Mr Mayor
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/09
Episode Number : 93
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Weapons at Hand
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/10
Episode Number : 94
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: I Love You
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/11
Episode Number : 95
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bang Bang You're Dead
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/14
Episode Number : 96
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Now Listen to the Tiger
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/15
Episode Number : 97
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Victim
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/16
Episode Number : 98
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: An Average American Family
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/17
Episode Number : 99
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Just Call Me Lucky
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/18
Episode Number : 100
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Nuptial Flight
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/21
Episode Number : 101
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Six-Foot Flower Box
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/22
Episode Number : 102
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Finders Keepers
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/23
Episode Number : 103
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Flea Circus
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/24
Episode Number : 104
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wish Fulfillment Machine
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/25
Episode Number : 105
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Look at My Record
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/28
Episode Number : 106
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Five Strangers
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/29
Episode Number : 107
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Charlie, the Beautiful Machine
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/30
Episode Number : 108
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Blue Eyed People
First Line :

Date Aired : 64/12/31
Episode Number : 109
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Presence of Mind
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/01
Episode Number : 110
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Discotheque
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/04
Episode Number : 111
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Blank Check
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/05
Episode Number : 112
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Devil Dust
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/06
Episode Number : 113
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Corporation
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/07
Episode Number : 114
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/08
Episode Number : 115
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Deliquents
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/11
Episode Number : 116
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Button Stealers
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/12
Episode Number : 117
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bravo, Bravo
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/13
Episode Number : 118
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Man on the Canyon Wall
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/14
Episode Number : 119
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wandering Spaceman
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/15
Episode Number : 120
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Trophy
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/18
Episode Number : 121
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wheel
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/19
Episode Number : 122
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Across the River from Grandma's House
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/20
Episode Number : 123
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Dream of a Scheme
First Line :(Man) "You killed her!! You strangled her because you couldn't stand her any longer! We have one witness who heard her scream and two witnesses who saw you drag a trunk out and bury it! We'll find that trunk and we'll find her in it!!"

Date Aired : 65/01/21
Episode Number : 124
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Imposters
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/22
Episode Number : 125
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The First Weekend
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/25
Episode Number : 126
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Where Art Thou, Romeo
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/26
Episode Number : 127
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mr Horn's Holiday
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/27
Episode Number : 128
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Tomorrow 6-1212
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/28
Episode Number : 129
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Hostage
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/01/29
Episode Number : 130
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: I've Got Your Number
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/01
Episode Number : 131
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Boy
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/02
Episode Number : 132
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Time, the Place, and the Death
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/03
Episode Number : 133
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Hunters
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/04
Episode Number : 134
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Greater Love Hath No Man
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/05
Episode Number : 135
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Underveloped Nation
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/08
Episode Number : 136
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Cold Storage
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/09
Episode Number : 137
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Eye of the Storm
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/10
Episode Number : 138
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lovely Boy
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/11
Episode Number : 139
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Sybil of Sycamore Lane
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/12
Episode Number : 140
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Chain
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/15
Episode Number : 141
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Forgotten
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/16
Episode Number : 142
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Little Game on Saturday Mornings
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/17
Episode Number : 143
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Post Time
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/18
Episode Number : 144
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: It's a Work of Art
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/19
Episode Number : 145
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Listen, Mother
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/22
Episode Number : 146
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Tale for the Nursery
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/23
Episode Number : 147
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Elevator
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/24
Episode Number : 148
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Man Who Heard Everything
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/25
Episode Number : 149
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Toby's Wonderful Egg
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/02/26
Episode Number : 150
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Little Girl, Little Girl
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/01
Episode Number : 151
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: You Bet Your Life
First Line :(Man)"You bet the horses. It doesn't matter. Two dollar bet, five, fifty. All the way up to the hundred thousand dollar wagers of Nick the Greek. Sooner or later if you keep on bucking chance, you end up betting your life."

Date Aired : 65/03/02
Episode Number : 152
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: French Quarter
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/03
Episode Number : 153
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Annie Is Watching
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/04
Episode Number : 154
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Land of Milk and Honey
First Line :(1st Man) "Welcome Mr. Babson, I'm delighted to see you sir." (2nd Man) "Titus, whatta you doin' here? (1st Man) "I've come to serve you sir." (2nd Man) "But, you're, you're, you're dead. I shot you through the heart. (1st Man) "Oh don't let that disturb you sir. I forgive you, completely."

Date Aired : 65/03/05
Episode Number : 155
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: April Snowfall
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/08
Episode Number : 156
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Last Ride on the Merry-Go-Round
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/09
Episode Number : 157
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Just for Kicks
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/10
Episode Number : 158
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Broken Image
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/11
Episode Number : 159
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Publish or Perish
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/12
Episode Number : 160
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Janitor
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/15
Episode Number : 161
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Divorce American Style
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/16
Episode Number : 162
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Any Port in the Storm
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/17
Episode Number : 163
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Across the River from Grandma's House
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/18
Episode Number : 164
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: If the Spirit Moves You
First Line :(Buzzer)(Echoey Etheral Male Voice) "Griswald? Frank Griswald? Are you there Griswald? (Man waking up) "Errr,herr, errr Who, wh-who is it?" (Voice) " Strand here. I have something to tell you." (Man) "S-strand? Martin Strand? No, no, no. Go away. Y-you're dead. Leave me alone. I'm sleeping."

Date Aired : 65/03/19
Episode Number : 165
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: They Call Me Howie
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/22
Episode Number : 166
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bad News for Mrs Bristol
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/23
Episode Number : 167
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Hazelton Story
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/24
Episode Number : 168
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Point of Impact
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/25
Episode Number : 169
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: There's One Born Every Minute
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/26
Episode Number : 170
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Widow
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/29
Episode Number : 171
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Avenger
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/30
Episode Number : 172
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Bright House, New House
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/03/31
Episode Number : 173
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Eye of Kali
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/01
Episode Number : 174
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Three On A Death
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/02
Episode Number : 175
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Get Away with Murder
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/05
Episode Number : 176
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Welcome Lady
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/06
Episode Number : 177
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Till Death Do Us
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/07
Episode Number : 178
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/08
Episode Number : 179
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Million Miles to Nowhere
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/09
Episode Number : 180
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: It's My Funeral
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/12
Episode Number : 181
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Matter of Pride
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/13
Episode Number : 182
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Lion Who Wasn't There
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/14
Episode Number : 183
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Come Home Daughter, All Is Forbidden
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/15
Episode Number : 184
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Panic
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/16
Episode Number : 185
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: He Was a Good Boy
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/19
Episode Number : 186
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Incident in Ceylon
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/20
Episode Number : 187
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: You Gotta Cry Sometime
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/21
Episode Number : 188
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wonderful Stamps from El Dorado
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/22
Episode Number : 189
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Said the Spider
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/23
Episode Number : 190
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Poor Little Greek Girl
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/26
Episode Number : 191
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Greener Pastures
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/27
Episode Number : 192
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lorna Is a Strange Child
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/28
Episode Number : 193
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Beneficiary
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/29
Episode Number : 194
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Junior
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/04/30
Episode Number : 195
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Make My Name Clean
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/03
Episode Number : 196
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Driver's Seat
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/04
Episode Number : 197
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Incident on Us 1
First Line :(1st Man) "Now just turn around real slow and don't get any stupid ideas, ok? Like you said, you ain't gonna give me no argument. No argument at all." (2nd Man) "Now look here kid, errr mister, there ain't no need. I, I told ya there's the cash register. Help yourself. (Cash register rings)(1st Man) "Five bills? Five crumby bills?" (2nd Man) "Mister I don't want no trouble, you can have whatever's here just take it and go, okay?"

Date Aired : 65/05/05
Episode Number : 198
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Name Game
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/06
Episode Number : 199
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Reunion
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/07
Episode Number : 200
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Ten-Year-Old Car
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/10
Episode Number : 201
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lift to Beyond
First Line :(Elevator door sliding shut)(Man) "Now go real nice Nelly. Mind what day this is, heh heh. Ah,they think we're old you and me, ready for the junk heap. Why you're a young elevator, spry as a cricket. (Buzzer sounds) We're comin! Who was it said take no thought for the morrow? I don't just recollect, but it's what we'll do. We got today Nelly. Heh, a lot can happen in a day."

Date Aired : 65/05/11
Episode Number : 202
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Nightmare at 26,000 Feet
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/12
Episode Number : 203
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Around the Corner from Nowhere
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/13
Episode Number : 204
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Wrong Turning
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/14
Episode Number : 205
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Birthday Present
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/17
Episode Number : 206
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Gandy Walker
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/18
Episode Number : 207
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: Will Integrity Ruin Clint Marble

Date Aired : 65/05/19
Episode Number : 208
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Blind Man's Bluff
First Line :(Sqeaking Bouncing Noise) (1st Man) "We know you're in here Poppy.(2nd Man)(Mutters quietly) " Yeah, yeah you try and find me." (1st Man) "Ahh, hit those lights" (3rd Man) " I tried, they don't turn on. There ain't any electricity." (1st Man) "Poppy?" (3rd Man) "Please Benny, you can't see your hand in fronta your face." (1st Man) Ah, we got him trapped in here. We'll search til we find him. You go along that wall". (3rd Man) "Please Benny, this place gives me the creeps." (1st Man) "Whatsa matta? You scared of a blind man?" (3rd Man) No. It's just I can't see." (1st Man) "Ahh, you got any matches?" (3rd Man) "yeah." (1st Man) "Well light 'em." (3rd Man) "I hear him. He's moving around." (1st Man) "Over there.(Gunshots) Hold it til you're sure you see him. Listen. He's over there someplace. Now strike another match." (3rd Man) "Benny, he's gone.(1st Man) "Nah, listen I can still hear him movin' around."(3rd Man) "Look! Halfway up that ladder!" (Gunshots)

Date Aired : 65/05/20
Episode Number : 209
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Death of an Old Flame
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/21
Episode Number : 210
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Two Birds, One Stone
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/24
Episode Number : 211
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Rocky Loves Julie
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/25
Episode Number : 212
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Dance Hall, The
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/26
Episode Number : 213
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Incident at Phong Trang
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/27
Episode Number : 214
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Barefoot in Athens
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/28
Episode Number : 215
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Protective Circle
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/05/31
Episode Number : 216
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Lake Toplitz
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/01
Episode Number : 217
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Mama's Girl
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/02
Episode Number : 218
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Noose of Pearls
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/03
Episode Number : 219
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: And Dream No More

Date Aired : 65/06/04
Episode Number : 220
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Untrue Confession
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/07
Episode Number : 221
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Two Came Back
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/08
Episode Number : 222
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Skeletons
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/09
Episode Number : 223
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: The Big Lonely

Date Aired : 65/06/10
Episode Number : 224
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Wishing Stone
First Line :(Girl) "Judd?" (Boy) "What?" (Girl) "I'm, I'm scared." (Boy) "Nothin' to be afraid of. We won't get struck.(Thunder) Lightnin's way over the lake now." (Girl) "That's not what I mean. It's about, oh Judd it is! It is a wishing stone!"

Date Aired : 65/06/11
Episode Number : 225
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: The Bottom of the Bottle

Date Aired : 65/06/14
Episode Number : 226
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Manor House
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/15
Episode Number : 227
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Bad Day's Work
First Line :(Crowd noise)(Running footsteps)(1stMan)"Stop! Stop or I'll shoot!(gunshot) That one was in the air and the next one won't be, now stop or I'll shoot!(gunshot)(scream)(crowd noise) Alright, let me through. Alright, Alright stand aside here, let me through. You're not a doctor are ya?" (2nd Man) "I'm a friend." (1st Man) "Alright get away from me." (2nd Man) "Yeah, anything you say officer. Looks like you're gonna have ta shoot him again don't it? Yeah he's dead ya."

Date Aired : 65/06/16
Episode Number : 228
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Incident at Simbarundi
First Line :(Water sloshing)(Birds squawking)(1st Man)"This far enough." (2nd Man) "What? Whaddya mean this is far enough? The agreement was to take me into the rebel camp at Simbarundi." (1st Man) "The General has change of mind Monsieur Hawkins. No American reporter come to Simbarundi." (2nd Man) "you haven't seen the General tonight so how do ya know?" (1st Man) "Very well. I say no American reporter come to Simbarundi. Nevuda Toro!" (2nd Man) "Wha-What's with the bullet? (1st Man) "Time for you die!" (2nd Man) I'm not an enemy! I'm trying to find out what this rebellion of yours is all about! That's why I want an interview with your General Intebi!" (1st Man) "Already you know too much! Toro you shoot! (Gunshots) Good. He can interview our crocodile."

Date Aired : 65/06/17
Episode Number : 229
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Country Boy
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/18
Episode Number : 230
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Banana Ball
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/21
Episode Number : 231
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Roper
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/22
Episode Number : 232
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Pigeon
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/23
Episode Number : 233
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Goodbye Matt
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/24
Episode Number : 234
Available : NO
Title/Plot/Host: A Cup of Snow for Lt Vogel

Date Aired : 65/06/25
Episode Number : 235
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Ride with Death
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/28
Episode Number : 236
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Custody of the Mother
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/06/29
Episode Number : 237
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: You Can't Fight City Hall
First Line :(Phone Ringing)(Man) "Bloom's delicatessen, Sam speaking. Ohhh Mrs. Apshling a pleasure. Heh, We gotta a piece a corn beef you're gonna kiss me. (Laughs) No, money too of course, of course. (Laughs again) A loaf of rye bread, umm the usual umm? Four pickles from the barrell. You are sending the Goldferg boy to pick it up? Fine,fine,fine Mrs Apshling. Thank you." (Woman) "The mail's by the cash register Sammy." (Man) "I got it mommom. Momma? Momma! A notice of..? I'll notice them. Momma! Momma!! (Woman) "I'm coming,I'm coming. So what's the yelling? We're on fire?" (Man) "Read. Take the letter. Go ahead. Take it! Take it! What's this kind of foolishness they're saying? (Woman) "A little chance Sammy and I'll read." (Man) "Find me somebody who abides the law better than Sam Bloom. What kind of..." (Woman) " Notice of condemnation." (Man) "Condemnation? Me? I held up a bank maybe?" (Woman) "Sammy, the building they'

Date Aired : 65/06/30
Episode Number : 238
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Method in the Madness
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/01
Episode Number : 239
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Teacher, Teacher
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/02
Episode Number : 240
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Children of Death
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/05
Episode Number : 241
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Devotion
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/06
Episode Number : 242
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jailbreak
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/07
Episode Number : 243
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Don't Hesitate to Call
First Line :(Man) "Harry? We're all set for the Wanda Page spectacular. I finally solved the big problem." (2nd Man on phone)"Really How? (Man) "Lined up Tom Belden as producer/director. (Man on phone) "Never heard of him." (Man) "Very bright young man, Harry. Fairly new in New York but a real pro. Very creative." (Man on phone) "Can he handle Wanda?" (Man) "Uh Heh Heh. We'll find out Harry. We'll find out."

Date Aired : 65/07/08
Episode Number : 244
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: A Matter of Appearances
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/09
Episode Number : 245
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Ed's War
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/12
Episode Number : 246
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Casuality of a Small War
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/13
Episode Number : 247
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Marked Man
First Line :
Date Aired : 65/07/14
Episode Number : 248
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Walls of Poison Ivy
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/15
Episode Number : 249
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: The Big Waves
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/16
Episode Number : 250
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Flies with Honey
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/19
Episode Number : 251
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Summer's End
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/20
Episode Number : 252
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Flights of Angels
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/21
Episode Number : 253
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: In Time of Trouble
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/22
Episode Number : 254
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Jazz Festival
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/23
Episode Number : 255
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Whatever Happened to the 5 -25
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/26
Episode Number : 256
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: In Absence of All Intelligent Life
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/27
Episode Number : 257
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: I Spy Sister Sarri
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/28
Episode Number : 258
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Death Watch
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/29
Episode Number : 259
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Big Deal on Sutton East
First Line :

Date Aired : 65/07/30
Episode Number : 260
Available : YES
Title/Plot/Host: Joey
First Line :

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