OTTERdb Corrections

The official OTTERdb crashed recently and we are not sure that all the changes made it into the latest revision so…please bear with us, if we seem to be repeating ourselves!

Jack Benny – Andrew S
Pinto Pete & His Ranch Boys – Andrew S
Crosby-Clooney Show – Andrew S
Biographies In Sound – Andrew S
The Sealed Book – Andrew S
Grantland Rice Story – Andrew S
Texaco Star Theater – Kurt S
Red Skelton – Kurt S

Quiz Kids – add’l episode available – Andrew S
Eddie Cantor Combined Logs – spelling – Andrew S
Eddie Cantor Camels – spelling – Andrew S
Edgar Bergen – spelling – Andrew S
Cavalcade of America – spelling – Andrew S
America’s Town Hall Meeting Of The Air – spelling – Andrew S
Blondie – spelling – Andrew S
Camel Caravan – spelling- Andrew S
Eddie Condon – add’l episode available – Kurt S
Town Hall Tonight – add’l Episode Available – Kurt S
Fred Allen Show – add’l episode available – Kurt s
Songs By Sinatra – add’l episode available – Kurt S
This Is War – add’l episode available – Kurt S.


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