Revisions to the OtterDB

Cavalcade of America – Andrew Steinberg
Mickey Mouse Theater Of The Air – Andrew Steinberg
Adv of the Falcon – Andrew Steinberg
Counterspy – Andrew Steinberg
CBS World News Today – Andrew Steinberg
Quiet Please – Andrew Steinberg
Witch’s Tale – Andrew Steinberg
The Weird Circle – Andrew Steinberg
Kraft Music Hall – 33-34 – Andrewsteinberg
Firefighters – David Oxford
Lives of Great Men – Ben Kibler
Under Arrest – Ben Kibler

Zane Grey (Adventures of Tex Thorne) Ben Kibler

2 Responses to “Revisions to the OtterDB”

  1. aussiedavid says:

    Sorry, but I really don’t know how to engineer my way around here nor could I leave my message at the Researchers main site as the Wiki side of things is imposing to someone who has just spent the last 5 minutes typing this with two forefingers. At least I can ‘type’ with both hands.

    My message is…………….I recall reading somewhere, and I have forgotten where, that the “Diamond Dramas” series was first aired in 1935, contrary to Otter showing as 10 years later.

    Could it be that the 1945 dates were for a second airing?

    David Taylor

  2. admin says:

    Sorry for the delay, but the site was hacked and its’ taken quite some time to get everything working properly. You are correct. The Date should be 1935.

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