New and revised artwork in gallery

Happy Early Halloween everyone! I’m back from my self-imposed hiatus with some new and revised work in the gallery.

The new work are additions to two series, TWILIGHT ZONE and ZERO HOUR. I’ve added material for Volume 14 for the former and Serial 02 (Desperate Witness) for the latter. [I’m ashamed to admit that ZH was done for awhile but I kept forgetting to upload it.]

The revised work ranges from the major to the minor for BRADBURY 13, TALES OF THE BIZARRE, MYSTERY IN THE AIR, NIGHTFALL, and THE GREEN LAMA. You find some pieces have been tweaked, some positions changed, and in some cases the designs have been redone from scratch. For example, there’s a new (and dramatically better) Nightfall cover with the original now consigned to Label status and the original label now removed.

Going forward I will continue to mix new and old material as the mood hits me. I’m pretty much designing these days for whatever I’m in the mood to hear so I can’t predict what’s coming next.

On a different note, I was recently contacted by JimB regarding a member using one of my designs for his own submission.

Here’s my take on the subject: I design primarily for myself and my own collection. But because not everyone collects and stores OTR in the same way I do (e.g., some people use sleeves rather than jewel cases), not everything I submit is practical for everyone’s collections.

Since I don’t have the time to design umpteen variations, I really do not mind if members make and submit their own variations to my work. I’ve given this permission personally to one member but I’ll make a blanket permission to everyone else.

All I ask is three things: (1) You do not overwrite any of my submissions with your own, (2) you do not post these variations anywhere else on the net, and (3) you please credit me [HapWander] for the original in your description field. Admittedly I’m vain enough to want a little credit where credit is due.

That’s all for now. As usual, keep watching the skies and have a safe and Happy Halloween [If I don’t post back before then]

Denny [HapWander]

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