OTTER Database Updated

The OTTER database has been updated as well as the following text log files –
Rogue’s Gallery – Ben Kibler
Mystery Theater – ABC – Ben Kibler
American School Of The Air – Ben Kibler
America’s Town Meeting Of The Air – Ben Kibler
Bright Star – Andrew Steinberg
Adv of Ellery Queen – Andrew Steinberg
Terry And The Pirates – Andrew Steinberg
Hour Of Mystery – Andrew Steinberg
New Theater – Andrew Steinberg
NBC University of the Air – Andrew Steinberg
Jack Benny Show – Andrew Steinberg
Shirley Temple Time – Andrew Steinberg
Singles And Doubles Collection – Andrew Steinberg
Worlds Greatest Stories – Andrew Steinberg
Alan Young Show – Andrew Steinberg

Private Practice of Dr Dana – Ben Kibler

Sherlock Holmes – 46-47 -Episiode Not Available – Kurt S.
Rudy Vallee- Fleishmanns Yeast Hour – add’l episodes available – Kurt S.
Eddie Cantor – Time to Smile – can’t remember – Kurt S.
Gulf Spray Show – can’t remember – Kurt S.

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  1. kschriever says:


    Downloaded the new db today…and I don’t see ANY of the changes indicated in this blog post NOR the last one dated about ten days ago. I think we have a problem here.


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