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Nero Wolfe Design Upgraded

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Hey all —

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last visit. I’d like to say I’ve enjoyed my sabbatical but I wound up with health-related issues instead. I’m still on the mend but definitely improving. And to celebrate my recovery I’ve upgraded another old design submission.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLFE was another very early design from when I was just learning Photoshop (as witnessed by the crude reverse and insert). I tweaked the cover and label a couple years ago but still have never been pleased with the result.

[My rule of thumb is if I’m ashamed to post it in my personal gallery then it needs to be fixed.]

For this upgade I’ve scrapped the entire submission and redesigned it from scratch. And Wolfe fans will be pleased to note I actually spelled Greenstreet’s first name right (can’t believe NOBODY ever wrote me about that!)

So without further ado here’s the new submission with my usual notes:

COVER — This is an example of what I call “splatter art” where I use a Hard Mix Blend on the layers to produce a quasi-painting look. I wanted something to evoke the 1930s/40s without competing with my eventual PETE KELLY’S BLUES revamp.

COVER REVERSE — This one I wanted a ghostly headshot look to evoke (of all things) VHS cover designs from the early 1980s. If Disney had done a 1950s Wolfe movie, I think the lobby art would’ve looked like this.

LABEL — I wanted at least one image where Wolfe looked like he was thinking. Although Greenstreet looks a bit like a painting, that’s an actual photo from ACROSS THE PACIFIC. A different experiment in colorization. The bookshelves, btw, were cloned from a much smaller portion and then layered.

TRAY INSERT — A great example of colorizing a b&w image (Greenstreet) to match a 4-color image (Goodwin). The tones, btw, were inspired by of all things by the cover art for THE PARENT TRAP Vault Disney edition. Go figure.

TRAY REVERSE — The usual design package. I’m still toying with where to place the host/announcer credit. That’s also the complete Archie Goodwin cast listing for the entire season.

That’s all for now. Coming this weekend should be a new (not a revised) ZERO HOUR serial. I’ve also starting upgrading THE AVENGERS and will probably do some tweaks on THE GREEN LAMA. Further out I plan to finish ARCH OBOLER’S PLAYS, PLAYS FOR AMERICANS (I’ve been sitting on a dynamite cover for several months now), revamp PETE KELLY and HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, and create a design package for CRISIS.

And, of course, whatever else my Muse tells me.

In the meantime, as always, keep watching the skies!

Denny (HapWander)

More material added to the Gallery

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Hey all —

This morning I submitted CBSRMT, added more for TWILIGHT ZONE, and upgraded CBS RADIO WORKSHOP. Along with the recently added MINDWEBS, these are my newest contributions the gallery.

For those interested in such things, here are the design notes in alphabetical order:

CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER: This package consists of generic versions for both the Marshall and Grimes seasons (the latter sadly lacking in all designs I’ve seen). This one was designed for the slim cases so there are no tray inserts or reverses (as yet).

COVER: What I like about this is that I found a way to incorporate the black cat mascot as part of the design rather than part of the logo.

COVER REVERSE: Both versions can actually be used for a variety of shows (as I used offbeat pics of the stars to make them less recognizable). There are also no content listings to add to their versatility. Myself, I’m doing the series a la my TZ contributions but in 23-episode increments.

LABEL: These were in part an homage to the original NBC Mystery Movie, an idea I may also use for MUTUAL RADIO THEATER if I can ever get off the dime. 🙂

CBS RADIO WORKSHOP: Thanks to the always great JimB for permission to post these ahead of the upcoming distribution. In addition, there are two DVD-oriented pieces that will be available ONLY through the distribution so if you want ’em I encourage you to sign up for it.

COVER: This is the final version. Not much changed except a little more color added and a better incorporation for the OTRR logo.

COVER REVERSE: Another piece that can be used for several series (esp those featuring Bill Conrad). Again, I’ve left this blank to add to its versatility.

LABEL: Way better version than the original. More figures, better color, same general idea.

TRAY INSERT: I try not to play favorites, but I really REALLY like this one. The idea continues the Eyeball People in a fun way while trying to grasp the imagination and variety of the actual series. I mean, what does WORKSHOP call to mind anyway?

TRAY REVERSE: Upgraded to current design. For the cast I tried to balance the most recognizable stars with the most famous guests.

MINDWEBS: A long LONG time in the making. This one went through no less than SIX versions before I was finally satisfied. I hope it was worth the wait, too!

COVER: This was the original label in my design but promoted it both for its power and to keep the entire face intact. Those are actual spiderweb images distorted and layered throughout, btw.

COVER REVERSE: Originally this was to be a solid black background and then I accidentally pasted in the woman (intended for an INNER SANCTUM design) and was surprised at the result. Amazing what the subconscious comes up with. Another one left blank (NOT a habit I assure you!) simply because the series is too big to fit legibly on one sleeve.

LABEL: This one is another homage to NIGHT GALLERY and another that took seemingly forever to do. Bonus points if you can recognize the female celeb in the image. 🙂

TRAY INSERT: This was originally intended for the cover of TALES OF TOMORROW, then 2000 PLUS, then the cover for this series. Fun idea but not really appropriate for the program (esp. the weird opening music) so I expanded the area and put it here. Even then it went through several coloring sessions before I found the right hues.

TRAY REVERSE: Sadly, not a lot of series information for this one. I spent a week researching on the net and incorporated everything relevant I could find. The writers listed are my own favorites from the series.

TWILIGHT ZONE: Cover Reverse, Tray Insert, and Tray Reverse for Volume 13 added. Not much to say here other than celeb placements in the insert was done in relation to both volumes 1-12 and the forthcoming Volume 14. The latter will be submitted whenever I finally get around to buying the particular downloads. Something I encourage all fans to do now that the company is no longer releasing new volumes on CD.

That’s all for now. I’m currently working on a new ZERO HOUR episode but mostly taking a break to concentrate on burning and collecting the best copies of CBSRMT in 23-episode increments as mentioned above. Why the odd number? That’s how many can fit legibly single column on a cover reverse in 9 pt Palatino Bold with 3 points extra spacing. No point shoving everything on a single disc if you need a magnifying glass to read the tracks I sez.

Thanks to JimB for granting me Admin access again and to Sue for suggesting how to upgrade my own profile so I won’t be accidentally locked out again.

Keep watching the skies!

Denny (HapWander)

Third Man Artwork upgraded

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Hey everyone.

Well June is more than half gone before I was able to squeeze in new additions to the gallery. Sorry about that. This time around is THE THIRD MAN which is one of my oldest submissions and one badly in need of an update. Here’s what’s been submitted along with my usual notes for the curious:

COVER: Minor modifications to the design since the original wasn’t that bad. A brand-new logo added that really adds to the overall affect I think.

COVER REVERSE: This one was originally created for THE WHISTLER but since that’s probably at least 3 years away (at my current rate), I’m using it here. I think it captures Harry Lime as an enigmatic traveler.

LABEL: This was a lot of fun because I experimented with several things: colorizing, burns, and creating a shadow. The whole thing is a homage to one of the movie publicity shots with a body shot of Orson (rather than just a head swap) standing in for Joseph Cotten. And that’s the famous Third Man shadow recreated in just the right angle, too.

TRAY INSERT: Another mix of different effects. Started as a Sin City riff for lack of originality and turned into this. A lot of fun creating the marquee posters.

TRAY REVERSE: Used the revised template but shrunk type slightly. This is the most complete list of scriptwriters I could find. Orson, of course, isn’t listed with them because otherwise text would be even smaller.

That’s all for now. Next on my plate — after many delays — is MINDWEBS. The designs are all done. I just have to research the series and write all the copy.

Denny (HapWander)

More Twilight Zone material added to art gallery

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Hey all —

I’ve added album-specific cover reverses, inserts, and insert reverses for THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO DRAMAS to the art gallery taking the number up to 12. There are still 2 albums left but I left this was enough for the time being.

Some design notes off the top of my head:

DESIGN: The overall blue tone to everything is a deliberate homage to the OUTER LIMITS VHS tapes which MGM/UA released in the early 90s.

COVER: Each image in the window was done by a different painter representing a different genre. There’s even a Norman Rockwell if you look hard enough. The central image, of course, is modified from my favorite Stephen King move.

COV REVERSE: The track order of each album differs from the official releases because they are from the earliest broadcast dates I could find (usually the WGN schedule). However, since these dates are not cut in stone, I still left them off.

LABEL: TZ could terrifying, thoughtful, whimsical, nostalgic, you name it. In devising the label I opted for simply WEIRD.

INSERT: These were actually the hardest part because I deliberate tried to keep reoccurring stars in the same positions from album to album (meaning I had to design all of them in conjunction with each other). It became impossible a couple times towards the end, but overall it made them fun to do as well.

As to why Rod Serling doesn’t appear on the inserts, that’s actually his body (via THE NIGHT GALLERY) attached to Stacy Keach’s head. Nice touch, huh?

TRAY REVERSE: Although several submissions have preceded it, THIS is the series I had in mind when I elected to revamp the design package. I needed the offset dimensions to typeset so many cast names.

Coming this weekend SHOULD be some modifications to NIGHTFALL (including a WAY better Tray Insert). I’m still doing color tests right now.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone who contacted OTR-Depot to remove our stuff. The owner complied as to the list I sent him in part because so many members got on his case as well. THANKS FOLKS!!

Denny (HapWander)

New CD artwork added to gallery

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I’ve upgraded the complete VOYAGE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN design package as well as volume-specific material for TWILIGHT ZONE vols 2-4. I’ve also modified the tray inserts and reverses for DIMENSION X and EXPLORING TOMORROW to reflect the new design packaging.


I’m currently dividing my time between upgrading my older designs and creating new ones (whatever catches my interest). Hope to include both MINDWEBS and PLAYS FOR AMERICANS by the end of the month. Also working on upgrade for ZERO HOUR and BRADBURY 13.

Denny (HapWander)