OTTERdb #21 Update For Aug 5, 2013

August 5th, 2013

Here are the updated files for this time. Another update will follow very soon.

America Looks Abroad
A Date With Judy
America’s Town Meeting Of The Air
At Ease – AFRS
Baby Snooks
Behind The Scenes
Big Story, The
Captain Midnight
Destination Freedom
Gleason And Armstrong
Jack Pearl Show
Jeff Regan, Investigator
Kollege Of Musical Knowledge
Listener’s Playhouse
Meet Millie
M Friend Irma
Ozzie And Harriett
Sagebrush Round-up
Sealtest Village Store


36 More issues of Radio Guide

July 24th, 2013

36 more issues of Radio Guide have been added to the OTR Magazine Archives –

Radio Guide 41-01-25.pdf
Radio Guide 41-02-01.pdf
Radio Guide 41-02-15.pdf
Radio Guide 41-02-22.pdf
Radio Guide 41-03-08.pdf
Radio Guide 41-03-21.pdf
Radio Guide 41-04-05.pdf
Radio Guide 41-04-12.pdf
Radio Guide 41-04-26.pdf
Radio Guide 41-05-03.pdf
Radio Guide 41-05-10.pdf
Radio Guide 41-05-17.pdf
Radio Guide 41-05-24.pdf
Radio Guide 41-05-31.pdf
Radio Guide 41-06-14.pdf
Radio Guide 41-06-21.pdf
Radio Guide 41-07-05.pdf
Radio Guide 41-07-12.pdf
Radio Guide 41-07-19.pdf
Radio Guide 41-07-26.pdf
Radio Guide 41-08-02.pdf
Radio Guide 41-08-09.pdf
Radio Guide 41-08-16.pdf
Radio Guide 41-09-06.pdf
Radio Guide 41-09-13.pdf
Radio Guide 41-09-27.pdf


New Radio Guides Added

July 22nd, 2013

36 new issues of Radio Guide have been added to the Old Time Radio Archival Library for your research or reading pleasure.
Radio Guide 34-04-28.pdf
Radio Guide 34-09-29.pdf
Radio Guide 34-11-24.pdf
Radio Guide 34-12-08.pdf
Radio Guide 35-03-30.pdf
Radio Guide 35-07-13.pdf
Radio Guide 36-07-11.pdf
Radio Guide 37-03-12.pdf
Radio Guide 37-05-01.pdf
Radio Guide 37-12-04.pdf
Radio Guide 38-02-12.pdf
Radio Guide 38-03-19.pdf
Radio Guide 39-04-22.pdf
Radio Guide 39-06-03.pdf
Radio Guide 39-09-08.pdf
Radio Guide 40-02-24.pdf
Radio Guide 40-03-09.pdf
Radio Guide 40-03-16.pdf
Radio Guide 40-03-23.pdf
Radio Guide 40-03-30.pdf
Radio Guide 40-04-20.pdf
Radio Guide 40-04-27.pdf
Radio Guide 40-05-04.pdf
Radio Guide 40-05-11.pdf
Radio Guide 40-05-18.pdf
Radio Guide 40-05-25.pdf
Radio Guide 40-06-08.pdf
Radio Guide 40-06-15.pdf
Radio Guide 40-06-29.pdf
Radio Guide 40-07-06.pdf
Radio Guide 40-07-13.pdf
Radio Guide 40-07-27.pdf
Radio Guide 40-08-03.pdf
Radio Guide 40-08-10.pdf
Radio Guide 40-08-17.pdf


New Magazines Available!

July 22nd, 2013

There are 37 new magazines available. They are from radio station WLS family of publications.


New Issue of ‘The Old Radio Times’

July 19th, 2013

A new issue of ‘The Old Radio Times’ is out and you can find it at –

OTTERdb Update #20 For June 24, 2013

June 24th, 2013

These are all updated series –
Eddie Duchin
G.I. Jive
G.I. Journal
Glenn Miller – I Sustain The Wings
Hawk Larabee
John Steel, Adventurer
The Alan Young Show
The Clock – AUS
The Clock
The Damon Runyon Theatre
The Green Hornet
The Jack Kirkwood Show
The Line-Up
The Phil Harris- Alice Faye Show
The Weird Circle
The Worlds Greatest Short Stories


OTTERdb Update #20 for June 23, 2013

June 23rd, 2013

A Whole ‘Nother Story – BBC
A Whole New Ball Game – BBC
About A Dog – BBC
Absolutely Delish – BBC
ACropolis Now – BBC
Act Your Age – BBC
Adventures In Science – BBC
Adventures Of Tintin – BBC
Agatha Raisin – BBC
Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section – BBC
Alexi Sayle’s Alternative Take – BBC
Alice’s Wunderland – BBC
Alison And Maude – BBC
All Bar Luke – BBC
All The Right Notes, Not Necessarily In The Right Order – BBC
All The Way From Memphis – BBC

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a lot of updated logs

OTTERdb Update #19 for Jun 22, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

We’ve been asked to provide logs for BBC programs, and we’re glad to add them to the database. There are many collectors who use OTTER and at the same time collect BBC programs and up to now they’ve no way to catalog them
Here is the first installment, with more to follow-
Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot BBC –
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple – BBC
Agatha Christie’s Mysteries – BBC
Afternoon Play – BBC
Classic Serial – BBC
Friday Play – BBC
Late Night Theatre – BBC
Saturday Night Theatre – BBC
Saturday Play – BBC
Colonel Clay – BBC

Jim The Great BBC
25 Minute Musicals – BBC
1834 – BBC
1835 – BBC
1913-The Year Before – BBC
1913-The Year Before – Omnibus – BBC
2000 Years Of Radio – BBC
4 Stands Up – BBC
55 & Over – BBC
A Little Of What You Fancy – BBC


Movie Radio Magazines

June 5th, 2013

Six new issues of Movie-Radio Magazine have been added to the OTR Magazine Archives – 3 for 1940 and 3 for 1941. If the person who provided me with these pdf files will let me know, I’ll add his/her name to the Patron Listing.

The May-June issue of ‘The Old Radio Times’

May 27th, 2013

The May-June issue of ‘The Old Radio Times’ has been uploaded to the Times archive for those of you not on the mailing list.
If you are not on the mailing list, why not subscribe today? Your subscription is free to you, having been paid for by the Old Time Radio Researchers.