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Monday, May 25th, 2009

Hi everyone —

As usual time and work and health delayed my gallery updates more than I intended but I have updated some of my older work.

ROCKY FORTUNE was tweaked and in some cases revamped with the following changes:

COVER: I changed the background image somewhat and darkened the blends on the central figure

COVER REVERSE: Revamped using the former Tray Insert for the central image. Because the episode titles are my own, I kept the previous version with the standard one. (Personally I like mine more)

LABEL: Minor tweaking to just the subtext. Frankly I liked this one too much to meddle

TRAY INSERT: Major revamp using the former Cover Reverse with some new figures added. Can you recognize the various actresses?

TRAY REVERSE: Standard redesign.

ZERO HOUR also received a much needed facelift. Rod Serling now has a better pose (more in keeping with his TZ and Night Gallery pub shots) and the background has a greater emphasis on timing (lol). Any more than this could have qualified as a revamp of THE CLOCK.

There’s not much to say about the various covers except to say that “Face of the Foe” was improved and “The Heir Hunters” (one of my first submissions and badly amateuristic) has been overhauled.

For the remaining pieces, the coloring on the Cover Reverse has been made uniform and the series logo and number on the labels have been modified.

In other news, I also sent JimB all of my design contributions for CBS RADIO WORKSHOP. This project will contain my first-ever DVD case and insert. Neither of which will be posted to the Gallery. So if you want to know how my DVD design contrasts to the CD version (which will be posted to the Gallery when Jim gives his OK), then sign up for Cert distribution.

I can say without hesitation that this project will contain the highest quality MP3s for the series that I’ve ever heard.

More gallery submissions coming this summer. Keep watching the skies!

Denny (HapWander)