Another OTTERdb Update!

Just when I thought it was safe to turn my attention to other matters, in came a slew of new updates from those two partners in crime – Andrew S, and Ben K.

Doctors Then And Now – Martin Grams
The Masquerader – Ben K.

Westinghouse Program – Andrew S.
Crimes Of Carelessness – Ben K.
Adv Of The Falcon – Ben K.
Leave It to the Girls – Ben K.
Martin Kane – Ben K.
T-Man – Ben K.
Mayor of the Town – Ben K.
Public Prosecutor – Ben K.
Sam ‘n’ Henry – Andrew S.
Amos ‘n’ Andy – Andrew S.
Wednesday With You – Andrew S.

Our Miss Brooks – add’l episodes – Kurt S.
Guest Star – episode titles added – Kurt S.
Joe Garagiola Show – spelling – Andrew S.
Johnnie Lee Wills – spelling – Andrew S.
The Chaser – date correction – Andrew S.
Charlie Chan – episode not available – Andrew S.


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