Unthruths About The Art Gallery

Recently an individual has been spreading some untruths about the images contained in the Art Gallery.
This individual alleges that the Old Time Radio Researchers ‘steal’s other peoples work and passes it off as its own, by placing an ‘Copyright By OTRR’ on every image.
The OTRR has no control over that. The Art Gallery program does that automatically and there is no way to turn that off.
Dozens of people have uploaded images to the Art Gallery since its inception. When you upload the images yourself, then your name or internet handle is placed underneath the image, indicating that you uploaded it. There has never been any alledgement by any other person that we stole their work. It was uploaded with the full knowledge that the image is placed here for anyone in the hobby to download and enjoy.
The images that were originally sent to Jim Beshires by that individual for uploading ave been deleted.
Any person is free at any time to delete any image that they personally uploaded. They have total control over their images.
That being said, we thank the many dozens of people for intrusting us with their images, and the many thousands who’ve chosen to trust OTRR and it’s work.

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