OTRR Gallery Update

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! Well, I meant it to Merry Christmas but unfortunately it took me slightly longer than I had planned to finish the last of the newest submissions.

Herewith the list and the usual notes:

THE AVENGERS — The Deadly Gift cover
THE AVENGERS — The Deadly Gift cover reverse
THE AVENGERS — The Deadly Gift label
THE AVENGERS — The Super Secret Cypher Snatch cover
THE AVENGERS — The Super Secret Cypher Snatch cover reverse
THE AVENGERS — The Super Secret Cypher Snatch label

The Avengers is currently being given a well-needed upgrade moving away from the primitive BBC TV placard look I originally used. One huge difference is that I’m using models rather than silhouettes to Steed and Mrs. Peel. I opted NOT to use Patrick MacNee and Dianna Rigg since, of course, they didn’t voice the South African series. I felt a bit of artistic license was allowed to capture the characters rather than the players.

[You may also note that the SSCS numbering has been changed. This reflects the positioning deduced by the AVENGERS ON THE RADIO folks and will be used on the upgrades going forward.]


Another complete upgrade. The Hall of Fantasy now enjoys a more creepier tone and even finally includes a cover reverse [the order and dates are for the eps in my collection SORRY]. If anyone missing the old cover design, that’s likely slated for a WEIRD CIRCLE submission sometime in 2010.

TWILIGHT ZONE — Cover Reverse 15
TWILIGHT ZONE — Tray Insert 15
TWILIGHT ZONE — Tray Reverse 15

The latest round of TZ material brings up to date with the volumes currently being produced by the official radio series. Volume 16 is currently still in production for them so it will be awhile before this one is updated again.

And last but not least:

I LOVE A MYSTERY 02: THE THING THAT CRIES IN THE NIGHT complete jewel case design.

This one I am very pleased with and I sincerely hope many of you will feel the same. As some know, everyone now and then I like to stretch my design skills and tweak the traditional jewel case design everyone’s doing. The unique tray reverse I introduced last year is one such example.

This new design represents what I might call a “professional” design if we were actually selling our wares. It uses a full-bleed look, standardized templates, fixed design images, and even some legal language (which will hopefully dissuade thieves from ripping us off).

Despite the inflexible portions, this design actually requires more work than any of my other design submissions. Therefore I’ve elected to only use it for what I might term “Hall of Fame” series.

First out of the box is I LOVE A MYSTERY and “The Thing That Cries in the Night”. Both this series and this serial were among the earliest OTR programs I ever heard and still resonate with me after all these years. What better way to ring out the old year?

That said, I know not everyone may appreciate me “recasting” the players. Unfortunately there are NO good HQ images of the original stars (with the exception maybe of Tony Randall) so as with The Avengers I’ve used stand-ins.

But if you do like the new design, you will be pleased to know more ILAM series will be submitted sometime in 2010.

Along with (currently 80% done) BLACK MASS, DARK FANTASY, WITCHES TALE, WEIRD CIRCLE, more AVENGERS, and hopefully lots more.

And if anyone wants to see one of my non-OTRR submissions, check out the jewel case design for THE PRISONER over at brokensea.com. Although this group gets the bulk of my free time, every now and then I like to try something new.

Anyway, that’s all for this installment. Here’s wishing everyone a joyful and bountiful new year!

Denny (HapWander)

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