More Twilight Zone material added to art gallery

Hey all —

I’ve added album-specific cover reverses, inserts, and insert reverses for THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO DRAMAS to the art gallery taking the number up to 12. There are still 2 albums left but I left this was enough for the time being.

Some design notes off the top of my head:

DESIGN: The overall blue tone to everything is a deliberate homage to the OUTER LIMITS VHS tapes which MGM/UA released in the early 90s.

COVER: Each image in the window was done by a different painter representing a different genre. There’s even a Norman Rockwell if you look hard enough. The central image, of course, is modified from my favorite Stephen King move.

COV REVERSE: The track order of each album differs from the official releases because they are from the earliest broadcast dates I could find (usually the WGN schedule). However, since these dates are not cut in stone, I still left them off.

LABEL: TZ could terrifying, thoughtful, whimsical, nostalgic, you name it. In devising the label I opted for simply WEIRD.

INSERT: These were actually the hardest part because I deliberate tried to keep reoccurring stars in the same positions from album to album (meaning I had to design all of them in conjunction with each other). It became impossible a couple times towards the end, but overall it made them fun to do as well.

As to why Rod Serling doesn’t appear on the inserts, that’s actually his body (via THE NIGHT GALLERY) attached to Stacy Keach’s head. Nice touch, huh?

TRAY REVERSE: Although several submissions have preceded it, THIS is the series I had in mind when I elected to revamp the design package. I needed the offset dimensions to typeset so many cast names.

Coming this weekend SHOULD be some modifications to NIGHTFALL (including a WAY better Tray Insert). I’m still doing color tests right now.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone who contacted OTR-Depot to remove our stuff. The owner complied as to the list I sent him in part because so many members got on his case as well. THANKS FOLKS!!

Denny (HapWander)


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