T-Shirt Won!

Illoman won the T-Shirt.  More prizes will be awarded from time to time, so keep reading the blog!

5 Responses to “T-Shirt Won!”

  1. aussiedavid says:

    I registered……….finally.

    This is a bit like having a tooth pulled, but I’m here and Jim it is a very good idea of yours.


  2. kschriever says:

    Hi, Jim. Just checking in to let you know I’m paying attention. This could be very useful… thanks.


  3. aussiedavid says:

    There are a number of messages being logged on OTRR Researchers email requesting ‘how to’ to get in here and register.

    Honestly I could not go back and step by step tell anyone how I got here.

    I just cannot remember what process I went through. As I said it was a bit like pulling a tooth.

    Anyone like to help these guys as the more members here the better all round.



  4. aussiedavid says:


    I was going to ask, is this blog set up in any way so as we can be automatically be advised by email when there is any comments or replies made etc?


  5. kdallan1 says:

    How about placing an RSS or a widget for the blog through the yahoo e-mail.Il ove downloding the shows.

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