OTRR Gallery Updated

Hey Folks. If anyone is interested in my designs, I’ve recently added some material to the gallery. Some of it is updated work while others are brand-new.

If you do a search you will find a complete jewel case design for PILGRIM, an excellent BBC series as well as THE BIRDS, a BBC play based on the du Maurier story.

You will also find revamped designs for THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER (including an awesome tray insert if I do say so myself), several AVENGERS serials, and the first four volumes of KINCAID THE STRANGESEEKER (actually 6 volumes but I’ve doubled up vols 3-6 to match the 2-CD releases for the first two volumes).

Coming soon will be a new TWILIGHT ZONE volume (and probably some tweaked labels and inserts), at least two new AVENGERS serials, and CRISIS at a 15-volume design.

You may also notice I’ve started putting disclaimers and Web addresses on my designs. This is both to further protect these OTRR donations from being stolen and to encourage people to seek out legal downloads. I’m a big fan of purchasing legal copies of NTR material — esp when the owners are selling their downloads at such ridiculously low prices.

Okay enough pontificating. Hope you all enjoy the new additions. More will be coming soon as I find the time in my work schedule.

Denny (aka HapWander)

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