New Otter db Individual Text Files Available

The new individual text files are available.
Bulldog Drummond – Ben K
Adv of the Falcon – Ben K
Big Town – Ben K
Fibber McGee – Andrew S.
The Witches Tale – Andrew S
Adventures Of Superman – Andrew S
Great Gildersleeve – Andrew S
This is my Best – Andrew S
The Aldrich Family – Andrew S
Rudy Vallee – Fleischmanns Yeast Hour – Kurt S
Rudy Vallee – Royal Gelitan Hour – Kurt S
Cavalcade Of America – David O
Mayor Of The Town – Ben K
Hollywood Mysery Time – Ben K
NBC University Theater – Digital Deli
Eddie Cantor – Time To Smile – Kurt S

County Sherrif – Ben K
Maxwell Coffee Time – Kurt S
Baby Snooks – Kurt S
Baby Snooks – Exerpts – Kurt .

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