New Bradbury 13 Design Package added to Art Gallery

I’ve completely revamped my original Bradbury 13 package and retired the original.

This is one of the packages I was never too fond of — the cover was original but I never had a decent quality scan for the central figure (hence the reversed out effect). The other four images were really just cut-and-pastes, a design procedure I’m loathe to do but was often stuck with when I was originally learning Photoshop.

For the new package I’ve updated the Cover (with a better central image, a better logo, and the OTRR logo more prominent). The Reverse is nice haunting image combining two of my favorite Bradbury book covers (kudos to anyone who can name them). The Label is MUCH more in telling with the series name. The Tray Insert is a nice experiment with what I like to call STATIC SHOCK. And the Tray Reverse is, of course, the revamped design I’m now using on all single- and double-CD collections.

Please forgive my ramblings but after weeks of working on Bradbury 13, I’m glad it’s finally done!

More contributions, as always, are coming. 🙂

Denny (HapWander)


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