Third Man Artwork upgraded

Hey everyone.

Well June is more than half gone before I was able to squeeze in new additions to the gallery. Sorry about that. This time around is THE THIRD MAN which is one of my oldest submissions and one badly in need of an update. Here’s what’s been submitted along with my usual notes for the curious:

COVER: Minor modifications to the design since the original wasn’t that bad. A brand-new logo added that really adds to the overall affect I think.

COVER REVERSE: This one was originally created for THE WHISTLER but since that’s probably at least 3 years away (at my current rate), I’m using it here. I think it captures Harry Lime as an enigmatic traveler.

LABEL: This was a lot of fun because I experimented with several things: colorizing, burns, and creating a shadow. The whole thing is a homage to one of the movie publicity shots with a body shot of Orson (rather than just a head swap) standing in for Joseph Cotten. And that’s the famous Third Man shadow recreated in just the right angle, too.

TRAY INSERT: Another mix of different effects. Started as a Sin City riff for lack of originality and turned into this. A lot of fun creating the marquee posters.

TRAY REVERSE: Used the revised template but shrunk type slightly. This is the most complete list of scriptwriters I could find. Orson, of course, isn’t listed with them because otherwise text would be even smaller.

That’s all for now. Next on my plate — after many delays — is MINDWEBS. The designs are all done. I just have to research the series and write all the copy.

Denny (HapWander)


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