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OTRR Series Name Release Date Certification Category Certification Type Version
Alka Seltzer Time 08-Jun-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Uncle Josh Collection 12-Jun-2004 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
In the Name of the Law 13-Jun-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Incredible, But True 15-Jun-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Dimension X 10-Jul-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Rocky Fortune 16-Jul-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Absolute Power 17-Aug-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Newly Released Jack Benny Material 26-Sep-2004 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Cinnamon Bear 20-Dec-2004 (Approx) CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
Radio, But Not Radio 25-Dec-2004 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
It Sticks Out Half a Mile 30-Dec-2004 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Kollege of Musical Knowledge 07-Jan-2005 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Coast To Coast, Volume 1 24-Jan-2005 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Box Thirteen 07-Feb-2005 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Coast To Coast, Volume 2 17-Feb-2005 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Coast To Coast, Volume 3 29-Mar-2005 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Adventures of Sam Spade 01-Apr-2005 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
An Evening with Groucho 11-Apr-2005 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Blue Beetle 15-May-2005 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Smiley Burnette 04-Jul-2005 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Dr. Kildare 20-Sep-2005 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Magic Island 10-Oct-2005 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
The Black Museum 13-Oct-2005 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Chet Chetter's Tales of the Morgue 20-Oct-2005 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
The Golden Age of Radio Interviews 18-Jan-2006 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Devil and Mr. O 20-Jan-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Frontier Gentleman 26-Feb-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
The Cruise of the Poll Parrot 15-Mar-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Case Dismissed 04-Apr-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Stand By for Crime 05-Apr-2006 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation 07-Apr-2006 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Marriage 16-Apr-2006 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Rotary Golden Theater 16-Apr-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Claybourne 01-Jun-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Blair of the Mounties 19-Jun-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Kiddie Records, Volume 1 22-Jul-2006 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Shell Chateau 26-Jul-2006 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
World Adventurer's Club 15-Aug-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Day of the Triffids 15-Oct-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Theater Five 11-Dec-2006 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Secrets of Scotland Yard 17-Dec-2006 CERTIFIED Complete 3.0
Afloat with Henry Morgan 02-Jan-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Kiddie Records, Volume 2 13-Jan-2007 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Tenth Man 22-Jan-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Danger, Dr. Danfield 19-Feb-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Adventures of Philip Marlowe 08-Apr-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Philo Vance 10-Apr-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Heritage Over the Land 14-Apr-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Tales of the Diamond K 21-May-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Hello Americans 23-May-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Richard Diamond, Private Investigator 31-May-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
One World Flight 13-Jun-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Frontier Fighters 22-Jun-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Dangerously Yours 27-Jun-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Matinee Theater 28-Jun-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Adventures by Morse 29-Jun-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
The Family Doctor 01-Aug-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
The Pacific Story 08-Aug-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Mama Bloom's Brood 23-Aug-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
On Stage 04-Oct-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Singles and Doubles Collection 06-Oct-2007 NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 2.0
The Victor Borge Collection 07-Oct-2007 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 2.0
The Mary Lee Taylor Program 24-Oct-2007 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
NBC's First Fabulous Fifty 06-Nov-2007 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
Moon Over Africa 03-Jan-2008 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Planet Man 04-Mar-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
American History Through the Eyes of Radio 16-Mar-2008 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Gunsmoke 04-Apr-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 4.0
Democracy in America 02-May-2008 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Redbook Dramas 01-Jun-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator 13-Jun-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 3.0
Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon 11-Jul-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Down Our Way 18-Jul-2008 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Let George Do It 14-Oct-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Scratchy Grooves Collection 09-Nov-2008 NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Crime and Peter Chambers 15-Nov-2008 CERTIFIED Complete 1.1
You Can't Do Business with Hitler 15-Nov-2008 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.1
Police Headquarters 28-Nov-2008 CERTIFIED Complete 1.1
The Harold Peary Show 22-Feb-2009 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Ports of Call 22-Feb-2009 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Love Story Magazine 05-Mar-2009 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Daredevils of Hollywood 06-Mar-2009 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Behind the Mike 01-Apr-2009 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Scratchy Grooves Collection #2 20-May-2009 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Mother's Best Flour 21-May-2009 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Frontier Town 20-Aug-2009 CERTIFIED Complete 1.1
CBS Radio Workshop 27-Aug-2009 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Cloak and Dagger 06-Sep-2009 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone 07-Sep-2009 CERTIFIED Complete 3.0
Bright Star 05-Dec-2009 CERTIFIED Accurate 3.1
The Halls of Ivy 28-Jan-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.2
Cavalcade of America 30-Jan-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Crime Club 21-Apr-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Lightning Jim 28-Apr-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Soldiers of the Press 06-May-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.1
The Mel Blanc Show 10-May-2010 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons 10-May-2010 (Approx) CERTIFIED Accurate 4.1
Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys 09-Aug-2010 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Pinto Pete in Arizona 09-Aug-2010 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Kiddie Records, Volume 3 03-Oct-2010 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Kiddie Records, Volume 4 03-Oct-2010 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Kiddie Records, Volume 5 03-Oct-2010 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Kiddie Records, Volume 6 03-Oct-2010 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Sealed Book 04-Oct-2010 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show 10-Oct-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Fire Fighters 01-Nov-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
WJSV Complete Broadcast Day (21-Sep-1939) 07-Nov-2010 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
The Grantland Rice Story 11-Nov-2010 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
X Minus One 21-Nov-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Casey, Crime Photographer 03-Dec-2010 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Can You Imagine That 15-Dec-2010 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Dark Fantasy 03-Jan-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Police Reporter 11-Jan-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Rogue's Gallery 14-Jan-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 4.0
Jerry of the Circus 19-Jan-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209 30-Jan-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.1
The Sound of War 31-Jan-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Jerry at Fair Oaks 03-Feb-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Mystery House 16-Feb-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
Club Car Special 20-Feb-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Aladdin Lamp 01-Apr-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Comic Weekly Man 08-Apr-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
OTR-Related Comics 11-Apr-2011 NON-CERTIFIED Complete 1.1
Movie Previews Collection 05-Jun-2011 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 2.0
The Strange Dr. Weird 01-Jul-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
I Was a Communist for the FBI 17-Aug-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Inner Sanctum Mysteries 23-Aug-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Jump Jump and the Ice Queen 14-Sep-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Melody Ranch 14-Sep-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe 25-Sep-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 3.0
OTR Magazines 29-Oct-2011 NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Ranger Bill 02-Nov-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Red Horse Ranch 18-Nov-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Broadway's My Beat 20-Nov-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.1
Escape 27-Nov-2011 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Pat O'Daniel and His Hillbilly Boys 27-Nov-2011 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
The Whistler 09-Jan-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Boston Blackie 12-Feb-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 3.2
Old Gold Comedy Theater 22-Feb-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Scratchy Grooves Collection #3 22-Feb-2012 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Fort Laramie 13-Apr-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 3.0
Theatre Royal 16-Apr-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.1
Romance of the Ranchos 01-May-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Delmore Brothers 18-May-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Big Show 12-Jun-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 3.0
Academy Award 14-Jun-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 3.1
All Star Western Theatre 07-Jul-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Lives of Harry Lime 25-Jul-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Romance 10-Aug-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Strange As It Seems 03-Sep-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Gene Autry's Melody Ranch 09-Sep-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Claudia 01-Oct-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Suspense 15-Oct-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Sears Radio Theater 09-Nov-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Bold Venture 06-Dec-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Adventure Ahead! 10-Dec-2012 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Adventures of Frank Race 26-Dec-2012 CERTIFIED Complete 2.0
21st Precinct 01-Jan-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
The Adventures of the Falcon 04-Jan-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Challenge of the Yukon 04-Jan-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 4.0
The Roy Rogers Show 24-Jan-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Crime Classics 02-Feb-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 4.1
Molle Mystery Theater 03-Feb-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Dragnet 25-Feb-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 3.0
The Six Shooter 01-Mar-2013 (Approx) CERTIFIED Complete 5.1
A Case for Dr Morelle 15-Mar-2013 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Damon Runyon Theatre 28-Mar-2013 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Mr and Mrs North 13-Apr-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
The Weird Circle 10-May-2013 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show 12-May-2013 (Approx) CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
Calling All Cars 01-Aug-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 1.0
War of the Worlds 25-Aug-2013 (Approx) NON-CERTIFIED Non-Certified 1.0
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 06-Nov-2013 CERTIFIED Accurate 2.0
Encore Theater 10-Nov-2013 CERTIFIED Complete 1.0
Old Radio Times Newsletter 06-Dec-2013 CERTIFIED Complete 70.0

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