New Magazines add to the OTR Magazine Archive

To The Misc. folder –
Arthur Godfrey The Great
Major Bowles Amateur Magazine 34-43
Tower Radio 3407

To the MOVIE-RADIO GUIDE – issues
401122, 410926, 420731, 42807, 42814, 421204

Radio Guide 370417

To The RADIO MIRROR – issues
3510, 3608, 4202, 4312, 4604, 4612, 4812

These are compliments of Al G.

One Response to “New Magazines add to the OTR Magazine Archive”

  1. Al Girard says:

    Jim, there really should be a Misc folder in the Vintage magazines section. The issues that have been filed in Misc don’t belong in the Club Magazine section. Also, there is a Tower Radio folder in vintage magazines, so the issue of Tower Radio should go there. I also see a What’s on the Air issue in the Misc section. There’s a What’s on the Air folder in Vintage magazines.
    Also, there is no mention on the Blog about the new Sponsor folder.

    Al G.

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