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Welcome to The OTR Researchers Group's Wiki

Wiki Masters
Menachem Shapiro and Sue

ATTENTION: Due to all the spamming our Wiki has endured, we've enabled a new feature which blocks certain TCP/IP addresses from posting to our Wiki. It also blocks certain words from being saved to any of our Wiki pages. If you edit a page that has a blocked word in it and click Save, it will come back to the edit screen, with the message "This post has been blocked by the administrator" near the top of the screen, just above the GUI buttons, and will not allow you to save it. If you encounter this error and need assistance, please send an email to our OldTimeRadioResearchersGroup Yahoo group, with the page you are trying to edit. Please bear with us as we enable this new feature which will hopefully make our system more secure. Thanks! Sue (23-Mar-2010)

A wiki is a essay web page that anyone can edit. We hope to use this for group projects that can benefit from multiple people and instant feedback. We are starting with a first lines project. We will setup pages with series information and invite everyone to pick a few episodes and fill in the first lines.

Here is the link to the Home Page for the First Lines Project. On that page you will find First Line Templates for some shows. The templates are created from the Otter Database Log for that series. If there are any particular shows for which you would like to fill out first lines, Let us know and we will create the template and put it up on the site.

Basic Intro Guide:

  1. How to browse site
    The Sidebar is located on the left side of page. You can get direct access to the First Line page for each episode. There is also a link to the SiteMap (which lists all the pages on the wiki), the WikiSandbox (where you can practice posting and formatting), and the AllRecentChanges page (which lists the pages that were changed on the website and who changed them). You can also use the Search Bar located at the top of the page to search the wiki. To view the different revisions a page has gone through, use the Page History link at the top of the page.
  2. How to edit page (step by step guide)
    1. Read Stewart's Concerns Regarding First Lines.
    2. Go to the page you want to edit
    3. Click the Edit Page link located at the top, right-hand corner.
    4. Edit the text in the Edit Box.
    5. Click on the Preview Button to see what your changes will look like
    6. When satisfied with your changes, click Save
      1. You must put a name in the author box in order to save a page.
      2. If you do not want to save your changes, just click on another link
      3. Click on the link for the page itself (located at the top of the page) to discard all changes.
  3. Due to the nature of a wiki, it may occur that two people are editing a file at the same time. Even though the Wiki tries to merge both edits into the document, conflicts may occur. it is therefore a good idea to only open up the page for editing when you are ready to edit it and save the document after you are done editing it.
  4. How to submit corrections/suggesti web page that anyone can edit. We hope to use this for group projects that can benefit from multiple people and instant feedback. We are starons/critiques:
    You can post comments and suggestions here. You can also send an e-mail to the site administrators using a mail form on the page.
  5. How to approve Urls: (password == link)
    In an effort to prevent spammers with flooding the wiki with links, all links to external sites will need to be approved. After you post a link, you will notice that the URL posted is not a link and a link that says 'approve site' is next to the URL. to make the URL into a link just click on the 'approve site' link and enter the password at the prompt. (the password is the word 'link' [without the apostraphes])
  6. One thing to watch out for is that a lot of the wiki is case sensitive (until I figure out a way to change that - menachem). You should have no problem clicking on links to get to where you want to go to, but you may occasionally type in a page and be told that it doesn't exist. Try using the SiteMap to find the page. If you are sure the page exists and can't find it on the SiteMap, odds are that the page was deleted or renamed (both actions only possible by an administrator). In either case, an Administrator should be able to help you. Drop an e-mail at the Suggestions page and one of the administrators should be able to help you out.
  7. Miscellaneous Section
    The Miscellaneous Section is where things that don't fit in any group can go. The Miscellaneous Section houses (among other things) the Certification Progress Chart, as well as a Tips and Tricks section. feel free to add any tips you feel other people should know. You can also check out some infor about the Ferret Project, a proposed successor to the Otter Program.

Here are some useful default pages installed along with the PmWiki software:

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