OTTER Text Files Updated

This is a partial listing of the individual text files that have been updated. I have about 40 more to input.
Thanks for your patience.

Revised Logs
Witches Tale – Andrew Steinberg
The Shadow – Andrew Steinberg
The Alan Young Show – Andrew Steinberg
Fibber McGee – Andrew Steinberg
Dragnet – Andrew Steinberg
Inner Sanctum – Andrew Steinberg
Frontier Town – Andrew Steinberg
A Man Named Jordan – Ben Kibler
Agatha Christies Poirot – Ben Kibler
Jeff Regan – Ben Kibler
Diamond Dramas – DigitalDeli and Doug Hopkinson

Chamber Music Society – date changes – Kurt S.
Cavalcade Of America – Spelling – David Oxford
Linit Bath Club Revue -Add’l Episode Available- Kurt S.
Ed Wynn Show – Episodes not available – Kurt S.
Ed And Zeb – Add’l episodes available – Jim Beshires
College Quiz Bowl – Add’l episodes available – Kurt S.
Refreshment Time With Singing Sam -a’dd’l episodes available – Kurt S.
A Man Called X – add’l episode available – Kurt S.
Vox Pop – add’l episode available – Kurt S.
Ethel And Albert -add’l episode available – Kurt S.
Crime Dr – Series title spelling changed -Kurt S.

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  1. kschriever says:

    You look awful busy for a guy just out of the hospital, Jim. Thanks for all the work, but take care not to burn out!

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