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Individual OTTERdb text files updated

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Guest Star – Andrew S
Silver Theater – Andrew S
The Saint – Andrew S
Sealtest Village Store – Andrew S
Adv of Dick Cole – Andrew S
Hollywood’s Open House – Andrew S
Spike Jones Show – 1949 – Kurt S
This Is Paris – Kurt S.

Counterspy-CBS – Ben K
Hildegarde’s Radio Room – Terry C

Jack Benny Show – Spelling – Andrew S
From The Bookshelf Of The World – A’ddl episode – Andrew S
Let’s Go To Town – A’ddl episode – Andrew S
My Favorite Husband – A’ddl Episode – Andrew S

New OTTERdb uploaded

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

A new OTTERdb has been uploaded, with the most current changes.

Individual text files will follow later this week.

New OTTER DB and Individual Text Files

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

A new OTTER Db has been uploaded as well as the changed text files. If it has been awhile since you last acquired a new db,you might want to grab this one, as a number of small changes that are not documented were made.

Hour Of Mystery – Andrew S
Terry and the Pirates – Andrew S
Hermit’s Cave, The – delete log
Great Gildersleeve – Andrew S
Halls Of Ivy – Andrew S
Box 13 – Digital Deli
Baby Snooks – Andrew S
Magic Key – Andrew S
Rudy Vallee-Royal Gelitan Hour – Andrew S
The Shadow – Andrew S
The Shadow – AU – Andrew S
My Name is Adam Kane – Ben K
Murder Clinic – Ben K
Crime Files Of Falamond – Ben K

New CD Labels as well as The Shadow e-books!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Check out the CD artwork for some new label scans, and be very sure to
take a look at the ‘Scripts’ section, where you will find a number of reprints of Shadow stories. These require a mobi reader, which is in the folder for you.
Hope you enjoy!

OTTERDB Individual Text Files Updated

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Eddie Cantor – Combined Logs -Andrew S
Travels Of Mary Ward – Andrew S
Rudy Valee – Vallee Varieties – Andrew S
The Alan Young Show – Andrew S
Whistler – Andrew S
Eb & Zeb – Andrew S.
Stay Tuned For Terror – Ben K
Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile – Kurt S

Let’s Pretend- dates changed – Andrew S
Baby Snooks/Exerpts -changed date – Andrew S
Treasury Star Parade -add’l ep avail -Andrew S
The Big Show – add’ ep avail – Andrew s
Bob Burns Show – ep not avail – Kurt S
Rudy Vallee – Royal Gelitan Hr – add’ ep avail – Kurt S
Flesichmann’s Yeast Hour – add’l ep avail – Kurt S
War Telescope – add’l ep avail – Kurt S

OTTERDB updated

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Pinto Pete In Arizona -David Oxford
Pinto Pete And His Ranch Boys – David Oxford

Hermits Cave – Andrew Steinberg
The Witches’ Tale – Andrew Steinberg
Fred Allen 39-40 – Kurt S.
Fred Allen 45-49 – Kurt S.
Linit Bathclub Revue – Kurt S.
Sal Hepatica Revue – Kurt S
Salad Bowl Revue – Kurt S.
Texaco Star Theater – Kurt S
Town Hall Tonight – Kurt S.
Adv of Dick Cole – Andrew S.
Hearts In Harmony – Andrew S.
Halls of Ivy – Andrew S.
Burns and Allen – Kurt S
Hollywood Mystery Time – Ben K.