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Misc: OTRR Release Issues

Here is a single place to keep track of all issues, no matter how big or small, pertaining to our OTRR Releases. Issues including typos, CDCheck CRC warnings/errors, incorrectly named episodes, incorrect MP3 tags, file/folder name length issues, etc, etc, as well as suggestions for the next release. This information can be used to address these issues in the next release of the series, and to prevent similar types of issues from occurring in other releases.

21st Precinct, Version 1

Academy Award Theatre, Version 2

Avengers V. 1

In the series synopsis it says it started December 6, 1951. That should be 1971.

Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator, Version 1

(See Also Version 3 below)

Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator, Version 3

(See Also Version 1 above)

Big Show, The, Version 2

Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show, Version 1

Misnumbered Episodes Should Be:
61/10/30 435 First Song - This Thing Called Love
61/10/31 436 First Song - Anything You Can Do
61/11/01 437 First Song - I Can't Get Started
61/11/02 438 First Song - It's A Most Unusual Day

Bold Venture, Version 1

The opening information has an error... It says....

Of the 78 episodes produced, Otter lists 66 that are in circulation today. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some well produced radio from the 50's.

This is incorrect as only 57 episodes have been discovered so far.

Also, in the collection, the Bold Venture Otter Log.txt has a duplicate listing as shown below...

Boston Blackie, Version 2

Box 13, Version 1 sites) claims that the existing titles for several episodes are wrong and only are there because they have been copied from other sources. --KAA

Bright Star, Version 2

appears to actually be a version of:
Bright Star 53-06-04 (33) George & Chorus Girl.mp3
appears to actually be a version of:
Bright Star 53-06-11 (34) The Society Burglar.mp3

Broadway's My Beat, Version 1

Broadway's My Beat, Version 2

49-05-22 Julie Dixon case should be titled Ruth Jennings case

50-07-10 Frank Briscoe case. AFRTS version available.

50-07-17 Amelia Ramirez may be Emilio Ramirez

Candy Matson, Version 1

Cavalcade of America, Version 1

42-04-06 Yellow Jack. The second half of the show consists of a one minute loop repeated

Challenge of the Yukon, Version 1

CDCheck Warnings - CDCheck found these files on CD #7 but did not expect them:
COTY 50-03-01 (0750) When Thief Catches Thief.mp3
COTY 50-03-03 (0751) The Innocent Criminal.mp3
COTY 50-03-06 (0752) Wolf Creek.mp3
COTY 50-03-08 (0753) Restitution.mp3
COTY 50-03-10 (0754) The Lost Lady.mp3
COTY 50-03-13 (0755) Hidden Evidence.mp3
COTY 50-03-15 (0756) Secret Orders.mp3
COTY 50-03-17 (0757) The Man Who Fled.mp3
COTY 50-03-20 (0758) The Cascade Case.mp3
COTY 50-03-22 (0759) The Fugitive Bride.mp3
COTY 50-03-24 (0760) The Wolf Cub.mp3
COTY 50-03-27 (0761) Canyon Cache.mp3
COTY 50-03-29 (0762) Mystery of the Ridge.mp3
COTY 50-03-31 (0763) Twenty Little Indians.mp3
COTY 50-04-03 (0764) Unfinished Note.mp3
COTY 50-04-05 (0765) The Two Bullets.mp3
COTY 50-05-26 (0787) Wand Diamond.mp3
COTY 50-05-29 (0788) Notorious Chet Craig.mp3
COTY 50-05-31 (0789) The Dead Man's Trail.mp3
COTY 50-06-02 (0790) The Angel of Death.mp3
COTY 50-06-05 (0791) Six Gun Clue.mp3
COTY 50-06-07 (0792) Jose's Return.mp3
COTY 50-06-09 (0793) Revenge from Beyond.mp3
COTY 50-06-28 (0794) The Bag of Gold.mp3
COTY 50-07-07 (0795) Race of the River Boats.mp3
COTY 50-07-10 (0796) The Diamond Solitaire.mp3
COTY 50-07-19 (0797) Stolen Gold.mp3
COTY 50-07-26 (0798) The Spread Eagle Raid.mp3
COTY 50-08-02 (0799) The Beaverton Legacy.mp3
COTY 50-08-09 (0800) A Change of Mind.mp3
COTY 50-08-16 (0801) Ten Thousand Counterfeit.mp3
COTY 50-08-23 (0802) The Branded Pelts.mp3
COTY 50-08-30 (0803) Logan's Luck.mp3
COTY 50-09-06 (0804) Cal Dorset's Hair.mp3
COTY 50-09-11 (0805) The Gold Behind the Waterfall.mp3
COTY 50-09-13 (0806) The Polar Quest.mp3
COTY 50-09-15 (0807) Left to Die.mp3
COTY 50-09-18 (0808) The Sack of Sand.mp3
COTY 50-09-20 (0809) The Malemute Express.mp3
COTY 50-09-22 (0810) The Torn Map.mp3
COTY 50-09-25 (0811) Diagram of Danger.mp3
COTY 50-09-27 (0812) The Red Raiders.mp3
COTY 50-09-29 (0813) Dog Crazy.mp3
COTY 50-10-02 (0814) The Malacca Cane.mp3
COTY 50-10-04 (0815) The Vagabond.mp3
COTY 50-10-06 (0816) The Criminal Collie.mp3
COTY 50-10-09 (0817) The Blue Paper.mp3
COTY 50-10-11 (0818) Harper's Castle.mp3
COTY 50-10-13 (0819) A Dog Called Sparky.mp3
COTY 50-10-16 (0820) Fugitive from Bald Rock.mp3
COTY 50-10-18 (0821) The Masked Gunman.mp3

On Disc 4,

On Disc 6,

On Disc 8,

Challenge of the Yukon, Version 2

Challenge of the Yukon, Version 3

8-09-13, is a Christmas show; it is not "The Fraud" as stated. It is actually #591, "The Man With The Red Coat." (12-22-48) (Deleted in V.4)

49-1-7, "Jim Belden's Secret" is not right. The episode changes midway through, and the first half is "Bonanza 47" (49-1-5). The end of "Bonanza 47" is missing; the beginning of "Jim Belden's Secret" is missing. (Can not locate a correct copy)

49-3-7, "Trail Mates" is not complete. The end is missing.Fixed in V.4)

49-3-11, should be "The Meal That Convicted." (Fixed in V.4)

49-3-25, "Letters to a Killer" is incomplete. Ending is missing. (Only 24:44) (Have not located correct copy)

49-3-28, "Conover's Crime" is incomplete. End is missing. (Only 21:28)(Have not located correct copy)

49-4-6, should be "Dead Man's Map." (Fixed in V.4)

49-5-18, "The Bad Penny" is defective between 5 and 7 minutes. (Have not located correct copy)

49-5-27, "The Skull in the Stone" is incomplete. (only 11:25)(Have not located correct copy)

49-6-8, "The Case of the Yellow Ribbon" has no yellow ribbon in it. It is about a logging contract.(This episode plot and character names match the preview given at the end of the prior episode)

50-2-6, "Jailbreak" is incomplete. Ending is missing.(Fixed in V.4)

50-2-17, "Alias Al Gibson" is wrong -- it is not the show named. It is actually a repeat of an earlier show. This episode also breaks the continuing story of Bat Nelson. This show is mislabeled. There is no mention of Al Gibson. The commercials are also from an earlier period -- they are for the cut-out models for the "Yukon Trail." (Deleted in V.4)

50-9-6, "Cal Dorset's Hair" is mistitled, it should be Heir. At about 15:30, there is a drop in volume for about :30. (Issue 1 Spelling Will be fixed in V.4 Issue 2 Have not located a better version)

51-2-10, "The King of Keena Creek" is mistitled. It should be Keeno. (Fixed in V.4)

51-8-30, "The Red Coated Crook" is mistitled. The episode has nothing about a red coat in it. (Not clear whether this is the correct show and title)

Challenge of the Yukon v. 4

47-02-11 The Substitution, should have re-broadcast opening removed

COTY 49-10-10 (0689) Allen's McRae's Birthday Present should be COTY 49-10-10 (0689) Allen McRae's Birthday Present.

episodes #948 - 957 are available but not in the set

Crime Classics, Version 3

Misspelled titles

cric 53-12-09(24)TheAssasinationOfAbrahamLincoln.mp3

should be

cric 53-12-09(24)TheAssassinationOfAbrahamLincoln.mp3

cric 53-10-21(17)BillyBonnyBloodletter.mp3


cric 53-10-21(17)BillyBonnie,Bloodletter.mp3

cric 54-01-13(28)HowSupanGotTheHookOutsideBombey.mp3


cric 54-01-13(28)HowSupanGotTheHookOutsideBombay.mp3

Dangerous Assignment, Version 1

Dark Fantasy, Version 1

42-01-30 In the title, Deity is misspelled

42-06-19 Seance is a mislabeled fragment from 42-02-20 (14) A Delicate Case of Murder

Dark Fantasy, Version 3

Democracy in America, Version 1

Diamond Dramas, Version 1

Down Our Way, Version 1

Dragnet, Version 1

Dragnet, Version 4

No ID3 tags:

Dr. Kildare, Version 2

Escape, Version 1

Episode 010 seems to have missing material at about 13 minutes 14 seconds, since a sentence ends in the middle and the snake's existence is suddenly known. Furthermore, the episode is only 24:30, as opposed to the length of nearby episodes which is 29:30, also suggesting missing material. --Ken Arromdee

Frontier Gentleman, Version 2

The Great Gildersleeve, Version 2

Great Scenes from Great Plays, Version 1

Gunsmoke, Version 4

The Hillbilly Boys, Version 1

Inner Sanctum, Version 2

Inner Sanctum (Fake) Mister Macabre: actually

 Inner Sanctum episode "No Rest for the Dead," aired 52-08-24, AFRS version, but with very badly distorted sound quality. The "Mr. Macabre" episode name comes from one of Raymond's jokes in the almost intelligible intro. This episode, in good quality audio, is included in the collection. 

Inner Sanctum, Version 1

Is Really 52-08-24 No Rest for the Dead AFRS

Is Really 48-03-29 Lady Killer [Homicidal Maniac] AFRS

Let George Do It version 3

Lone Ranger version 1.1

CD 39

510221-LRanger (1909) Audition Paul Sutton should be 450420
The Lone Ranger 51-05-16 (2860) Journey to Adventure should be deleted as it is from 15 minute records.

CD 42

54-02-08 (3289) The Telltale Bullet.mp3 should be (3288)

CD 43

541005 Cigar Band s/b 541025
541013 Tom Filmore's Claim S/b 541015
530614 New Marshal Law s/b 530615

The Lone Ranger 54-12-22 (3161) Widow Spider's Web is a duplicate of The Lone Ranger 54-12-27 (3162) Interrupted Journey

Lone Ranger version 1.2

Luke Slaughter, Version 2

lsot 58-05-28 (13) Outlaw Kid s/b dated 58-05-25.

Lux Radio Theater version 1

Melody Ranch, version 1

Official releases of Gene Autry movie DVDs contain Melody Ranch episodes as extras. These episodes have dates that don't match any of the known dates and generally seem to be episodes that are not listed here. --KAA 1/9/2012

Moon Over Africa, Version 1

Mr Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, Version 3

Mysterious Traveler, Version 1

Nick Carter, Master Detective, Version 1

Philo Vance, Version 1

Ports of Call, Version 1

Rogue's Gallery, Version 2

missing Little Old Lady 45-11-29

Screen Directors Playhouse Version 1

Screen Directors Playhouse 49-05-22 (020) Her Husband's Affair should be Her Husband's Affairs

The Sealed Book, Version 1

Singles and Doubles Collection, Version 2

Six Shooter, Version 1

The entire Six Shooter OTRR set at set is in a sorry state. The ID3 tags show as Version 1.0, the encoder as "Unknown," and some mp3 players don't read the tags at all. The Comments tags for many episodes contain "The Toasters Tale" for some reason. The episode "Apron Faced Sorrel" and several others have an Artist tag which reads "SS540207." The episode "Revenge at Harness Creek" suddenly ends with five minutes still remaining.

Six Shooter, Version 5

The mp3 tags do not always match the titles

54-04-22 Ep30 Johnny Springer should be 54-04-22 Ep30 Johnny Stringer

Soldiers of the Press, Version 1

43-09-19 (046) Russell Annabelle - Kiska Mission should be 43-09-19 (046) Russell Annabel - Kiska Mission

Stand By for Crime, Version 1

Theater Royal, Version 1

Victor Borge Collection, Version 2

The Whistler, Version 1

X Minus One, Version 1

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Version 1

ytjd_500321_042r_Man_Who_Wrote_Himself_to_Death_(r )
ytjd_500502_048r_The_Abel_Tackitt_Matter_(r )
ytjd_500824_064r_Trans-Pacific_Import-Export_Co_(r )
ytjd_510425_096r_The_Virginia_Towne_Matter_(r ) rehearsal
ytjd_510526_099r_The_Lillis_Bond_Matter_(r )
ytjd_510602_100r_The_Soderbury_Maine_Matter_(r )
Part 1 of The Chesapeake Fraud Matter
Part 2 of The Chesapeake Fraud Matter
Part 3 of The Chesapeake Fraud Matter
Part 4 of The Chesapeake Fraud Matter
Part 5 of The Chesapeake Fraud Matter
ytjd_540525_218_The_Punctilious_Firebug_Matter - No ads
ytjd 54-07-13_225_The_Carboniferous_Dolomite_Matter_

ytjd 561030 The Silent Queen Matter Episode 2 is actually Episode 4 and yjtd 561101 The Silent Queen Matter is actually Episode 2. File names, dates, and episode numbers need to be corrected.

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Version 2

ytjd 561030 The Silent Queen Matter Episode 2 is actually Episode 4 and yjtd 561101 The Silent Queen Matter is actually Episode 2. File names, dates, and episode numbers need to be corrected.

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