OTTERdb update #2 For The Year

Hoagy Carmichael
Tonight On Broadway
Carter Sisters

Here’s To Youth
Melody Roundup
Rudy Vallee – Royal Gelatin Hour
The Magic Key
Edgar Bergen
Mr. District Attorney
The Life of Riley
The Saint
The Mysterious Traveler
When A Girl Marries
21 Pricenct
10-02-04 Ranch
Dangerous Assignment
The Adv. Of Ellery Queen
Frank Sinatra – To Be Perfectly Frank
The James Melton Show
Voice of the Army
Stars for Defense – COA
This is your FBI
U.N. Radio
The Univ. of Chicago Round Table
Vic & Sade
Vanishing Point
Theatre Royal
Theatre 10;30
The Three Suns
Tonight on Broadway
The Winner
Just Entertainment

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