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More Updates to the OTTERdb

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Tales Of Antiquity -SA – Jimb

Guest Star – Andrew S
Lightening Jim – Andrew S
The Harold Peary Show -Andrew S
Green Hornet – Andrew S
Bob Hope – The Bob Hope Show 39-55 – Andrew S
Treasury Star Parade – Andrew S
Unsolved Mysteries – Andrew S
Sears Radio Theater – Andrew S

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – David Oxford – Spelling
The Whistler – David Oxford – Spelling

Re: Some changes to the OTTER text file logs

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

OTRR is committed to making sure that any materials, including logs, that we use have had their authors consent.

Recently it was pointed out that in a number of our logs their original authors had not been given credit. These logs as listed below, have now been fixed.

The OTTERdb is structured to take only the date, episode number, and name of episode for logs. So we have had to create a work-a-round to accomplish giving credit. At the end of the first episode the author is credited, i.e. It might read (Log originally created by Jim Beshires). That will insure that no matter how many revisions the log might go thru, the original creator’s name will still be their.

If you are aware of any logs created by someone and credit has not be given in the text logs, please either post here or e-mail me at

Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons – Jim Cox and Stewart Wright
Gang Busters – Martin Grams
As Easy As ABC – Martin Grams
Arthur Hopkins Presents – Martin Grams
Broadway is my Beat – Terry Salmononson
Cabin B-13 – Martin Grams
First Nighter Program – Ray Standish
Hopalong Cassidy – Bernard Drew
Long Ranger – Terry Salomonson
Quite, Please – Randy Eidemiller and Chris Lembesis
Witche’s Tale – Dave Seigel
21st Precinct – Stewart Wright

New OtterDB available

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

There is a new OTTERDB for those of you who use it. New text files are available also.
Sears Radio Theater – Andrew S
Lone Ranger – Andrew S
Bob Hope – Bob Hope 39-55 – Andrew S
Treasury Star Parade – Andrew S
Clyde Beatty Show – Ben K
High Adventure – Ben K
Firefighters – Ben K
Imagination Theater – Archie H
Frank Sinatra – Light Up Time – Kurt S
Ethel and Albert – Gary

That’s all for this time. We’d love to hear from those of you who use OTTER. Do you like it? Or is it a bust for you?
Your Home Front Reporter – Andrew S