New Additions to the Website

Hi All,

We’ve added the following items to the website  –

Eddie Cantor – Camel Caravan
Lands Of The Free
Les Higbie And The News
Lets Talk Hollywood
Life Of Riley
Little Orphan Annie
Lone Ranger
First Person to post that
They’ve read this will receive
Vol 1 thru 13 of The TwilightZone
in honor of Denny’s new CD labels.
This will come on two DVDs.
Fibber McGee.
Also added a bunch of new
artwork, including some
Pulp magz, some transcription
Disk Labels, curtesy of Randy
Riddle, and some ‘The Witch’s
Tale transcription disk labels
and print ads that I forgot
where they came from.

If you have items that you think we would be interested in adding to this website, e-mail me at  We’ll give you full credit.

4 Responses to “New Additions to the Website”

  1. kschriever says:

    OK, I give. What IS “Vol 1 thru 13 of The Twilight Zone”? I had no idea there was a radio show, looks from Otter like it lasted 5 years and must have run pretty much in parallel with the TV show…. ??

  2. kschriever says:

    Ah, never mind…think I’ve got it…..

    But then… the 1959-64 series in Otter… anyone have the background on that?

  3. admin says:

    At last, someone found the hidden prize!!!

  4. acespot says:

    Darnit, too late once again.

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