The Mission of the Old Time Radio Researchers

The Old Time Radio Researchers is an organization of fans dedicated to the preservation of ‘The Golden Age Of Radio’, commonly known as ‘old time radio’.

We attempt to locate every available episode that has survived.  Unfortunately the vast majority of radio recordings were relegated to the trash bin after the Golden Age’s demise in approx 1962, when the last series ended.

The OTRR spends many thousands of dollars each year acquiring transcription disks, reel-to-reels, cassettes and CD Audios of these surviving episodes.  We then make them available for free to any one who wishes them.  We utilize many avenues in this task – the internet, P2P hubs, and distribution via the mail.

Many hundreds of previously unknown series and episodes are being discovered by our diligent members each year.

We invite you to have a part in preserving our past.  Join the Old Time Radio Researchers today! Go To

7 Responses to “The Mission of the Old Time Radio Researchers”

  1. Bob connelly says:

    As a lifetime member of the musicians union, I am very impressed by many of the scores heard on classic radio, and am curious as to what the musicians are paid and whether they the were under contract to the networks, or perhaps individual programs? Thanksm Bob Connelly

  2. John Chapman says:

    I love the Old Time Radio Times……I’ll be 90 years old in a week and I needn’t tell you the old radio shows are dear to my heart..Many, many thanks for your efforts in maintaining the “Old Days”. I’m very, very grateful that you’all continue your efforts and thank you very much for your efforts in maintaining those moments of sheer joy from the past!!

  3. Norman Bates says:


    Would someone please be so kind as to inform me where one may listen to or download the 1945-46 BBC Light Radio Programme series entitled, “Shadow of Sumuru” , based on the novels by Sax Rohmer.

    Thus far, I have hit a brick wall at every relevant “old time radio” webpage. and media archive. Even the BBC-related sites do not offer listeners’ access. Have these plays been “lost” or unavailable for whatever reason? Surely not.

    I am enquiring in this reply box because there seems to be no way to circumvent the usual “access denied” popup boxes regarding email to Very frustrating!

    Please help, thank you. 🙂


  4. test says:

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