Nightfall design has been modified

Hey everyone —

The design package for NIGHTFALL has now been modified. Strictly speaking this is not a revamp as I did not change the design when I upgraded the package. The Cover has been been tweaked slightly to provide a more saturated color scheme and, of course, the Tray Reverse has the new design.

The biggest change, however, is the Tray Insert which has been completely redone from scratch. The original wasn’t bad but in hindsight I thought it looked static and too dependent on the Cover to pull off. The new version looks creepier, has its own scheme, and definitely is an improvement.

On the plate is still MINDWEBS (stalled at 3 of the 4 images necessary) and ZERO HOUR (I’m hoping to batch replacements/new submissions).

Also, in the terms of OTR series, I’m planning to revise CBS RADIO WORKSHOP in some form, update SIX SHOOTER, and try finish lingering designs for LIGHTS OUT, PLAYS FOR AMERICANS, and finally give HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL (one of my earliest submissions) a much needed overhaul. Not to mentions lots of other goodies.

Keep watching the skies!

Denny (HapWander)


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