New ‘The Old Radio Times’ Ready

Yes, Friends, October is the 75th Anniversary of the broadcast of the War Of The Worlds, and the Old Time Radio Researchers and ‘The Old Radio Times’ is celebrating in style.

The OTRR is releasing a non-certified copy of materials related to WOW. On the disks you’ll find movies, interviews, newspaper articles, a newly found copy of the War Of The Worlds, and much much more. You’ll want to add this to your collection.

In addition, ‘The Old Radio Times’ issue is entirely devoted to celebrating the 75th anniversary. I’ll not diverge the contents, you’ll have to pick up a copy for yourself. Since this issue was printed, the subscription base has added over 175 new subscribers, so this issue is going out to over 2500 subscribers!

Help the OTRR celebrate the anniversary in style, pick up a copy of the WOW on DVD from the distribution group and enjoy the contents of this issue of ‘The Times’.

If you enjoy ‘The Old Radio Times’, please write the editor and let us know. Additionally, we are always looking for authors and contributors, so pick up your pen and write something today! If you’ve recently contributed an article, it will appear in an upcoming issue.

Thanks for listening and reading!

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