November 20th, 2013

Someone to do an accurate count of each magazine in our Old Time Radio Magazine Archive. Somehow I’ve let the count get off and I’m not quite sure how many of each magazine we have anymore.
If you’re interested in taking on this project, please e-mail me at beshiresjim@yahoo.com.


SPONSOR magazine added to Archives

November 20th, 2013

127 new SPONSOR magazines have been added to the Old Time Radio Magazine Archives for your research and reading pleasure! Thanks Al G.


More Old Time Radio Magazines added to the Archives!!

November 17th, 2013


RADIO DOINGS – The entire folder is new!

RADIO STARS – 3211, 3305, 3707, 3708




New Magazines add to the OTR Magazine Archive

November 17th, 2013

To The Misc. folder –
Arthur Godfrey The Great
Major Bowles Amateur Magazine 34-43
Tower Radio 3407

To the MOVIE-RADIO GUIDE – issues
401122, 410926, 420731, 42807, 42814, 421204

Radio Guide 370417

To The RADIO MIRROR – issues
3510, 3608, 4202, 4312, 4604, 4612, 4812

These are compliments of Al G.

New Radio Guides and Movie Radio Guides

November 4th, 2013

These are either new or better scans.

MRG 400308.pdf
MRG 410103.pdf
MRG 410214.pdf
MRG 411205.pdf
MRG 4304.pdf
Radio Guide 38-08-25.pdf
Radio Guide 39-09-01.pdf
Radio Guide 39-09-15.pdf
Radio Guide 39-09-29.pdf
Radio Guide 39-10-20.pdf
Radio Guide 39-11-24.pdf
Radio Guide 39-12-01.pdf
Radio Guide 39-12-08.pdf
Radio Guide 39-12-15.pdf

They are from Terry Caswell. Thanks Terry!


OTTERdb Update #23 For Oct 27, 2013

October 27th, 2013

These are either revised or new logs for the OTTERdatabase.

Appointment With Fear
Sears Radio Theater, The
Aldrich Family, The
Fulton Lewis
Bulldog Drummond
Good News Of
Adv Of Ellery Queen
Fabulous Dr. Tweedy, The
Great Scenes From Great Plays
Mail Call
This Is My Best
Life With Luigi
My Name Is Adam Kane – SA
Monday Night Playhouse – CBC
Monday Playbill – CBC
Soundings – CBC
Sunday Showcase – CBC
Adventures In Odyssey

Join our new forum

September 16th, 2013

The OTRR has created a new forum for it’s members and friends. Go To http://www.otrr.org/forum/ and join today! See whats happening in old time radio!

New ‘The Old Radio Times’ Ready

September 15th, 2013

Yes, Friends, October is the 75th Anniversary of the broadcast of the War Of The Worlds, and the Old Time Radio Researchers and ‘The Old Radio Times’ is celebrating in style.

The OTRR is releasing a non-certified copy of materials related to WOW. On the disks you’ll find movies, interviews, newspaper articles, a newly found copy of the War Of The Worlds, and much much more. You’ll want to add this to your collection.

In addition, ‘The Old Radio Times’ issue is entirely devoted to celebrating the 75th anniversary. I’ll not diverge the contents, you’ll have to pick up a copy for yourself. Since this issue was printed, the subscription base has added over 175 new subscribers, so this issue is going out to over 2500 subscribers!

Help the OTRR celebrate the anniversary in style, pick up a copy of the WOW on DVD from the distribution group and enjoy the contents of this issue of ‘The Times’.

If you enjoy ‘The Old Radio Times’, please write the editor and let us know. Additionally, we are always looking for authors and contributors, so pick up your pen and write something today! If you’ve recently contributed an article, it will appear in an upcoming issue.

Thanks for listening and reading!

OTTERdb Update #22 for August 19, 2013

August 19th, 2013

These logs have been updated.

Guest Star
Living 1948
Mind Your Manners
Second Chance
Singles and Doubles Collection
Spike Jones – Spotlight Revue
Stars Over Hollywood
Steve Allen Show
Story Behind The Headlines
The Aldrich Family
The Billie Burke Show
The Fat Man (AU)
The Fat Man
The Red Panda Adventures
The Shadow
The Worlds Greatest Novels
Truth Or Consequences
Up For Parole
Words At War.

You need to download the new database so that you will be in synch with the rest of the OTTER users.


New Smackout Scripts

August 16th, 2013

We have 19 new Smackout scripts, thanks to Al G.!