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New NARA News Available

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Thanks to Tim Walker for a donation of 10 issues of NARA News –

NARA News V5 03 Autumn 1977.pdf
NARA News V5 04 Winter 1978.pdf
NARA News V6 01 Spring 1978.pdf
NARA News V6 02 Summer 1978.pdf
NARA News V6 03 Autumn 1978.pdf
NARA News V6 04 Winter 1979.pdf
NARA News V7 01 Spring 1979.pdf
NARA News V8 03 Fall 1980.pdf
NARA News V8 04 Winter 1980-81.pdf
NARA News V9 01 Spring 1981.pdf

You can find them in the NARA News Section of the Old Time Radio Archives.

OTTERdb update for May 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

New Logs –
Sons Of The Pioneers – Lucky ‘U’ Ranch Radio Shows
Sons Of The Pioneers – Teleways Transcriptions
Sons Of The Pioneers – Smokey The Bear
Sons Of The Pioneers – Smokey Visits The Stars
Five Star Theater

Revised Logs – The Lone Ranger
Chickenman (alt)
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell