OTRRdb Updated Again

NEW LOGS – all Jim B
CBS News Of The World – AM Edition
CBS Today In Europe
Robert Arden
Frigidare Show
Chase And Sanborn Hour
Chase And Sanbron Program

WJSV Complete Day – Andrew S
Here’s To Romance – Andrew S
Five Minute Mysteries – Andrew S
10-2-4 Ranch – Andrew S
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy – Andrew S
Adv Of Frank Merriwell – Ben K

Ellery Queen – episode not available – Andrew S
Thank Brewster Boy – duplicates removed – Andrew S
All Star Western Theater – spelling – Andrew S
Jimmy Wakely – spelling – Kurt S
People Are Funny – add’l Episode available – Kurt S

We have a new address for those of you who send in corrections, additions, etc. It is otterupdates@yahoo.com. Please use this in the future.


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